End Of The Magic Era Chapter 694

Chapter 694 Beastman


Lenon was annihilated with everyones hard work, without Lin Yun even making a move.

Enderfa was extremely annoyed and vented with an unsightly expression, "Merlin! I wont let you go if you dont give me an explanation today! Hell, I was almost annihilated!"

Let alone Enderfa, even Xiuban was a bit sullen, he had quite a few wounds on his body and had almost been sliced to pieces, yet, Lin Yun hadnt helped, how could he not complain?

Reina also had a few small wounds, while Elsas clothes and been reduced to shreds. As for Zeuss, the left half of his hair had been cut down, if he had been a bit slow, his skull would have been sliced open.

Even the puppets body was covered in numerous sword scars. If the puppets foundation hadnt been that good, it would have already been sliced to pieces by Lenon.

The few of them had some grievances. The Dark Elven Souls they had encountered before hadnt been too difficult to handle, they could still take care of them without him. But this time, they encountered such a ruthless one, his speed was so fast that they could only see a shadow, and his swordsmanship was so sharp that they would die if they were careless for a moment.

Yet, he didnt help, so what was he doing?

Enderfa was so overbearing, but before he could even get an explanation, a dense buzzing sound could be heard.

Then, everyone saw a large amount of arrows falling down like rain.

The dense rain of arrows sounded like a swarm of bees buzzing next to them. But in an instant, that buzzing turned into a sharp ear-piercing hiss.

Everyone had been relaxed after finishing their battle, thus they didnt react on time when met with that surprise attack.

Suddenly, a dozen Ice Shields appeared in front of them.

Every Ice Shield was over two meters long, and the dozen Ice Shields was tightly covering everyone as arrows collided against them, letting out clanking sounds.

After the Ice Shields dissipated, they all looked at the arrows on the ground.

The blue arrowheads had clearly been dipped into poison, and the shafts were using ten thousand years old Iron Trees specific to the God Nation. They were clearly aimed at their lives!

And it was obviously premeditated, happening right after the end of their battle, when they had lowered their guards!

Lin Yuns figure appeared in front of everyone, coldly looking at the shadows coming out of the forest.

The earth started shaking, as if the countless animals living within the forest were madly rushing over, at the same time, ear-piercing eagle-like Dragon Roars echoed in the sky.

By looking up, they could see several dozen Beastmen Flying Riders riding on Wyverns. These Wyverns were swooping down with their mouths wide open, spraying acidic liquid while the Flying Riders were throwing javelins dipped in poison.

Sharp sounds echoed. It was only a few dozen javelins, but they had the same amount of pressure as a rain of thousands of arrows.

These Beastman Flying Riders looked extremely fierce and they were taking advantage of the diving momentum to increase the power of their throws, piercing through the hard trees of the forest.

After being thrown, most of the javelins hit the ground, while the rest were stuck on trees, and the hit trees were withering at a rapid pace. The poison was spreading from the tip of the javelins like a stain.

Everyone was greatly alarmed, they were exhausted from a tiring fight, and if Lin Yun hadnt made a move, the flurry of arrow would have flustered them.

And then there was a follow-up javelin rain, every javelin throw was no different from an ordinary Sword Saints attack, the power was terrifying, and even the 2nd wave of Ice Shields released by Lin Yun were shattered.

As for the tireless alchemy puppet, it counterattacked the moment they were ambushed. A large amount of Frost Lances were thrown towards the sky, continuously colliding with the poisoned javelins.

Loud explosions echoed, but no spells managed to hit those extremely flexible Wyverns.

Less than two seconds had passed since the rain of arrows, and from the shadow of the trees, eight 3-meters-tall and 8-meters-long giant beasts rushed out.

The surface of their bodies seemed to be made of a greenish gray rock. These were Kodos, they looked similar to rhinoceroses, but their bodies were far bigger than rhinos, and the horn on their head seemed to be made of greenish gray steel and had a metal-like luster while being covered with magic patterns.

These Kodos were charging forward, making the earth shake on their way. Those steel trees were like paper in front of them, turning into fragments when pierced by their horns.

In two seconds, those eight Kodos swept the entire forest, creating a wide empty area. And on both sides of the group, a large amount of Beastmen appeared.

At the forefront were low level slaves, cannon fodders. But these cannon fodder Beastmen were at least level twenty. They kept cutting down trees as they advanced, constructing simple and crude fortifications.

In the back were a large amount of Ash Beastman Warlocks. Each Warlocks body had a thick Abyssal aura, and as these Ash Beastmen waved their hands, a large amount of Abyssal lifeforms were summoned, filling the surroundings with a thick sulfuric smell.

The sudden change startled Lin Yuns group since they hadnt been aware of the Ash Beastmens army surrounding them. Only Lin Yuns expression remained the same.

A five-meters-tall Kodo slowly walked out from the back of the opposing Ash Beastman army. On it were sitting two sneering Ash Beastmen.

That Kodo seemed to be very irascible. It looked like it felt that the area was too crowded after walking over and swallowed a few slaves in front of it in one bite. These Beastmen didnt even have time to let out a scream before being swallowed whole.

One of the Beastmen on the Kodos back was full of disdain as he shouted, "Kill them!"

A Beastman on a Kodos back swung a huge bone sledgehammer as he fiercely beat on a hide drum in front of him.

"Dong dong dong dong"

The loud sound echoed through the army as a visible soundwave spread, causing fierce changes to occur within the Beastmen. Their eyes turned red, and their bodies slightly swelled up, their flesh starting to expand a bit.

It wasnt just these Ash Beastmen, even the summoned Abyssal lifeforms were becoming irritable, the berserk aura spreading throughout the horizon.

In an instant, all of them had their strength raised by at least two levels!

And every single Beastman slaves power was raised by at least one level. Moreover, the summoned lifeforms were becoming even more berserk, and a few dozen Beastman slaves were devoured.

As for those few dozen Ash Beastman Warlocks, each one was over level 30, and they were releasing a large amount of Abyssal aura.

The berserk aura converged into a black demonic vortex, and the evil aura coming from the vortex once again increased the strength of every Beastman.

Those Beastman slaves brandished their weapons while roaring as they charged towards Lin Yuns group.

The leader sitting on the huge Kodo sinisterly chuckled and nodded.

These guys were consumables for the Ash Beastman Tribe, they had no talent. They could only make use of the Beastmen innate powerful body to fight. They ate too much and reproduced quickly. In any case, when fighting with their enemies, over half of these filthy slaves would die.

But these slaves had some benefits, they would use their lives to kill their opponents, and even the God Nation, thickest Exploding Bear wouldnt dare to face these frail slaves. These people would definitely die horrible deaths.

Our Demonic Warlock will keep summoning Abyssal lifeforms that will smash any opponent to death. Unfortunately for these people, they dont know that our trump card are those Wyvern. The chosen Flying Riders are the most powerful warriors of our tribe. Those poisoned javelins can even pierce through Exploding Bears.

These few frail humans had just went through a fight, helping us take care of those lowly Dark Elven Souls, they were clearly wounded in the process. Thats great, the mission will be complete once they are killed

The Beastman smiled, apparently already considering Lin Yuns group dead

But then, just as the wounded group was about to be submerged by the berserk army, Lin Yun sneered.

He waited until the other sides army had narrowed their encirclement to the limit before making a move. Lights suddenly shone in the forest as an alchemy array appeared on the ground. All runes seemed to be appearing out of thin air on the ground and on trees.

Some runes were even floating in the air, the array covered several hundred meters in an instant.

The first to feel the power of the array was those Flying Rider Beastmen treated as trump cards. One Wyvern after another dove down quickly with extreme speed, throwing poisoned javelins.

But suddenly, a Wyverns speed increased by 30%, just a few meters above them. A poisoned javelin thrown at this distance would definitely be extremely powerful.

But with the sudden acceleration, the Wyvern had no time to decelerate, and it also couldnt fly back up. The Wyvern let out an alarmed cry, but it could only stare blankly as the ground was getting closer and closer at an alarming speed


Loud bone crushing sounds echoed as the Wyvern, along with its rider, crashed into the ground, shattering more than half of their bones on impact.

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