Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 871

Chapter 871 Ill Meet You There

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They laughed as they ran.

Xuxu watched the boy and girl, and she fell into deep thought. She recalled how she had behaved around Yan Rusheng before, and the scenario she just witnessed seemed to have happened before.

She had liked him so much, but because of her pride and her fear of rejection, she appeared nonchalant on the surface. Then once she caught his weak spot, she would make sure she made a huge fuss about it.

“Third sister-in-law, let’s go.”

Xuxu was smiling, and she was in a deep daze. Su Yue called her and she finally snapped out. She then nodded. “Alright.”

She got into the car and Su Yue sat beside her.

The car door shut, and Xuxu looked at Su Yue. “Yueyue, your classmates want to attend your birthday party. Why don’t you allow them to attend?”

Although she had changed a lot, she still didn’t seem to enjoy interacting with people.

Su Yue pouted. “I don’t like them.”

She lowered her head and took out a lollipop from her bag. She unwrapped the lollipop and stuffed it inside her mouth.

Xuxu realized that Su Yue seemed to have a liking towards lollipops these days. She stared at Su Yue before she asked, “Do you have any friends?”

Su Yue heard and her eyes gleamed. “Can I bring her along?”

That meant she had already made some friends, and it pleased Xuxu. She nodded to agree. “Certainly! You can bring her back home at any time.”

It overjoyed Su Yue. “That’s great.”

“Your friend is your classmate?”

It was the first friend Su Yue told her about, and Xuxu was curious who her friend was.

Su Yue nodded. “Yes, she just transferred to our school last week.”

It puzzled Xuxu, so she wore a frown. “She just transferred?”

It was the college entrance examinations next month.

Su Yue understood why Xuxu was puzzled and explained, “She might need to stay a grade behind, so she could take the exams next year.”

Xuxu continued. “Oh, is she a boy or a girl?”

“A girl. She said that her family is not very well-to-do.” Su Yue sounded rather sympathetic as she carried on, “Her father is working at a construction site, and she lost her mother when she was young.”

It thoroughly confused Xuxu. How could she attend Flourish & Splendor then? And she had just transferred to Flourish & Splendor. Without certain connections or background, how would she be able to do that?

She thought of a movie and concluded that special exceptions could also happen in reality.

With that thought, she wasn’t that surprised. “Invite her tomorrow then.”

“Okay!” Su Yue smiled as she snuggled against Xuxu. “Third sister-in-law, thank you. You are the best.”

Xuxu bowed her head and smiled fondly at her.

They reached the restaurant and went into a private room. At that moment, Xuxu’s phone rang.

She answered the call.

Yan Rusheng asked, “Which room is it?”

“Oh, you’re here?” His announcement pleasantly surprised Xuxu. “We are in room No. 8, but it’s not that easy to locate. Wait at the staircase for me. I’ll meet you there.”

She walked to the door.

And she turned towards the staircase as she exited the room.

They were at a specialty restaurant. Although it wasn’t huge, there were many winding corridors and corners, hence it was a bit difficult to locate the rooms.

“Yan Rusheng!”

Yan Rusheng had just reached the staircase and was about to step on the step when a crystal-clear voice echoed.

He frowned with annoyance and halted his footsteps. He was about to turn around.

A slender figure swiftly flew towards him that he didn’t have time to react.

The strong scent of perfume that he loathed assailed his nostrils and the next moment, a pair of hands wound themselves around his neck.

Then a pair of legs gripped unto his waista woman tightly hung onto him like an octopus.

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