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Enchanted Attractions Love Beyond Measure summary:

Enchanted attractions love beyond measure is a romantic fiction, a love story that has been set back in 2011, focused and narrated by a 25 year old guy called Joseph Radebe. This story embarks in the capital city of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Joseph has embarked on a journey of love; he has fallen in love with a girl called Lindiwe whos younger than him with only a few years. J.R (Joseph Radebe) loves this girl so much as much that he is unable to confide his true feelings to her, J.R being an artist always enchants beautiful paintings of his crush. Being unable to confide his true feelings to Lindy (Lindiwe) he gets a push from his best friend known as Trevor. J.R finally gets the chance to spend more time being close to Lindy and getting to know her better.To J.Rs surprise Lindy was dating a club D.J and also a member of gang. Vusi (club D.J) loves Lindy so much but he is a womanizer, that of course he had unraveled his true self to J.R whom he belittled so much for having the fear of approaching woman. One fruitful night when J.Rs family was invited for dinner at Vusis resident J.R had the privileged to witness Lindys heart being tattered apart but that did not stop him from running after her. He finally got the chance at love with Lindy but Vusi brought everything up trying to separate their union.Sadly Vusi succeeded on separating the two love birds when he ran J.R over with a car on Lindys presence. Life took a huge turn on both Lindy and J.R when she couldnt witness J.Rs family switch off the machines. Lindiwe emigrated in France on a small town called Grasse. She later decided to return back home in South Africa, in her mind she only knew that J.R was dead; to her surprise the love of her life was indeed alive. It did not take a while for them to pick up the pieces and continue from where theyve left off, setting their love back on fire.The story continues to unfold.

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