End Of The Magic Era Chapter 440

Chapter 440 Provocation


Naturally, everyone was looking forward to the battle between Bane and Wayate the most. It was said that this battle was carried out on a certain plane, but both Wayate and Bane ended up going missing after the battle. Some people guessed that the two had been evenly matched and died together, while others said that their battle had been too intense and that they carelessly fell into the Endless Plane.

Countless conjectures emerged until ultimately, the greatly weakened Ivory Tower and Starry Sky College had no other choice but to have a cease-fire and declare that Bane and Wayate were dead.

Even several hundred years after that battle, there would be many mages in Noscent that would bring up that battle.Bane and Wayate had been two peak existences during that era, their influence had been too great.

Unfortunately, the Book of Death and the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras no longer appeared in Noscent after this battle. Many powerhouses rushed to the Endless Plane to look for the two legendary books. However, no one was rewarded, and most of them ended up buried in the Endless Plane.

Lin Yun felt quite regretful when he read that part in the decaying library. Two of the few Extraordinary Magic Tools that appeared in Noscent had actually been lost.

However, he now had an opportunity to get the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, and he naturally wouldn’t pass on it. This book had boundless potential and would become one of the most powerful Extraordinary Magic Tools. Just the fact that it could merge with his Meditation Law Set to allow him to reach the Archmage realm made it something he had to get.

He would go to the Raging Flame Plane with Thorne a few days later, and as a commander of the Planar Legion. He had been unwilling to follow the decision of the Ancestral Land a few months ago because he felt that the matters of the Merlin Family and Raging Flame Plane were more dangerous than the Tulan Mountain Range. Not to mention that the plane had countless Raging Flame Beastmen and all the major forces.

But thinking of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras made him a lot more cheerful. That hint of unwillingness had completely disappeared, and the status of Planar Legion Commander might help him at some point.

After severing the mana supply to the Heaven Puppet, Lin Yun got rid of the arrays he’d set up. After finishing this, he stretched and left the room.

“Cousin Mafa! You finally came out” But Lin Yun hadn’t expected to see Ross anxiously waiting in front of his door just as he left the room. Moreover, Ross became overjoyed when he saw him.

“What is it?”

“Patriarch Ofran is looking for you, it seemed very important. But Cousin, you went inside your room and didn’t come out for three days. You must have been very busy, so Patriarch Ofran didn’t dare to disturb you But the Patriarch said that I should bring you to him once you come out.”

“What for?”

“I’m not too sure”

“Alright, take me to Patriarch Ofran” Lin Yun thoughtfully nodded. After being busy for three days, Lin Yun had planned on resting. But it looked like he wouldn’t get such an opportunity.

Something serious must have happened for Patriarch Ofran to urgently look for him.

‘Does it have something to do with the Raging Flame Plane?’

Lin Yun shook his head and looked at Ross before indifferently asking, “Cousin Ross, has something happened recently?”

“Something incredible did happen” Ross frowned and took some time to think before answering, “Cousin Mafa, the Charlotte Family conquered the Frost Leaf Plane! This news already spread through Okland yesterday. Everyone is in disbelief, as no one thought that the declining Charlotte Family could actually conquer the Frost Leaf Plane”

“Conquered the Frost Leaf Plane”

Even Lin Yun was startled when he heard this news from Ross’ mouth. He knew of the Frost Leaf Plane. Although that plane wasn’t as huge as the Raging Flame Plane, it was quite rich, and all of Okland’s forces had been watching it attentively. If a force could conquer the Frost Leaf Plane and use it as their private plane, then their strength would raise a few times within a few years.

But unreaped wealth usually co-existed with danger. All the forces who had tried to conquer the Frost Leaf Plane before had to pay a shocking price and still ended up defeated. Even the two major forces of Okland, the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower, were somewhat afraid of the Frost Leaf Plane. Although they had the power to conquer the Frost Leaf Plane, they didn’t want to take any risk. The losses would be too great and it wasn’t worth it.

But the Charlotte Family, who had declined for several hundred years and whose name was already removed from the Three Great Families, actually conquered the Frost Leaf Plane the day before. Everyone was in disbelief.

Although the declining Charlotte Family was one of the major forces in Okland, they weren’t close to the peak forces. They had been suppressed by the Merlin Family and the Watson Family in the past years and were struggling at death’s door. If not for their restraint, the Charlotte Family would have already been annihilated a few times.

But each major force in Okland had slowly forgotten the existence of the Charlotte Family, and Lin Yun was certain that the Charlotte Family could catch up to Merlin Family if they could focus on development for a few dozen years. Even if they couldn’t catch up, they wouldn’t be too far behind. After all, the wealth the Frost Leaf Plane contained could make all of Okland’s forces jealous.

But how did the Charlotte Family do it?

The Frost Leaf Plane wasn’t that easy to conquer. After all, the Frost Leaf Plane’s coordinates had been found several hundred years ago, yet no one had conquered it during that time. This made everyone suspicious and wonder if the Charlotte Family received the backing of some other major force in Noscent.

‘Could it be Thousand Souls Sacrifice?’

Lin Yun was suddenly startled as he thought of that possibility. It seemed to be the only logical explanation. After all, this was the early stage of the Planar Colonization Era. All of Noscent’s forces were busy exploring and conquering planes, so how could they have the time to help the Charlotte Family?

The only method that could allow the Charlotte family to conquer the Frost Leaf Plane in such a short time was the Thousand Souls Sacrifice.

Lin Yun definitely wasn’t exaggerating. The Thousand Souls Sacrifice was a true Spirit Magic Tool and its Incarnation was a Greater Devil who had been self-cultivating for about a millennium. Its strength could be ranked among the most powerful powerhouses of Okland. But the Thousand Souls Sacrifice wasn’t a simple Magic Tool. If it helped the Charlotte Family rise, then even if they didn’t reach the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower, they would still stand above the Watson Family and Merlin Family within a couple centuries.

But from what Lin Yun knew, the Thousand Souls Sacrifice was an extremely wicked Magic Tool that was using the Charlotte Family. He remembered reading about the tragedy befalling the Charlotte Family a millennium later. The Thousand Souls Sacrifice devoured almost all members of the Charlotte Family and was the reason for the Charlotte Family’s destruction, so why would it help them?

‘Did something unforeseen happened?’

“Cousin Mafa, I’d guess that Patriarch Ofran looking for you must be related to the Charlotte Family. The Frost Leaf Plane being conquered by the Charlotte Family is extremely unfavorable to our Merlin Family. Moreover, I heard that the Charlotte Family is making some other moves,” Ross said with a sad expression.

“Haha, they are quite courageous” Lin Yun smiled but didn’t say anything else. He knew that the Frost Leaf Plane was extremely close to one of the private planes owned by the Merlin Family, the Cold Wind Plane. The Charlotte Family conquering the Frost Leaf Plane posed a small threat to the Merlin Family, so the Merlin Family would naturally be worried about this.

After all, the Cold Wind Plane was very important to the Merlin Family. The reason the Merlin Family could send expeditions to every major plane and possess such a huge Planar Legion was inextricably linked to the Cold Wind Plane. If they lost it, it would be a disaster for the Merlin Family…

The actions of the Charlotte Family were a bit too overbearing, putting the Merlin Family on edge. Had it been the previous Charlotte Family, the Merlin Family wouldn’t have been too worried and could have made them cower with their power, but it was very different this time.

After getting the support of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice, the Charlotte Family could no longer be considered weak.

Even the Merlin Family at its peak wouldn’t dare to rashly make a move against the Charlotte Family even though they were dissatisfied.

They both set foot on the 3rd Floor of the magic tower, moonstones neatly arranged on the ground. They knocked on the door and soon heard an aged voice from within. “Come in.”

A short old man was sitting in the study. It was Patriarch Ofran, and worry could be seen on his face. When he saw the two people coming in, his eyes stopped on Lin Yun and he said with a smile, “Take a seat first”

Ofran felt that Lin Yun was giving out a sort of unapproachable feeling. He absent-mindedly thought that this youth had the shadow of Santon Merlin. They were both outstanding and unconventional.

It was just that no matter how unconventional Santon Merlin was, it wouldn’t reach the point where he would cause havoc in the Elder Council.

One thing was certain: This youth would definitely be able to compare to Santon. After all, he was already capable of contending against one of the three Sword Saints of the Merlin Family, Thorne Merlin, despite being in his early twenties. Moreover, that youth was extremely wealthy. He did a careful investigation recently and the current Gilded Rose had long since been enjoying a monopoly over the market in the entire eastern kingdom, and it kept expanding.

The future achievements of such a young mage wouldn’t be much lower than Santon Merlin’s.

But he was too unconventional…

And the ancestors didn’t even blame him for killing some Elders. They instead gave him control over half of the Planar Legion, which was incredible.

“Mafa, you should have heard what happened recently” Ofran recalled something and couldn’t help massaging his temples as he said with a bitter smile.

“Concerning the Charlotte Family conquering the Frost Leaf Plane?” Lin Yun nodded as he took a seat. Ofran indeed looked for him for that matter. Had it been any other force, Lin Yun wouldn’t have planned to get involved, however, the Charlotte Family was another matter altogether…

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