Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 641

Chapter 641 Splash At Her Face To Disfigure Her

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Sensing trouble, Qi Lei hurriedly stood up. He hastily explained, "Hi, Mr. handsome guy. No, youre mistaken. My sister is pregnant, and she is sensitive to the smell of cigarettes. She is not looking down on you."

He had barely finished talking when one of the men grabbed him by his collar. He sneered with a malicious expression etched on his face. "What has this got to do with you? Are you asking for a beating? Huh?!"

"What are you trying to do?" Xuxu bravely stood up. She looked at them straight in the eye. "Let him go."

"Wow, this b*tch is quite fierce." The man looked at Xuxus tummy with a rather sinister gleam. "Too bad youre already pregnant. Im not interested in pregnant women."

Xuxu felt even more nauseous after hearing his disgusting words.

Qi Lei was incandescent with rage. The next second, he clenched his fists and his punch landed forcefully on the mans cheek who had his hands gripping his collar.

"Ahhh!" The man was caught off-guard, and he almost collapsed with Qi Leis punch. He let out a yell in agony and loosened his grip on the collar. He covered his cheek and grimaced in pain.

His two companions saw what happened and surrounded Qi Lei.

"Sister Xuxu, hide!" Qi Lei shouted to Xuxu for fear that she might get hurt.

He had already started flexing his body to prepare for a fight.

"Qi Lei, be careful!" Xuxu was anxious as she watched him. She stepped back and tried to escape from the shack.

Qi Lei had learned some basic martial arts techniques from Xuxus grandfather. He should be able to handle the hooligans.

But there were three of them, and she wasnt certain that Qi Lei would escape unscathed. She had to flee to call the police.

The couple sitting next to them had already fled when the three men walked towards them earlier on.

"Damn it. How dare you hit me?!" The man who Qi Lei punched earlier was seized with anger. He grabbed a stool and hurled it towards Qi Lei.

Xuxu saw everything, and she screamed in terror. "Qi Lei, be careful!"

Qi Lei managed to avoid the stool. But in the next moment, the other two men grabbed more stools and attacked Qi Lei.

Xuxu turned on her heel and ran for her life. She fumbled for her phone in her bag.

One of the hooligans realized that she had fled and shouted to his companion. "Hurry! Get that b*tch. I want her dead."

The man grunted and swiftly turned around.

Xuxu realized that someone was chasing her, and so she panicked. She was mostly worried about her child.

The hooligan who was chasing her ran to the stove and scooped some boiling soup using the ladle. Next, he flung it towards Xuxu.

Fortunately, Xuxu managed to dodge it with an agile reflex.

The man then scooped once more, and Xuxu ran for her life. However, the man caught up with her, eventually.

But he didnt splash the soup at Xuxus back. Instead, he overtook her and blocked her way. They stood face to face.

"Splash at her face to disfigure her!"

Suddenly, another of his companions caught up with them and bellowed.

Splash at her face to disfigure her

Xuxus eyes widened in horror as she stared at them. She profusely shook her head. "What do you guys want?!"

The mans face split with a menacing smile. "Didnt you hear what he said? To splash at your face to disfigure you!"

He gritted his teeth and flung his hand.

Unexpectedly, a towering figure appeared behind Xuxu.

The next moment, Xuxu found herself in a tight embrace of someone. Her face pressed against his chest.

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