Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 252

Chapter 252 Meeting The Award Winning Actress

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This damned woman; so she liked to look at his private parts in broad daylight. But at night in bed, she turned all coy and refused his advances.

He was starting to doubt that she was putting on a pretense, and deep inside of her, she wanted it too.

Xuxu was jolted back to reality by Yan Rusheng’s accusation. She hastily looked away and wanted to bury her head in a hole out of sheer embarrassment.

This was too embarrassing.

“Third Master, this is the private room that you reserved.” The waiter brought them to the second floor and opened the door for them.

The theme of the private room exuded a vintage and antique charm, similar to the style of the rest of the restaurant.

The huge round table could seat a dozen people.

Xuxu pulled out a random chair to sit down, and Yan Rusheng settled on the chair next to hers.

Knock knock knock.

The waiter was about to serve them tea when someone knocked lightly on the door.

Yan Rusheng stole a glance at the closed door and replied lightly, “Come in.”

The person pushed the door gently, and a tall and beautiful lady appeared.

She had short, cropped hair and wore a black t-shirt with dark blue tight jeans. Her tiny face with beautiful features embodied perfection.

Xuxu widened her eyes in shock.Isn’t this… Yan Rusheng’s rumored fling, Weng Meimei?

“I’m terribly sorry to keep Third Young Master and Third Madam Yan waiting.” Weng Meimei entered and walked towards the table. She smiled and apologized to the couple.

Her manners and way of moving were natural and gracious.

Yan Rusheng smiled too. “It’s alright, we came early.”

Weng Meimei sat opposite of Yan Rusheng and Xuxu, and her gaze landed on Xuxu.

By this time, Xuxu had already erased all traces of shock and was wearing a smile to hide her emotions.

“Third Madam Yan, it’s nice to meet you,” Weng Meimei greeted her sincerely.

She responded and nodded. “It’s nice to meet you too.”

Earlier on, the store manager at the private customization shop had merely glanced at Yan Rusheng, and she had already felt hostile towards her.

Now she sat facing Weng Meimei, his rumored fling, but she could hardly summon any animosity towards her. It was really bewildering.

She felt that Weng Meimei was looking at both Yan Rusheng and her in the same way. It was different from those models and actresses he had dated before.

Xuxu mulled over this quietly while Weng Meimei turned towards Yan Rusheng. “Third Young Master, I went through the contract with my manager last night. We don’t have any issues to raise, so we can sign the contract according to your schedule.”

Yan Rusheng lightly interjected before she could finish, “Let’s have lunch first.”

The waiter standing at the back immediately shot forward like an arrow and presented the menu to him. “Third Young Master, this is our menu.”

Yan Rusheng naturally passed the menu to Xuxu as he always did.

Xuxu didn’t decline and casually flipped through the menu before ordering the dishes she liked. And without saying anything else, she ordered spicy pickled fish.

She placed the menu on the glass turntable and looked at Weng Meimei who was sitting across from her. “Miss Weng, what would you like to eat?”

She rotated the turntable so that Weng Meimei could reach for the menu.

Weng Meimei quickly chose a few dishes and placed her order.

“My new movie is having its premiere tonight. I have two tickets for Third Madam Yan and Third Master. I’m not sure if the genre is to your liking, but I hope that the two of you can turn up tonight.”

Weng Meimei retrieved two tickets from her bag and passed it to Xuxu and Yan Rusheng.

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