End Of The Magic Era Chapter 740

Chapter 740 Calamity


Jiali said with a serious expression, "Our three races prophecies are carved into three pieces of a stone tablet, and parts of their contents are overlapping. They are also made of the same material."

Gulidan answered with disdain, "So what if the material is the same? Do you think the three fragments can be put together? You think our predecessors didnt try it?"

Although Harris didnt say anything, he had the same doubts.

Jiali smiled. "Gulidan, Harris, you both advanced to the Heaven Rank recently, didnt you? Do you still remember how long it had been since our clans had Heaven Rank powerhouses? No one was sure why no one could advance to that realm, but shouldnt you be able to understand now?"

Gulidan and Harris silently nodded. After advancing to the Heaven Rank, they knew that this wasnt due to their talent being insufficient, but rather because of this God Nation.

The God Nation was dying alongside the Wisdom Tree, slowly deteriorating. It was just that the Wisdom Trees foundation was very good, making the rate of decay very slow, but it was enough to hinder them from advancing to the Heaven Rank.

Jiali faintly smiled. "Something happened in the God Nation recently, allowing the three of us to grab this rare opportunity to advance to the Heaven Rank, and I believe that it would also create a change in our three races prophecies!"

Jiali tossed his fragment in the air.

Gulidan and Harris glanced at each other before also throwing their fragments into the air.

When the three fragments were close enough, something happened

Rays of light burst out from the three fragments before turning into a sphere of blinding light that wrapped the fragments inside.

The Heaven Rank powerhouses relied on their formidable power to watch what was happening.

The three completely uneven pieces of stone that didnt look like they could fit into each other unexpectedly started fusing together and formed a new stone tablet.

It was a brand new stone tablet over 1.5 meters tall and almost a meter wide!

The characters of the original prophecies dissipated as a new prophecy was continuously being assembled.

Seeing this scene, the three Heaven Rank powerhouses couldnt help feeling pleasantly surprised, and they gathered their auras within their bodies in fear of disturbing the evolution of the prophecy.

The three of them even tacitly spread around the stone tablet in a triangular formation to protect it.

Slowly, the new prophecy appeared on the stone tablet.

But it wasnt made of ancient runes It looked more like a screen

The stone tablet floated in the air, and a silhouette appeared on the screen. It was a human wearing a mage robe, holding a scepter in his right hand and an ancient book in his left. Behind him, there was a huge shadow.

That huge shadow was emitting outstanding pressure even though it was only a picture.

Seeing this shadow, Jiali, Gulidan, and Harris couldnt help letting out in alarm, "Wisdom God!"

But the three Heaven Rank powerhouses suppressed their emotions and kept watching.

That man stood in front of a gate and reached his hand out to push it open, letting countless rays of light surge from that entrance.

They saw a completely different world on the other side of it. It was a world without boundaries.

Lin Yun recognized it with one glance: It was Noscent!

The light on the screen slightly dissipated, and the scene changed angles. Behind that person were countless Dark Elves, Ash Beastmen, and Firerock Dwarves.

The God Nations three great races were all cheering and roaring with fierce momentum. Through this scene, the three Heaven Rank powerhouses could feel the happiness coming from their hearts.

At this time, the human, who had only shown his back, turned his head and held out his hand to suppress the cheers of the three great races, getting them to quiet down.

The scene then completely disappeared.

But at that time, Jiali, Gulidan, and Harris all turned their heads towards Lin Yun because of the shock they got at the end. The person that turned and exposed his face looked exactly like Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was baffled, feeling rather bemused by was going on.

Jiali was very emotional. As expected! I knew I wasnt wrong, its really Master! But I really didnt expect the prophecy to change and change from ancient runes into a screen, let alone showing Masters face so clearly!

The Dark Elves can finally break through this huge cage!

Gulidan and Harris watched Lin Yun very attentively. They had noticed Lin Yun when they came in, but they also felt puzzled.

How could a human appear there? But he seemed too weak and not worth paying attention to. But now that they discovered that Lin Yun was the person in the prophecy, the two of them were startled.

"Jiali, hurry up and explain! Whats going on?"

"Jiali, whats going on? You definitely know something we dont!"

Jiali didnt hide anything and directly mentioned the Dark Elves secret. "You should know that the prophecies our three great races obtained were different. The prophecy written on the Dark Elves fragment was the most complete prophecy and had been hidden from the start.

"Our clans ancestor once said that the hidden prophecy foretold that one day, a human would pass through the God Nations barrier and reach this place, and he would bring us back to the land of our ancestors, Noscent!"

Gulidan immediately exploded when he heard that. "What! You mean that the gate that appeared in that scene led to the legendary world of Noscent? Haha, I knew it! When I saw that gate, I knew that it was the one in our Tribes prophecy!"

Harris could hardly speak. He could hardly suppress his emotions, and his beard was trembling because of his excitement. With shivering hands, he took a flask of wine at his waist and cleanly drank it in one breath before calming down a bit.

The two of them couldnt help themselves.

Gulidans muscles were shaking all over, and his eyes were fiercely watching Lin Yun. That human is the one that can lead us back to Noscent, Noscent world, ah! That legendary Noscent!

Heavens! By our ancestors! I can actually fulfill the wishes of our ancestors and see Noscent with my own two eyes, I can personally step into Noscents earth! Right, that was called earth?

It was said that that place had endless grasslands on which the Wolf Riders could willfully rush about without even seeing their end, and the sky was said to be boundlessly tall and wide, which would allow the Wyvern Flying Riders to flutter freely in the sky.

It was also said that they could eat and be satiated without even finishing their plates! Our tribe wont have to be famished anymore, no one would starve to death anymore, no more Ash Beastmen would turn thin and weak, like the Dark Elves, because of starvation.

Most importantly, wed be able to leave this damned God Nation, leave this damned cage!

The brave warriors of the Ash Beastman Tribe would no longer die because they couldnt advance to the Heaven Rank, and Id no longer be stuck in this realm anymore, allowing me to keep growing stronger!!

Gulidans eyes were red and looked just like a hungry wolf fiercely watching Lin Yun, making cold sweat trickle down Lin Yuns back.

Meanwhile, Harris was drooling while looking at Lin Yun.

Noscent world, that legendary boundless world with endless resources. All the materials recorded in the Clans records can be found there, and in large quantities!

Our Clan only has three pieces of Meteorite Magic Iron remaining, and from what was written in the ancient records, that metal is no different from a stone picked up on the roadside in Noscent!

And there are even more valuable materials in Noscent that would make a Dwarf ecstatic. The forging skills in that world of boundless materials must be formidable.

Ever since I advanced to the Heaven Rank, there havent been many new forging skills I was able to use. Wouldnt I be able to try them all in Noscent?

This damned God Nation is so barren that even a chunk of Meteorite Magic Iron cant be found, its impeding my progress! I cant fully use my skills, and it would be a disaster if it ended there.

No, I must leave this cage, I must go to Noscent. I cant let my clansmen meet the wall of the Heaven Rank, and I also cant let them be restricted forever in terms of crafting materials.

No matter the price, I have to lead my clansmen to leave this place and go to Noscent!

Gulidan was staring with red eyes while Harris was giggling and drooling.

On the side, Jiali wasnt laughing at their expressions. No one understood the importance of being able to leave more than them. This was the only opportunity for these three great races to rise again, or it might be better to say that it was the only opportunity for the three Great Races to not go extinct in the future.

This was also the only opportunity for the three Heaven Rank powerhouses to keep getting stronger!

After reaching the Heaven Rank, they understood that this huge God Nation was, in fact, a huge cage!

It was a cage trapping the three great races!

Gulidan and Harris didnt take long before they recovered, and both of them were smiling broadly as they looked at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun felt even more cold sweat trickling down his back as he thought, Are these two really Heaven Rank powerhouses?

But Lin Yun also understood how attractive Noscents world was to these three races. It was a deadly temptation.

At this time, Jiali frowned and said, "But I remember the ancestor saying one more thing He mentioned that when that day arrived, a calamity would also appear. But I dont understand."

Gulidan shook his head. "I also dont get it, what kind of disaster can baffle us in the God Nation now that weve advanced?"

"I cant think of it," Harrison said.

But before they could think about it, a loud roar echoed outside the clan.

The three Heaven Rank powerhouses had the sharpest senses and immediately reacted.

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