End Of The Magic Era Chapter 556

Chapter 556 Insane


Suvals eyes were red. Is that damn Mafa Merlin insane? He actually wants everyone to attack the Orachiss at such a time! Does he not know what he is doing? Thats an Orachiss, the progeny of an Ash Python and an Abyssal Demon, a colossus whose power is infinitely close to the Heaven Rank! How is attacking it any different from just committing suicide?

Hell That damned Mafa Merlin probably knows that he is doomed to die, so he is trying to drag everyone down with him This must be it!

Suval stared at Lin Yun while thinking that he had to stop this lunatic.

Otherwise, everyone here, including Falton and Zeuss, would die from his stupid suggestion.

No way, I have to stop him!

But before he could open his mouth, he saw that damned Mafa Merlin raising his magic staff.

"B*stard, stop!" Suval instantly understood Mafas thoughts and was terrified by what would follow. But as if he hadnt heard him, Lin Yun continued his movement and a berserk magic power, seemingly absorbing endless mana from the air, crazily rushed towards the Orachiss.

Dazzling flames flew through the air at the Orachiss right head before blossoming in an explosion.

In a flash, the magic power enveloped the upper half of the Orachiss body.

It was like a sea of fire, but Suval couldnt pay attention to it because he was already losing his mind.

Time seemed to have been frozen.

Suvals mouth was sagging wide open as he looked at Lin Yun with alarm.

He He He really attacked the Orachiss!

Suval simply didnt dare to believe his eyes

What he had been fearing ended up happening.

This damned Mafa Merlin really did it Its over, we are finished.

Suval only saw darkness before his eyes. Even Jouyi and Harren would have to make a detour when facing such a powerful foe. Where did that damned Mafa Merlin get the courage to provoke an Orachiss? We are really finished Mafa Merlin, you b*stard, youre the one that dug this hole!

Suval was staring at Lin Yun with a crazed gaze, already cursing that idiots ancestors.

Dont tell me you dont understand that with our teams strength, our only option when facing a monster like an Orachiss is to flee? F*ck

Even if you dont know, why didnt you ask the others? What was your plan? Dragging everyone down with you? Eh?

Just as Suval shook himself out of his stupor and was about to swear out loud, he saw the young mage moving once again.

"Damn" Suvals face turned deathly pale

Sure enough, as Suval let out another alarmed shout, the young mage was already raising his magic staff once again, the precious gem at the top shining dazzlingly.

"Mafa Merlin! You b*stard!" Suvals scolding voice was full of despair, because he already noticed the resplendent flames coming out from the staff.

It was Flame Roar

It was a High Mages 6th Tier Spell, but its might could even reach the 7th Tier when fully put to use!

"Were finished," Suval repeated. As an Archmage, how could Suval not know this spell? How could he not know that this spell would bring the fury of the Orachiss down on them?

If that earlier Flame Burst could be considered nothing more than an ordinary provocation, then the Flame Roar was a slap in the Orachiss face. Let alone such a vicious beast, even a rabbit would probably jump to bite the culprit.

Sure enough

Just as this thought appeared in Suvals mind, a rustling sound could be heard as the already high temperature suddenly spiked up insanely.

The range covered by the Flame Roar was huge, and it was like a heavy hammer knocking against the Orachiss.

The air seemed to distort under the effect of that spell. The Orachiss huge body made a heavy sound as its large hooves swayed, making the earth shake.

The Orachiss let out a loud roar that pierced this planes sky.

Suval was terrified by Lin Yuns arrogance. He looked at that Orachiss covered in fire and only felt despair.

He didnt think that this was enough to do anything to it. If the Orachiss couldnt handle such an attack, it wouldnt be called an ancient vicious beast

Only if Mafa Merlins magic power rose a few times and reached the Heaven Rank could he possibly harm the Orachiss.

But only if that were the case.

Mafa Merlin wasnt Jouyi or Harren.

Then, Suval heard a loud roar, so deafening that he thought his eardrums were splitting open.

Suval forced himself to turn his head and saw fire surging towards the Orachisss middle head as if it was continuously swallowing the flames.

It took a short time to disperse all of Lin Yuns mana

At this moment, a thought appeared in Suvals mind: Flee.

Thats right, he had to flee! And the further the better, because no one could withstand the anger of that colossus. No one in the group could endure it! In front of such a transcendent powerhouse, Archmages had no ability to resist. It was hardly an exaggeration to say that facing this Orachiss would turn out the same as facing Jouyi or Harren. With just a simple wave, it could decide the fate of a group of Archmages.

None of them could even try to contend against such power.

This included even Falton and Zeuss They were all helpless.

The only choice was to flee.

As for the dignity of an Archmage, they couldnt care about it at such a critical moment. How could there be any dignity in front of a life or death situation?


Just as Suval had that idea, a dense rain of spells suddenly covered the Orachiss.

"Whats happening?" Suval wondered.

Then, Suval clearly saw the puppet using its full weapon system. In a flash, endless spells were already raining down on the Orachiss. No, it wasnt just the puppet There was also Reina, who was emitting an icy-cold aura. That damned woman, whats wrong with her head? She unhesitantly attacked the Orachiss when Mafa gave the command

Immediately after, a deafening Dragon Roar echoed as Reinas huge Draconic form appeared in front of everyone. Her ice-blue scales looked like pieces of art under the sunlight. Her slightly slim figure was full of grace, freezing even the air around her. She was truly beautiful, but at this time, this fascinating scene looked horrifying to Suval, making his heart sink.

In an instant, flames soared and frost spread, making mana cover every bit of the Orachiss body. Each explosion would blossom in a splendid color. The whole area was like a stormy sea of fire, and the small ravines on both sides were shaking as if they were about to collapse under the effects of the devastating magic.

But the shocking part was that this dense magic bombardment only made the Orachiss sway somewhat. The life-threatening injury that everyone was hoping for would never appear.

Finally, the Orachiss counterattack had come.

The blue head spouted countless ice crystals, followed by a tornado-like gust, engulfing the entire forest.

It was comparable to the power of a blizzard. In an instant, everyone was hit by the cold wind, and small patches of frost appeared on their bodies, which kept spreading and spreading. It wouldnt take long before it froze them solid.

It was a frightening power.

Everyone began trying to withdraw. All that awaited them if they remained was death.

The Frost Dragon was already flying above the Orachiss head, her body full of power and grace engaged in a primeval struggle. But even she could only fall back slowly. The power of the Orachiss was too terrifying. Even a Frost Dragon was like a child in front of the Orachiss. In fact, this could no longer be described as a struggle Reina was like a sheet of paper being blown about.

They couldnt defeat it, they couldnt do anything to it

"Insane, you are insane! Dont you know that this is the best chance to flee?"

Suval slowly backed away in a daze, helplessly looking at Lin Yun with despair. This was an invincible existence that it was pointless to even try to fight. But now, because of Mafa Merlins decision, they were all dragged into the swamp of death.

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