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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 288

But she was too sleepy and she couldn't differentiate whether it was a dream or reality. She forgot everything when she woke up the next morning.

Xuxu opened her eyes; the man next to her was still sound asleep. She stole a glance at him and lifted the blanket gingerly as she felt for the edge of the bed.

Her feet had barely landed on the ground when a pair of hands grabbed her by the waist. "Sleep a little longer."

Yan Rusheng's hoarse and sleepy voice interrupted her.

"I'm not sleepy anymore." She pushed him away and stood up. She picked up her clothes and went to the bathroom.

A short while later, she came out of the bathroom, fully dressed. "I'll go get breakfast."

She spoke at the same time she walked towards the door. She threw him a careless glance when she walked past the bed.

That careless glance made Yan Rusheng felt slightly disappointed. When would she stop being so cold and aloof to him?

When Xuxu came back with breakfast, Yan Rusheng had just came out of the bathroom after showering. He was wearing the bathrobe that Xuxu had worn yesterday. His hair was wet and messy and it further accentuated his clearly-defined features.

He noticed Xuxu staring pensively at him in the middle of the room while she held the food in her hands. She seemed troubled as she knitted her eyebrows.

He paused for a moment before his eyes lit up with a grin. "Are you thinking that I'm too handsome so yesterday wasn't simply enough?"

Xuxu snapped out of her daze and gave him a contemptuous look. She raised the bag of food and asked, "Do you want to eat in the room or outside?"

"You decide." Yan Rusheng rubbed his hair with a towel while walking towards Xuxu.

There wasn't a table in the room so Xuxu said, "Let's eat outside then."

She turned around.

Yan Rusheng flung his towel away suddenly and embraced her tightly from the back. Without giving her a chance to react, his lips inched towards her ear and he whispered, "Let's do some exercise before eating."

His deep voice was filled with warmth and gentleness. And his warm breath...

The peaceful and beautiful morning was disrupted as a result...

Xuxu shuddered involuntarily as she retracted her neck to avoid him. But Yan Rusheng didn't give up as he kissed her neck. Then he slowly moved his hands upwards from her waist and caressed her chest.

His aggressiveness mingled with gentleness gradually made Xuxu lose every ounce of her determination.

His built arms tightened around her but her heart began to feel empty and anxious.

Perhaps he was too tired as well; he remained quiet and motionless. She couldn't understand what was on his mind. She wondered if his heart... was still here, with her.

For a long time... till Xuxu's eyelids began to droop with sleepiness before Yan Rusheng broke the silence. "I've checked the land regarding the orphanage yesterday night. The government is indeed developing that area and the orphanage is located at one of the core areas. It won't be easy to acquire that piece of land."

Xuxu was startled to hear that Yan Rusheng had put in so much effort regarding the piece of land she wanted to acquire.

She was already aware that this issue was indeed tricky.

"I know." She nodded and spoke softly but unyieldingly. "But since I've given my word to help, I'll try my best."

She thought of the children in the orphanage and became melancholic. "When I saw the children, they reminded me of myself. And I can't help but think of those children who didn't even have the chance to be born..."

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