Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 56

Chapter 56

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Upon hearing this name, Wen Xuxu and Yan Rusheng had the same expression. Their mouths twitched and their faces fell.

Xuxu frowned. Wasn’t that Yan Rusheng’s mother?

Miss Mu Li… wasn’t that Second Madam Yan?

Wasn’t she teaching at a prestigious university in Country Y? Why was she in Country F?

She turned around and cast a questioning glance at Yan Rusheng.

Other than a slightly dark expression on his face, he didn’t look surprised at all. Was he already aware that the second madam was in S City?

She was already at this advanced age and had a grown-up sonhow could she still be Miss Mu Li?!

Yan Rusheng ridiculed his own mother in his heart and with a glum expression, he walked ahead with his long legs towards the black limousine.

Wen Xuxu followed closely behind and got in. Once inside, she realized that this filthy-looking car was a Bentley.

The car’s exterior was a far cry from the interior of the car.

Yan Rusheng fastened his seatbelt without uttering a single word.

If he wasn’t going to talk, Xuxu wouldn’t start a conversation with him as well.

The chauffeur Venars put their suitcases in the trunk and then started the engine.

He turned his head and took a glance at Wen Xuxu. He smiled and asked, “You should be Miss Wen, right?”

Wen Xuxu smiled and nodded. “Yes, I am Wen Xuxu.”

Venars spoke as he drove. “Miss Mu Li was overjoyed when she heard that you were coming and she personally made breakfast.”

“Eh!” Wen Xuxu was rather taken aback, how did Aunt Mu Li know she was coming?

She hadn’t seen Aunt Mu Li in more than a year, how did she know she would be coming?

She looked at Yan Rusheng who was sitting in the front passenger seat.

His eyes were closed and he had a frown on his face. Who knew if he was carsick or simply felt that the conversation between Xuxu and Venars was too loud.

“Miss Mu Li said that Miss Wen is a distinguished guest and I can see that she wasn’t exaggerating. You are really quite pretty.” Venars looked at Wen Xuxu through the rearview mirror and praised her sincerely.

Third Master Yan, who was sitting on the front passenger seat, opened his peach blossom-shaped eyes.

He turned his head and looked at Venars with a frown. “Did she become more talkative recently?”

Talking so much to a chauffeur.

Then he turned to glance at Wen Xuxu with a look filled with dislike.

Hmph! Pretty? How come he couldn’t see her beauty at all?

Wen Xuxu ignored him and treated it as jealousy.

Since they were kids, the Yan family had been very nice to her except for Second Master Yan and Third Master Yan.

Aunt Mu Li still remembered her even though they hadn’t met for more than a year.

She was really touched.

The sky was a brilliant blue with fluffy white clouds. The black Bentley traveled swiftly on the huge highway and they passed by rivers and mountains.

Throughout the journey, Wen Xuxu used her camera to take pictures of the scenery.

She had forgotten that she’d been unwilling to come here and how she almost teared up on the flight because of her resentment.

The car entered a small town in S City with individual houses. Hardly any rubbish could be seen on the road.

“Young Master, Miss Wen, we’ve arrived.”

Venars drove the car into the courtyard of a grand villa and stopped.

He unfastened his seatbelt and got off.

As she unfastened her seatbelt, Wen Xuxu looked around her to size up the surroundings.

In her heart, she sighed in astonishment and then with sentimentality.

The villa in front of her wasn’t as big as the one owned by the Yan family and it wasn’t as grand.

But it exuded a different charisma from the house back in their country.

Cozy and comfortable!

There was a lush green lawn in the courtyard with brilliant purple and bright red flowers and plants.

Yan Rusheng got down from the car and closed the door behind him with a‘bang’.

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