Empire Of Souls Book 1 Chapter 155

Volume 1 Chapter 155 Far Reaching Influence 3

"Silence!" shouted a High god who was currently sitting in a central throne. 

This was the current council head and held the responsibility of keeping order in the council chamber as well as being the determining vote should there be an issue that didn't receive a majority vote. It was only a temporary position and did not have much authority. Only High gods could hold this position and it would cycle between High gods every thousand years.

"In regards to this matter, we have been arguing over it for weeks. Nothing has been resolved and no party is willing to take responsibility. Ultimately, the opportunity was given to the Northern church and their alliance of pantheons to conquer the Steppes and take it as your area of influence on the new continent. The crusade was a failure. As such, we will determine at a later date what should be done regarding this. Whether the Northern church and other cooperating churches will be given another chance will be determined at that time. We have a much more important matter to discuss."

This quieted down the gods who were arguing just moments ago, but Woden was not pleased with this resolution.

"Athaur, are you sure you are not allowing your bias to interfere with your judgement? You and Peleor belong to the same pantheon and one might begin to think that there is some plot involved in this. Who does it benefit, if not you and yours, that our crusade has failed?"

Athaur slammed a gavel down that was infused with the power of laws and sent a soundwave throughout the council chamber, "How dare you accuse this seat! If not for the important matters we must discuss, I would not hesitate to motion to silence you in these chambers!"

Woden snorted as the ravens on his shoulders cawed angrily, "This is not over."

Woden sat once more, but a cold gleam was clearly visible in his eyes. If not for the important matters, he would not hesitate to continue this discussion. However, there was an issue which required their absolute attention.

Athaur glared angrily, but he once more maintained his dignity as the council chair and stood to address the council chamber. There were not many gods who could sit at the same level as these high gods and the vast majority of gods were at the lowest levels where the low and mid gods sat. Even the level for greater gods was much larger than the level for High gods, although much smaller in number then the other levels.

There were hundreds of avatars from various gods present and they all looked towards Athaur with serious expressions. No matter if they were previously angered or had feigned indifference, even those who had been completely disregarding the issues of the council prior, all were now paying attention.

"I am sure you have all heard by now of what transpired not that long ago. The Daemon on the fields of Abaddon launched a full offensive and even cut straight into our defensive line for thousands of miles. Their frightening assault caught our armies unprepared, and even some gods fell to their onslaught. Of course, their losses were also terrifying to say the least. The four hors.e.m.e.n themselves made an appearance with their avatars and spearheaded the offensive. What was their objective? We aren't entirely sure, but it is a matter most perplexing."

There was much muttering taking place when Athaur spoke those words and conversations broke out throughout the council hall. There was a mixture of wariness, confusion, questioning and doubtful expressions from the gods. This was something which none had a clear answer for and had even caused a bit of fear. The Endless War had been going on for hundreds of thousands of years and the battle lines had been pretty much stagnant for most of that time. Although the Daemon had occasionally made some headway, it wasn't enough to cause concern. 

This full on offensive seemed illogical and many questioned why the Daemon would do such a thing. Of course, for both sides, it didn't matter how many of their divine soldiers died. They could always be replaced with others from within the godly domains as long as there were souls. Those who died could even be resurrected or reincarnated, so the losses were acceptable. It was a similar situation with the Daemon who used Demon spawn as cannon fodder. It didn't matter how many of these Demon spawn died, they could always be replaced as their were an infinite number of Demons in the abyss. 

The same could not be said for the loss of gods, high level angels, or high level Daemon. These were existences which could not so easily be replaced and their deaths were something which would have a huge impact on the war.

"I know that many of you have questions. The Daemon sacrificed much in this offensive and we have recovered the battle lines, although with great losses on both sides. However, it is more likely the Daemon allowed this to happen because they had completed whatever objective they set out to accomplish. We didn't notice at first because of how serious the fighting has been for the past few weeks, but soon after the fighting was once more stabilized, demons from the abyss swarmed into Dis of the Nine Hells."

The gods listened quietly as Athaur explained the current situation, but he was interrupted by a shout from Woden.

"And what of it? The Demons of the Abyss are always invading the Nine Hells. How is this related to the Daemon? There are an infinite number of Demons in the Abyss and many Abyss masters. They are chaotic beasts and can't escape baseless desires. Are you saying these events are somehow connected? Ridiculous!"

Athaur frowned at the interruption, but he retained his dignified manner, "What you say may be true under normal circ.u.mstances, but this may be too much of a coincidence. I believe that this offensive was a way to draw our attention away from something. It was a diversion of some kind, but for what it is hard to say. I think looking into the sudden invasion of the Nine Hells may help illuminate us on this plot. The Nine Hells are currently facing one of the greatest Demonic invasions in the last one million years and it has affected multiple levels."

"I would have to agree with Woden on this, how are these events connected? Even if what you say is true, what could the Daemon accomplish? There have been no strange movements since the offensive was pushed back and the battle lines have once more stabilized. The Daemon have even become more quiet than usual. As for the Nine Hells, why care what happens there? Isn't this a good thing for us?" chimed in another High god who sat near Woden.

"Ah, Horus. I think you fail to understand that the Daemon are not to be underestimated. Also, I have one more bit of news which has aroused my suspicions. There was a... dimensional fluctuation that was discovered purely by accident. Someone.... a being of immense power contacted someone within the God Nexus before the Daemon's offensive. When I first heard this, I didn't know what it could possibly be. But now, there are too many strange events coinciding with one another. I think, it is only a matter of time before something big happens, something unexpected. A being who could cause such a dimensional fluctuation that could bypass the divine defenses of the God Nexus is not a being we should ever underestimate."

This silenced all the gods who were previously questioning the importance of Athaur's words. Many wore grim expressions as they fully took in the severity of the situation. One particular god who was previously feigning complete disinterest, now had an expression more grim than any other. In his eyes, a flash of cold light flickered. It was clear that these words had unnerved him the most out of all the gods present.

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