Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1991 5

Chapter 1991 The World Is Huge But Home Is Wherever You Are Part Eleven

Mu Li understood Xuxu’s expression, and she gave her a reassuring one back. She answered the call right on the spot.

“Why do you keep calling me?”

She was fierce and stern to show that she was on Xuxu’s side.

Xuxu curled her lips in satisfaction as she glanced at Madam Mu Li. She was waiting to see how she would reply to her son.

She couldn’t hear what Yan Rusheng said. Mu Li glanced askew at Young Master Ji before replying, “What are you talking about. He is taller, richer, and more good-looking than you.”

She scanned the pretty girl next to Young Master Ji. “Most importantly, he has a pretty niece.”

“Alas. It’s a pity both you and Su Yan are already attached. I could have introduced her to both of you.”

Xuxu frowned and her face darkened.

Young Master Ji’s face had already darkened as he glared at Mu Li.

‘This aunt isn’t really too smart, isn’t she?’

‘Has she ever met an uncle who was so intimate with his niece?’

“If there is nothing else, I’m hanging up.”

“Are you coming to look for us?”

Madam Mu Li was totally engrossed in the conversation with her son.

“Don’t! We might go to another place tomorrow. Your priority should be on work and not love and relationships. Don’t be so useless.”

“I’m hanging up. The data roaming is expensive.”

Mu Li abruptly ended the call within a minute without any hesitation.

Xuxu was dumbfounded.

This lady had riches that would last her for her next few lifetimes. And yet she was complaining about how expensive her phone bill would be.

The capital city.

Young Master Yan’s mouth hung open as the call ended. He glanced at the screen and it had turned black.

He was annoyed and upset. He was about to slam his phone when it rang again.

He thought that it was Mu Li, so he glanced at it eagerly. He was disappointed to see that it was Lu Yinan.

Young Master Yan picked up the call as he hissed, “If there isn’t a life and death matter, do not talk to me.”

“Lend me money.”

Young Master Lu spoke right away and Yan Rusheng was puzzled. “How much? For what? Are you planning to buy an entire building or you have to support a train of mistresses?”

Why would Lu Yinan need to borrow money?

“Scram!” Young Master Lu snarled in response. He paused and said, “20 thousand yuan.”

The corners of Yan Rusheng’s mouth twitched and he made a shrewd guess. “Don’t tell me Zhou Shuang stopped all your cards and finances?”

“It’s not like this”

Yan Rusheng cut across as Lu Yinan stammered. “Stop making excuses. Look at how worthless you are. You will hide under a woman’s wings forever.”

He sounded as though he wasn’t upset by how his wife had refused to talk to him.

Talk is indeed cheap.

“Stop your nonsense and send me the money now.”

Young Master Lu seemed to be enraged because of embarrassment.

Yan Rusheng smirked. “What is the use? Didn’t Zhou Shuang confiscate all your cards? You should try seeking help from those ladies instead. You should be attractive enough to get the amount you need.”



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