Emperor Of Steel Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Treasure Acquisition 2

The crisis of Navarre Duchy, which had begun with the Monster Wave, was barely suppressed in 2 months.

The battle in the Akbar Fort was rather confusing and unexplained, but somehow they had managed to succeed in driving away the monsters into the western grasslands.

However, Luke couldn't return immediately.

There could be monsters sneaking around to attack the Navarre once again, so he was ordered to stay.

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When Luke had completed the mission successfully, he thought that the Emperor felt upset and put him trapped in there.

But he didn't think much of it.

Since he had already gone there, he thought of waiting till he went back to complete his remaining military service.

It was the same with the knights.

No, they quietly enjoyed being treated sweetly by beauties.

"Hey Alex. Are you going out today?"

After the afternoon training, Kaper asked his friend who was wearing new clothes and preparing to go.

"Come here, I have been requested for a date

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