End Of The Magic Era Chapter 739

Chapter 739 Stone Tablet Fragment


Only by following the prophecy could the Dark Elves regain their glory. This was their only guarantee for survival.

Lin Yun looked at this group of Dark Elves and really didnt know what to say. Despite having lived three lives and having knowledge transcending this era, he had never heard of the Dark Elves having a second master.

Great Elder

The Great Elder knelt on the ground with fear. Master, please call me Jiali, please accept that you are the master of the Dark Elves. We spent a century without being able to find a single trace of the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation, but after you came, you only needed a bit of time to return the Life Pattern Crystals Incarnation and make the Life Pattern Crystal undergo rebirth. This is the strongest proof!

The 2nd Elder also chimed in, Yes, Master, you saved the Dark Elves at their most critical time! This is in accordance with the prophecy, it definitely couldnt be wrong. You are our Master!

After the mention of the Life Pattern Crystal, the Great Elder seemed to remember something.

Master, please follow me!

Lin Yun followed the Great Elder into the Life Pattern Crystals small world, and the Great Elder pointed at the crystal before respectfully saying, Master, please put away the Life Pattern Crystal. In the prophecy, only the Dark Elves master could receive the Life Pattern Crystal. If you dont believe me, please have a go.

Lin Yun slightly frowned, pondering.

He had originally conjectured that the Great Elder only wanted to borrow him to leave the God Nation, but he hadnt expected that he was going to give him the Life Pattern Crystal, which was known to be the source of life and power of the Dark Elves.

This meant that the fate of the Dark Elves would be placed in his hands. That was a true vow of allegiance.

Lin Yun walked to the front of the Life Pattern Crystal and wondered where he should put it. He thought for a bit before chanting a word, and a Planar Path appeared in front of him. And as he reached towards the Life Pattern Crystal, something happened.

The entire Life Pattern Crystals world shrank and slowly turned illusory. It only took a few seconds for the small world to shimmer and shrink away before entering the Life Pattern Crystal.

The place where the Life Pattern Crystals small world overlapped with the God Nation also dissipated and Lin Yuns surroundings became empty, only the seven-colored Life Pattern Crystal remained.

And at this time, the Life Pattern Crystal flew off the ground and entered Lin Yuns Natural Demiplane. Without Lin Yun even controlling it, the Life Pattern Crystal settled in the most barren corner of the Demiplane before its world unfolded and overlapped with that area.

The entire Demiplane started changing, and the small world, which was over a hundred kilometers wide, started expanding again. The worlds Laws also developed slightly faster.

That desolate corner of the Natural Demiplane turned into a lush and flourishing forest with the Life Pattern Crystal remaining in its depths.

The Great Elder, who was behind Lin Yun, was stunned as he saw that scene.

You You already have a plane with developed Laws! Master, its really you! Its definitely you! Apart from the Dark Elves Master, no one could control the Life Pattern Crystal!

As he watched this happen, Lin Yun could no longer deny it even if he wanted to. All the Dark Elves were kneeling behind him, their faces filled with fanatical expressions.

He held the Dark Elves lifeline, and the powerhouses of the Dark Elven Race, one of whom was a Heaven Rank Mage, had already acknowledged it. Lin Yun was no longer skeptical and unhesitantly nodded. With a serious tone, he told the Great Elder, I, Mafa Merlin, accept the Dark Elves allegiance!

Instantly, the entire area echoed with cheers.

If not suppressed by the Great Elder, these crazy Dark Elves might have truly lost their minds. Following the disappearance of the Life Pattern Crystals small world, even the damage dealt to the crystal itself was restored, and the weak state of all Dark Elves disappeared. They even felt a bit stronger, as if their foundation had strengthened. Experiencing this feeling for the first time made the Dark Elves go wild.

With great difficulties, the Dark Elves were completely dismissed and Lin Yun found the opportunity to ask Jiali the question he was most concerned about.

Jiali, do the Dark Elves have a path leading to the peak of the Wisdom Tree?

Jiali nodded with a troubled expression. Master, there is such a path, but it is currently blocked

Blocked? Lin Yun exclaimed.

This was something important relating to Constances skull. If he hadnt needed Constances skull, he would have already advanced to the Archmage realm. He had been suppressing his power all along and would have already broken through at any moment if he was careless. He didnt even dare to meditate lately because he wouldnt be able to keep it suppressed if he wasnt careful during meditation.

But he just heard that this passage leading to the top of the Wisdom Tree was already blocked. How could he accept that?

He had racked his brain, spent a lot of effort, and taken so many risks, all that for Constances skull. But even now when he was hearing that it couldnt be obtained, how could he give up on it!?

Just as Lin Yun was about to ask for some details, the 2nd Elder rushed over. Great Elder, its not good, the Ash Beastman Tribes Tribal Chief and the Firerock Dwarf Clans Clan Head came together

The Great Elder bowed towards Lin Yun and said, Master, please wait a moment. Ill handle this matter.

But before the Great Elder could move, an angry voice loudly echoed, Who dares block my path! F*ck off!

A fierce and despotic aura spread from outside, and the three of them watched as two shadows entered the main hall.

One of them was a 2.5-meter-tall typical Ash Beastman with ash-gray skin covered with bloody scar-like magic patterns. Even his bald head and cheeks were covered in numerous magic patterns.

This tyrannical Ash Beastman was baring his scar-filled upper body and exposing terrifying, rock-like muscles. It was like his body was cast out of steel and his arms were as thick as Lin Yuns waist, while his clenched fists were almost comparable to an ordinary persons head.

Each step he took made the ground tremble, and just a twitch of his muscles was enough to make space faintly fluctuate around them.

One glance was enough to see that this guys strength was terrifying

Jialis expression changed as he faintly said, Gulidan, I didnt expect you to have also advanced to the Heaven Rank.

The Ash Beastmans Tribal Chief Gulidan was the most powerful Beastman among the past generations of Beastmen. His bloodline power was formidable, and he also possessed the casting abilities of the Ash Beastman Warlocks while being a powerful Sword Saint.

Moreover, it looked like his body was bursting with power to the point of making space fluctuate. He had definitely become a Heaven Sword Saint!

Jiali! Dont think you are amazing because you luckily advanced to the Heaven Rank! If you dont give me an explanation today, Ill tear your Dark Elven Clan apart!

Gulidan flew into a rage, the vibration of his voice making the entire hall shake. The surging power even caused spatial cracks to appear on Gulidans body. But even these thin cracks were unable to injure Gulidan.

Gulidans furious roar made the power of the Heaven Rank surge from his body and create gales. The surrounding space couldnt bear the heavy burden and distorted.

Jiali ignored Gulidan and turned to look at the person on the other side.

That person was less than 1.5 meters tall, but he was terrifyingly well-built. His entire body was like a lump of iron. He was also wearing a luxurious vest made of the softest level 39 Tigers belly fur and had a long, fiery-red beard that was tied into three braids. His skin was deep red like it was heated up, and he indeed kept emitting heat as he stood on the spot, raising the temperature of the hall considerably.

Moreover, he was carrying a warhammer that was over a meter long on his back and stood there like a volcano, ready to burst with the most terrifying power at any time.

The Clan Head of the Firerock Dwarves, Harris!

Harris, I wonder why you have come to the Dark Elven Clan. Arent you usually delving in forging studies?

Harris opened his eyes and snorted coldly, Jiali, I hadnt expected you to also reach the Heaven Rank, but you have to give me an explanation. Why have your Dark Elves attacked our Firerock Dwarves? Dont think that we are easy to bully just because we arent fond of wars!

After saying those words, Harris stamped his foot and the ground started shaking violently. A web of cracks spread from under his foot and wisps of lightning started flickering on the warhammer he carried on his back, instantly emitting a powerful aura.

The roof of the hall was sent flying by that aura before disintegrating.

Jiali faced the two Heaven Rank powerhouses without a single bit of fear, smiling instead.

Gulidan, Harris, dont worry too much about these trifling matters. Do you have your races prophecies on you?

Gulidan coldly snorted, I naturally carry my Tribes prophecy with me! This is a great secret concerning our Ash Beastman Race regaining its former glory, so as the Tribal Chief, I would naturally safeguard it at all times!

Gulidans tone wasnt very good, but he still suppressed his original anger. He wouldnt dare to be careless when it related to his Tribes prophecy. He would have plenty of time to teach Jiali a lesson later. In any case, they were all stuck in this God Nation, so there was nowhere to run.

Harris noticed Jialis assured appearance, recalled something as the prophecy was mentioned, and immediately took out a fragment of a stone tablet out.

Gulidan similarly took out a piece of a stone tablet, as did Jiali himself.

What are you thinking? Harris doubtfully asked.

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