Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 335

Chapter 335 Don't Switch Off Your Phone When You Go Out

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So if he did all of those that Lu Yinan had mentioned, would she like it?

Yan Rusheng hesitated at first but then decided to give it a try. “What kind of flowers are more suitable?”

Young Master Lu was exasperated. He sighed heavily with a sentiment. “Yan Rusheng, I finally understood the reason why Fang Jiayin left you years ago. You don’t even know which flowers should you give a girl. She had indeed endured enough.”

After he vented Fang Jiayin’s woes on behalf of her, he continued immediately, “Get roses which represent passion. I really reckon that your IQ allocation for romance has been swallowed by your other areas of IQ.”

Young Master Lu half-guided and half-criticized him, “Even though you haven’t brought a woman for a candlelight dinner before, surely you’ve seen it on TV, right? After dinner, bring her home to watch Fifty Shades of Grey, you will have an unexpected surprise.”

“I’ll send you the movie after I get home from work. Watch it after you’ve finished your candlelight dinner.”

Yan Rusheng was earnestly listening to his advice. When Lu Yi had finished, he replied saying he understood.

He ended the call and started searching for places fit for a candlelight dinner.

He also intended to buy flowers and a present.

All of these were currently more important than his work piling up on his desk.

After he had settled everything, only then did he began to start working once more.

Lately, these days, both of them worked overtimes even ’till late evenings.

When the clock struck six, Yan Rusheng arranged all his files. He then rushed to the bathroom for a quick fix of his appearance, before marching out looking and feeling like a debonair.

He opened the door to the office and in a haste scanned over to Wen Xuxu’s desk.

But his face drained in a matter of seconds, and the smile he had on his face turned to stone upon knowing that Wen Xuxu was nowhere in sight. Moreover, her desk was clean and tidied up, even her computer was already switched off.Where is she?

Stupid woman, how dare she flee!

His face was contorted with rage. He flipped out his phone and dialed Wen Xuxu’s number.

Only to find out that her phone was switched off.

“Wen Xuxu, don’t let me find you.”

He gripped his cell phone and marched with heavy, angry steps towards the elevator.

The whole capital city was basking in the vibrant and bustling nightlife, but Yan Rusheng found himself weaving in and out of traffic; driving aimlessly searching for her.

She wasn’t home, neither was she with her grandfather or Zhou Shuang. She wasn’t at the orphanage as well so where could she be?

How was Ah Heng?

Wen Xuxu, if only you were just taking a stroll somewhere to vent your anger

Xuxu reached home and unconsciously lifted her head to peer at the study on the second level. From where she was, she could see that it was brightly lit. She heaved a heavy breath before she began to trod across the yard.

She entered the house, changed into her slippers and went upstairs.

“Where did you go?”

Just when she had turned around, she heard Yan Rusheng’s baritone-rich, cold voice echoing in front of her.

She stopped in her tracks and peered upwards.

Yan Rusheng stood at the study’s entrance, with his hands stuffed in his loose and comfortable white loungewear.

His dark, jade-like eyes were fixed on Xuxu’s palm-sized face as if he didn’t want to miss any single expression from her.

Just when Xuxu was about to open her mouth, he interjected and said, “Don’t ever switch off your phone when you go out. I couldn’t find you anywhere earlier.”

He thought to himself,“No matter where she goes and who she meets, she would still need to come back home, isn’t it?”

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