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The Demon Emperor had taken one billion lives and conquered the realms of elves, dwarfs, and giants. When the final realm of man fell to his armies, the stage was set for their world’s finale.A spire of brilliant light pierced the sky, and as the land was torn asunder, the demon emperor met his death. It was not by the hands of a hero, or goddess’ champion, but by a system developer—a creator of the VRMMO Ark World—masquerading as a god!“It’s ironic that it would be you,” said a voice in the black void of the quantum system. “Strange, that you’ve given me this quest, and stranger that I can’t do it without you.”By the power of the thirteenth system developer, the “goddess” Amarytha, the demon emperor was reborn in a new video game where his character never came to be. In the Ark World Sandbox, humans rule as gods over nations of NPCs. Through mastery of their administration commands, they hold absolute control. Only the demon emperor, liberated by the Player System, can challenge them.A crusade begins with one step. Freedom from humanity begins here!

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