Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1976 9

Chapter 1976 Men Without Rights Part Six

Jiang Zhuoheng breezily replied, “Mm. Is there something wrong?”

“You” Ming Ansheng pointed at Jiang Zhuoheng and before he could finish his sentence, Lu Yinan’s phone rang.

Lu Yinan saw the caller ID and his heart fell. He shushed them and picked up the call. “Wife, are you missing me? It was a little hot, so I came out for a stroll.”

All of them were speechless.

By the look on his face, he lied often.

“Lu Yinan, do wildflowers smell good? Are you looking for death?”

Zhou Shuang howled at him until even Ming Anshengwho was standing near himcould hear her.

Lu Yinan frowned. He instinctively moved the phone slightly away from his ear. After Zhou Shuang was done, he placed it back to his ear and explained with a grin. “Shuang, listen to me. I wasn’t willing. Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng were the ones who forced me here. You know how they’re always calling me weak and saying that I have no human rights. They’re always taunting me.”

Where was his integrity?

Ming Ansheng and Yan Rusheng eyed him in disdain. But at the same time, they were afraid as to how they were going to explain themselves when they got home.

Were they supposed to say that the other few instigated them to it?

“They taunted you and you went? Are you stupid? Do you think I’m a three-year-old kid?”

Zhou Shuang bellowed. Lu Yinan was confused by her string of questions. He nodded to her questions. “Yes, yes, yes. I’m stupid. I’m a three-year-old kid”


Ming Ansheng chuckled when he heard it. Just as he was about to take a video of him, the phone in his pocket rang as well.

His heart started racing. He whipped out his phone and glanced at the screen. It was from home. He heaved a sigh of relief. If the call was from home, it was usually either his mother or Xiaojiao.

He answered the call. “Hello.”

But Su Yue’s sinister voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

“Mother said that you should move to the apartment alone. She’s already sent your things over. She said that you don’t have to return until I’ve given birth, so you can enjoy yourself out there.”

It startled Ming Ansheng. “Yueyue, listen. I was forced to,” he explained in panic.

He paused and tried thinking of how to clear his name.

Suddenly, his eyes brightened. He continued, “You know how your third brother always taunts me. He asked me over and I couldn’t say no.”

Young Master Ming’s tone sounded as if he had suffered a grave injustice.

He was on tenterhooks but he was secretly pleased with his genius idea.

He was used to being bullied by Yan Rusheng to the point that he even gave him a piece of land worth a hundred million. How could he say no when Yan Rusheng asked him over to drink?

‘What?’What did he have to do with it? Since when did he use Su Yue to threaten him?

Yan Rusheng felt betrayed. He finally understood the saying that friends could put their lives on the line for one another, but could also take each other’s lives for a woman.

This was a real-life example.

His expression darkened and he stared at Ming Ansheng with a malicious gaze. He gritted his teeth, waiting for him to end the call so that he could get even with him.




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