Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King Is Wife Chapter 1023 3

We wont make it at this rate!

Yin Fengs gaze darkened slightly. He watched on coldly at the Eight-clawed Heavenly Python that remained completely unhurt when it was under the crowds attack. His gaze gradually became serious.

The skin of this Eight-clawed Heavenly Python is really thick. Not a single injury could be seen on its skin even when a blade landed directly on it. In comparison, we are getting several wounds from it


When he was thinking about what to do, an enormous python suddenly appeared and flew toward Leng Yan, aiming to bite Leng Yans head.

Yin Feng got a fright that he almost leaped. He anxiously said, Not good! This is a couple of Eight-clawed Heavenly Pythons. Quick! Quickly save the team leader!

Nonetheless, it was already too late.

Leng Yan was busy facing with the Eight-clawed Heavenly Python before him. Now, another python had suddenly appeared. When his head around, that python already was about to bite him

Everyones heart stopped beating at this moment as they watched this scene in despair.

The team leader is their hope. If he dies, what can they do from then on without hope?


Yin Ling shrieked in despair. Tears slowly trickled down her beautiful face. Sorrow filled her beautiful face.

Its me. I had implicated Lord team leader

Leng Yans expression was extremely peaceful when compared to the despairing crowd. He smirked with derision. It was unknown if he was mocking this world or for other reasons

Suddenly, white robes flashed past his eyes. An enormous large sword that was glimmering with flames was mercilessly slashed downward from the sky. The land and mountain swayed at that moment. Blood spurt out from the Eight-clawed Heavenly Pythons enormous body, staining the entire ground before it red.

Everyone was stunned. They looked at the white robes under the gale in disbelief. Their expression was like they were looking at a ghost, their gaze brimmed with shock and astonishment

Could someone tell them that what they were seeing was fake?!

This woman looked about the same age as their team leader. She had unexpectedly slain the Eight-clawed Heavenly Python with just a move.

Hiss! Hiss!

When the partner of that deceased Eight-clawed Heavenly Python saw that her partner had died, it was enraged. It rapidly attacked toward Mu Ru Yue.

White robes fluttered slightly under the gale. Mu Ru Yue had her back facing the Eight-clawed Heavenly Python. It was as though she didnt notice the nearing python

Lady Mu, be careful!

Yin Fengs heart leaped up to his chest. He couldnt help but warn anxiously.

However, Mu Ru Yue didnt turn her head back from the start


The Eight-clawed Heavenly Python was rapidly flying over to her. Its razor-sharp teeth emitted a sinister cold glow. An unknown excitement was expressed in its eyes when it thought it was about to revenge for its partner

But scorching flames surged out from Mu Ru Yues body when its teeth were about to near Mu Ru Yues neck. Scorching flames spread over the entire Eight-clawed Heavenly Pythons body. It wailed anguishly, following to the ground with its body emitting a sizzling sound.

The fragrance of roasted meat entered the crowds nose

The crowd dazed. They looked in disbelief at the womans back. An intense shock was expressed in their eyes.

Yin Lings complexion turned gravely pale with her body shuddering.

This woman is that powerful. It is such a joke that I previously insulted her as a burden. It seems the real burden is actually us

Lady Mu, Yin Feng came back to his senses. He continued with cupped fists, Thank you for the ladys help. Otherwise, we will certainly have been wiped out.

Mu Ru Yue finally turned around slowly when she heard his words

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