Emperor Of Steel Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Treasure Acquisition 3

A short while later, Luke stopped in the woods located north of the Avignon.

The rare forest was wide and had beautiful trees with blooming new leaves.

As Luke went there, he looked back.

"Sebastian, Belfair!"

"You called, Master!"

"What could we be doing today?" The two demons appeared right below a tree and asked.

"Today I am going to summon a demon."

"Oh! Is my successor going to come?" Belfair asked with a smile.

He had been waiting to get a successor as Sebastian had been treating him rather harshly.

Unfortunately for him, Luke shook his head.

"No, this time I am going to bring in a strong guy, so make sure that this place is quiet." for visiting.

Luke had absorbed a lot of mana from the monster army.

However, the monster's mana failed to make the 6th circle due to the lack of purity.

So due to that, he thought of summoning a demon more than the intermediate level and absorb its abilities and magi.

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