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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 826

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Yan Rusheng thought to himself, ‘His wife was too awesome.’ She was capable of work and could manage the family, too. In addition, she was also a part-time love expert, a philosopher, and even a counselor.

Look at how the young lass was looking at his wife—she was idolizing her, and she was full of admiration and respect for the goddess in his heart. From her eyes, he could tell that Su Yue wholeheartedly trusted Xuxu.

“Third sister-in-law, fortunately, I still have you.” Su Yue broke into a smile as she bent and placed her head on Xuxu’s shoulders. Her hands clung tightly to Xuxu’s arms.

She said, “When I was young, I always wished to grow up quickly so I can be as tall, big, and strong as them. That way, they won’t be able to bully me. I can earn my money to support myself, and I can eat as many chicken wings as I want.”

As Su Yue spoke, she sobbed. Xuxu wiped her tears away and could feel her own eyes glistening.

Su Yue carried on. “I knew that Mommy intentionally left me at the orphanage and told everyone I was an illegitimate child that nobody wanted. They said that my mommy had broken up someone else’s family. The orphanage matron also came from a broken family, and it was because of a third party. So, she hated mistresses and illegitimate children. Before I came, there was a child who died of abuse but because that place was very poor, no one cared.”

“Mommy thought Daddy would look for us if we were in a dire state. She hoped that he would find a way to bring us to the Yan family. But she waited for years and didn’t wait until that day. When my brother went out to work to earn his own money, he threatened my mommy that he would leave her forever if she doesn’t bring me back from the orphanage.”

Xuxu was utterly shocked when Su Yue told her the truth about her childhood. Her tears kept rolling down.

She had assumed that her mother had a reason for sending Su Yue to the orphanage. But she didn’t think she would be so selfish and cruel enough to send her daughter to such a horrible place.

What kind of woman was she? Did First Uncle like her because of her looks only?

Xuxu was boiling with anger, but she couldn’t display her feelings towards Su Yue’s mother in front of her.

She patted Su Yue to console her. “It’s all in the past.”

Xuxu knew that because she had told Su Yue about her own story, that’s why she confided in her.

Everyone mutually depended on one another for no one can survive alone. It’s not that Su Yue didn’t understand; it’s just that she felt inferior.

Yan Rusheng quietly went upstairs while Xuxu accompanied Su Yue. They waited on the stairs.

Minutes and seconds passed by. Xuxu anxiously kept glancing at her watch. Her palms were cold with sweat.

“Let’s go.”

They finally heard Yan Rusheng’s voice.

Xuxu anxiously stood up and ran towards him. “Ah Sheng, how was it?”

Su Yue stood up as well and glanced over to Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng reached a corner. He halted his footsteps. “Three years.”

“Oh.” Xuxu bowed her head. Although it was a light sentence, it still ended up as a tragedy.

After they passed the sentence, Jiang Qinglian fell sick and got hospitalized for a week.

Her first daughter-in-law stayed behind to take care of her.

After they had discharged her, the first thing Jiang Qinglian did was to settle the divorce with Yan Weiye. There wasn’t much dispute regarding their assets. The old madam had divided the inheritance in her will. Everyone got their share, but it was Yan Weiye who received the most.

When the old madam passed away, the attorney read her will to the entire family. They couldn’t understand the reason behind the will. Although Yan Weiye was the oldest son, the old madam was always fair. Even if she was biased, she should allocate more of the inheritance to Third Yan who worked so hard to manage Flourish & Prosper. So, why would she give Yan Weiye a bigger share of the inheritance?

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