Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 882

Chapter 882 Shall I Piggyback You?

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Xuxu rolled her eyes in annoyance at the man beside her. She felt it was getting more difficult to communicate with him by the day.

She raised her feet and caught up with Mu Li and the rest.

They transferred Yan Weihong to a room, but when they arrived at his ward, Mu Li heaved a long sigh. "Luckily, he survived unscathed."

She began to rub her eyes as she spoke.

Xuxu pressed her lips together and stretched out her hand to pat Mu Li lightly on her back.

Mu Li took a while to recompose herself. She calmed down before pointing to Yan Weihong and sternly warned, "Yan Weihong, Im telling you this now. If you get agitated again and drop dead, Ill change the surnames of your grandchildren to mine after they are born."

Yan Weihong knitted his eyebrows. "Their surnames should either be Yan or Wen. Why would they follow your surname instead?"

Mu Li rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue. "Enough. Anyway, just stop worrying."

Yan Weihongs face darkened, and he raised his voice. "Comrade Mu Li, please be mindful of your behavior in front of the kids."

Xuxu twitched her mouth and felt it would be more appropriate for her to leave them alone for the time being.

"Father and mother, Ill make a call back home otherwise Aunt Zhang and the rest would still be worrying."

After that, she turned and walked towards the door. She fished out her cellphone at the same time.

After Xuxu left, Yan Weihongs expression turned sullen, and he raised his voice in anger. "Jiang Qinglian had gone too far this time."

Seeing him getting agitated again, Mu Li knitted her eyebrows. "Be mindful of your emotions. Youve just been out of the emergency room."

She chided him with worry and concern.

Yan Weihong immediately recomposed himself before looking at Yan Rusheng. He commanded, "Third Yan, you must think of a way to take back the shares."

Yan Rusheng nodded. "I know and I definitely will."

He was determined to win.

Yan Weihong pressed his lips and didnt talk further. He was probably feeling tired, so he shut his eyes and gestured to Yan Rusheng. "Let your mother remain here with me."

Yan Rusheng replied with an Mm and turned to look at Mu Li.

"Dont worry." Mu Li gave him an assuring look and Yan Rusheng nodded before he left.

After Xuxu had made the call, she was about to re-enter the ward when Yan Rusheng stepped out. She asked, "Ah Sheng, why are you out?"

"Hes resting and told us to go back home first," Yan Rusheng replied as he held Xuxus hand.

"Let me inform them." Xuxu wanted to bid them farewell, but Yan Rusheng stopped her. "Father is asleep."

Xuxu didnt insist and heaved a sigh of relief. "Thank God. Scared me to death."

Until that moment, her legs felt wobbly. She slightly tilted her neck and leaned against Yan Rushengs arm.

Yan Rusheng asked, "Shall I piggyback you?"

Xuxu shook her head. "I dont want. It will squash my tummy."

She massaged her slightly bulging belly. If it wasnt because of her belly, she would definitely let him piggyback her.

Yan Rusheng looked down at her belly and his expression softened. "Theres still a long way to go before the two little fellows are out."

He sounded as if he was lamenting, but his tone was brimming with anticipation and affection.

They went straight to the hospital the moment they woke up, and so hadnt taken their breakfast. Xuxu was famished. There were many stalls selling breakfast outside the hospital entrance.

When her car passed by the row of stalls, she saw a stall selling wraps and her stomach rumbled. She pointed to a particular stall and exclaimed, "Yan Rusheng, I feel like eating a wrap."

Yan Rushengs eyes followed the direction of her finger, and he knitted his eyebrows. "Unhygienic!"

Besides the poor quality of the ingredients used, dust usually covered such roadside stalls.

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