Emperor Of Steel Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Treasure Acquisition 4

Ku Kukung!

'What is this? A golem made of steel?'

Behind Naga was a warrior class Gigant, Achilles. The Gigant, which had been quietly sleeping in the subspace bracelet along with Kratos, had been summoned by Luke.

Naga was terrified of what she saw. Suddenly, the Gigant attacked her.


A Gigant could only move when there was a rider seated in the cockpit.

But since Gigants were developed based on golems, Luke was able to move them in a basic manner with his Marionette magic.

Surely the power it showed was much weaker than when one was directly riding in it, but it was enough to launch a surprise attack. for visiting.

The heavy blows from the Gigant left a significant blow on Naga.

"Kuak! Kuaaahk!"

Slumped, Naga was coughing black blood.

Belfair, who was watching the battle nervously, fist-bumped with Sebastian.

Luke seemed like he might be able to win, and the blow taken by his senior was pretty great.

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