Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 610

Chapter 610 It's Definitely Not So Easy

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Yan Rusheng heard the old lady’s request, and he stole a glance at Xuxu. He contemplated for a second before nodding in agreement. “Okay.”

The old lady fervently thanked him. “Thank you so much! Thank you, young lad.”

Yan Rusheng pressed his lips and didn’t reply. He grabbed his coat and put it on top of the bed. He vacated the space for the old lady.

He had felt giddy after freezing for a night. Furthermore, he had been traveling in a rush the entire day and couldn’t eat much as well. The second Yan Rusheng stood up, he felt his world spinning.

He grabbed the edge of the bed to steady himself while another hand rubbed his temples. After a while, his giddiness began to subside.

“Young lad, what’s wrong?”

When Yan Rusheng almost stumbled earlier on, the old lady witnessed it and came to express her concern.

Yan Rusheng shook his head. “I’m fine.”

He curtly replied before he climbed up to the top bed.

He was too tall, and the bed was too cramped for him. He had to either bend his legs or curl his body to be able to fit into space.

Su Yan faced the same problem as well.

From Donghai back to the capital city, the journey would take about 17 hours. It would be a long, arduous ride.

He wanted to talk to Xuxu. He would be contented even if he just sat beside her or just to gaze at her. But he was afraid that it would infuriate her.

He had already said that he wouldn’t do the things that she disliked.

Yan Rusheng quietly laid down as he listened to the sounds of the train. The ride occasionally got rather bumpy.

His nose was blocked, so he had to flip his body once in a while.

He felt giddy and sleepy. After tossing and turning for some time, he finally fell asleep.


Su Yan woke up after a short nap, and he quietly stole a glance at Yan Rusheng. Then he turned to gaze at Xuxu with a tender expression on his face.

He was quiet and careful as he propped his arm below his face. He gazed intently at the girl who was sitting cross-legged below, reading a book.

In his heart, Xuxu was still a girl to him even though she was married, and she was older than him.

The sunlight streamed in from the windows and shone on her. She didn’t seem so aloof and cold anymore.

She was wearing earphones, and she looked so immersed in her book. She seemed to be in her own world.

Her slender and fair fingers flipped the pages after some time.

Her everything, even a strand of her hair, was perfect and so wonderful.

Su Yan’s heart wildly pounded just like the first time he had seen her. He saw her at a restaurant in H city, and the feeling was exactly the same as what he was feeling now.

Quiet, clean, beautiful, sweet, lovely, and laid-back.

What made her into such a perfect and wonderful woman? She was almost flawless.

But no one was perfect. It wasn’t normal. So her perfection carried a tinge of sorrow.

He thought to himself, “She shouldn’t be like this when she was younger. Something must have happened.”

Su Yan’s eyes traveled back to Yan Rusheng, and he began to get worried for him.

She was someone who could conceal her emotions and thoughts so well. She had loved a person for more than 10 years and now that she had turned awayshe appeared so unruffled and calm.

Her self-control seemed to have reached a rather insane level. No wonder no one knew that she was secretly in love with Yan Rusheng for years.

So it wouldn’t be easy for Yan Rusheng to win her back and to salvage this crisis.

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