Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 255

Chapter 255 How Dare She Fall Asleep

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By this time, they had reached the ground floor and exited the restaurant. Bathed in sunlight, her tiny, exquisite face was filled with expectation.

Without concealment.

Yan Rusheng halted his footsteps and nodded at her in a serious manner. “Yes.”

He knew that this stupid woman had already figured it out.

Damn it, why was she forcing him to say it if she already knew?

His succinct reply made Xuxu’s world turned brighter and more beautiful instantly.

“Oh.” She pretended to blink her eyes nonchalantly. “Actually your taste in women had improved by leaps and bounds. Weng Meimei’s looks and class are far more superior as compared to those actresses like Ouyang Qingqing.”

Young Master Yan’s blushing face fell immediately.

This woman was really… going overboard with her criticism.

Xuxu smiled brightly instead, “Young Master, the movie is at 3 p.m. and since it’s the weekend today, the traffic could be congested.”

“Hurry up then.” Young Master Yan gritted his teeth and tightened his grip on her hand and pulled her along.

Weng Meimei gave them VIP tickets and there were the only ones watching at this time slot.

She had sincerely wanted to treat them to a movie and it’s nothing much booking the entire theater for them. And furthermore, he was Third Young Master.

Xuxu wasn’t in the least surprised when she saw that they were the only ones in the theater. She was thoroughly enjoying the comfortable and squashy seats like the ones in the first class cabin on a flight. She put on the 3D glasses and waited for the movie to begin.

The seats were spacious and Yan Rusheng and her were seated comfortably.

The first scene began with Weng Meimei’s character fighting with a dozen of men clad in black in a mansion.

The scene was thrilling.

She didn’t particularly enjoyed this genre as she preferred those youthful themes.

It could be due to her own experience; she was often overly engrossed when watching such movies or reading novels.

She had watched ‘A Small Thing Like First Love’ repeatedly. The plot was similar to what she had gone through before.

Xuxu stared at the huge screen, slightly restless.

In the end, she dozed off.

The fighting scenes carried on for some time. Finally there was an emotional scene in the night whereby the male and female lead were kissing passionately in the car. Young Master Yan’s body started to stir.

He turned around and saw the tiny woman beside him had tilted her chin and her mouth slightly open. She was apparently asleep.

His handsome face fell when he saw her. It was so rare for them to watch a movie together and the emotional scenes finally appeared. How dare she fall asleep!

His hands were balled into fists as he suppressed an overwhelming urge to storm off.

Indeed, it’s impossible to think of romance and intimacy with this dumb woman.

He suppressed the ball of fury in him and Young Master Yan’s attention went back to the huge screen. The emotional scene was over and the fighting had resumed.

Since Weng Meimei had guessed that he was planning a date, why did she give him tickets to such a thrilling action movie? He was doubting her real motive.

His interest was doused and he decided to tilt his head and sleep as well.

When Xuxu woke up, she realized that she was lying on top of Yan Rusheng on the spacious and comfortable seats.

She looked at their surroundings and sat up in shock.

Yan Rusheng was originally fast asleep but was jolted by her sudden movement.

He opened his peach blossom-shaped eyes sluggishly and sleepiness was still evident. He saw a startled-looking Xuxu sitting on top of him and his lips curled seductively. “Wen Xuxu, if you can’t control your desires and decide to ask me for help, I will satisfy you on the account that we are now husband and wife. But can you stop having such lewd thoughts about my body when I’m not looking?”

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