Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1988 1

Chapter 1988 The World Is Huge But Home Is Wherever You Are Part Eight

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Mu Li leaped to her feet and cried, “Why is that vixen looking for your father?!”

Yan Rusheng drawled, “Sounds like they are organizing a charity function. So she came to invite him.”

“Tsk!” Professor Mu Li got really worked up and she swore. “Vixen! She is trying to seduce your father. Tell him that I’m not coming home if he agrees to attend the charity function with her.”

She really sounded serious and asked Yan Rusheng to convey her message.

“Tell Xuxu I miss her.”

They were making a deal.

Madam Mu Li felt a pang of pain in her heart. He was her son, and yet, here he was cutting a deal with him.

“Remember this. You’re not helping me to keep an eye on my husband. You’re keeping an eye on your father. If that vixen seduces him, then she will be your stepmother. A happy family will be destroyed.”

Yan Rusheng chuckled and replied, “I’m already a grown-up, and these won’t be able to affect me at all. So a happy and complete family wouldn’t be that important.”

So what he was trying to say was that it wouldn’t affect him at all.

Madam Mu Li almost spat out blood.

Although she knew that he didn’t really mean it, he had deliberately said all these to infuriate his own mother. How could a son do that to his mother?

“I don’t believe you. You’re lying to me. She just went back to Country Y two days ago to look for her daughter. How could she be back so soon?”

Mu Li’s mind suddenly became clear in an instant.

That vixen had always dressed so sexily. She told them that she was going to stay with her daughter for some time, and she left two days ago.

After she left, she and her close friends really felt like celebrating with champagne and fireworks.

Mu Li felt as if a burden had been lifted off her shoulders. She immediately abandoned the thought of getting an air ticket to fly back.

Young Master Yan’s plan had failed and he had to coax her. “Mother, get Xuxu to call me and help me explain to her as well. I didn’t do anything to let her down. I didn’t even touch their hands!”

“B*llshit!” Mu Li yelled, “Wretched son! How dare you lie to me! You were hugging a woman in Ah Heng’s video. What do you mean by you didn’t even touch her hand?”

It was that damned Ming Ansheng’s fault. If he didn’t get entangled with those women, why would he render his help?

And that fellow, Jiang Zhuoheng. He was a scheming and cunning guy.

He continued to plead sweetly, “Jiang Zhuoheng’s motive was to sow discord between Xuxu and me. Are you taking his side?”

Mu Li smirked coldly. “Ha! Don’t use this on me. I’m not that dumb.”

She had almost fallen for his trap earlier on. This son of hers was way too sly. How could she trust him?

Without waiting for him to speak, she cut across, “Take care of my darlings at home. And remember to accompany your father for a checkup on Monday.”

Yan Rusheng said, “I will go with your husband. Have fun with Xuxu and send me some photos.”

“You really are attached to Xuxu!” Mu Li sneered coldly and was about to hang up the call. She yelled, “Useless fellow!”

His wife had been missing for less than 24 hours. And he was already panicking.

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