End Of The Magic Era Chapter 758

Chapter 758 Giant


The origin of all wisdom and the limit of all wisdom, a complete equilibrium that was equivalent to a small sealed world in which only wisdom could answer It was the only method to strengthen ones own wisdom and beliefs.

There were no landmarks, no time, no sound, and even the air seemed to be gone. Slowly, Lin Yun became paler and paler. From a youth, he turned into a middle-aged man, his robe becoming worn out from the passage of time.

Even after an unknown amount of time, Lin Yuns footsteps had yet to stop. His hair had turned white and he looked quite old, his body stooped over.

The only constant was the staunch belief in his muddy eyes.

The power of wisdom What was the power of wisdom? That wasnt a simple spell. It also wasnt alchemy. Rather, it was a kind of mystery piercing through ones soul.

Just as Lin Yuns clothing was completely shattered, his skin became full of old wrinkles and he was about to drop the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Book of Mantras. His footsteps became even more arduous and the aura of life was about to thoroughly dissipate, when a wisp of a different aura suddenly appeared in those muddy eyes The staunch belief fused with a wisp of wisdom.

From life to death, all the wisdom was comprehended by Lin Yun. All the knowledge converged together and turned into an indescribable transformation. It was the kind that could only be felt and not explained.


In an instant, the endless radiant path changed. The perfectly straight path twisted and turned into a continuously looping circle.

At the center of the circle was a ball of light that seemed to hold all of the worlds wisdom.

Lin Yuns muddy eyes became bright, his stooped body became straight once again, and he regained his youth. There was no longer any trace of his aged appearance, as even his robe had recovered.

As Lin Yun looked at the ball of light a drop of cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

So close! Had I not known beforehand, I might not have been able to follow that radiant path. Without absolute resolve, no one could see the Wisdom Gods skull.

After some time, Lin Yuns stupefied expression slowly recovered. Just now, it looked like decades and centuries had passed. Strictly speaking, it might have only been a day or two.

If he hadnt walked that path from beginning to end, he would basically have been stuck in this plane with no chance of ever getting out.

He didnt know how much time had passed, but Lin Yun felt that he had recovered to his peak. In fact, because of that endless path of light, his mind and soul seemed to have settled down, helping him reach an unprecedented state of enlightenment. Hed only need one thought to step into the Archmage realm.

Lin Yun took a deep breath and walked towards that ball of light with endless colors. With each step, the ball of light became bigger and bigger, and by the time he appeared in front of it, the light already spanned several kilometers.

Lin Yun didnt hesitate and directly stepped into the ball of light.

In an instant, the surroundings turned into a boundless void, and the endless profound runes within the void looked like stars.

As Lin Yun walked to this point, an uncountable number of runes seemed to have turned insane and crazily poured into Lin Yuns body.

A terrifying galaxy of runes spanning through the entire void violently rushed into Lin Yuns head.

Lin Yun instantly became pale, his expression distorting from pain.

This was the fusion of the knowledge, ideas, and power remaining within Constances skull.

Sweat was dripping down Lin Yuns forehead and his body was soaked as if it had been raining.

It was extremely troublesome He hadnt expected the remnants of thoughts left behind in Constances skull to be so formidable.

Lin Yun instantly lost control over his body and his consciousness turned inward.

There was an endless space within his consciousness. And in front of Lin Yun, a giant that was over ten kilometers tall suddenly appeared, seemingly made of the convergence of endless runes. Lin Yun stood under his feet but couldnt see his face even by looking up.

The giant took one step, and the boundless space started crumbling. The space itself seemed unable to bear the power behind that giants step.

Lin Yun already felt out of breath from the pressure. The space behind the giant already crumbled, and the other half was still in the process of crumbling.

Lin Yun knew that this was Constances skull trying to occupy his body and crush his soul. This was the power left behind by Constance, the power of a God!

Even a tiny amount, small to the point of being almost invisible, would turn out to be a ten-kilometer-tall giant in his consciousness, while Lin Yun himself was very small.

Lin Yun didnt show the slightest change in expression as he looked at the giant and extended a finger.

He no longer had any choice. He either had to defeat this giant made of runes, or his soul would be crushed and his body would be occupied by Constances skull.

A simple Fireball appeared in front of Lin Yuns finger and flew at the giant.


A clear sound echoed, just like a small firecracker exploding. The Fireball explosion only blew up one of the runes on the giant.

And this seemed to have thoroughly offended that giant. In an instant, the giant raised his arm, and the boundless runes in his body surged forth, making the space shake.

Slowly, over five kilometers of space cracked like a mirror, putting more pressure on Lin Yun.

Lin Yun smiled as he suddenly faced the collapse of that entire world.

"This is my consciousness, I am the ruler."

Countless sounds came from Lin Yuns mouth, and each of them became tangible as they flew out. In an instant, the space in front of Lin Yun seemed to have been severed by a sharp blade.

Lin Yuns location was an area of three meters that had been forcibly cut off!

But that area managed to withstand the entire spatial collapse. The giant angrily roared as he shrank the entire shattered world towards himself, apparently intending to use collapse the world to constrict Lin Yun to death.

Lin Yun was pale, but his eyes were shining brightly.

This was his consciousness. Although even the remnants of a Gods power would be too much for Lin Yun to resist, he was the ruler of this space. This area of three meters that hed carved out was his final resolve, his final belief, the fusion of his wisdom and consciousness.

As long as he didnt give up, Constances skull wouldnt be able to crush him to death for a while.

"Here, as long as I have the understanding and knowledge, I can fully use spells I dont normally have the power to cast. Here, as long as I understand the secrets of a God, I am this places God!" Lin Yuns eyes shone.

This space of three meters was in imminent crisis and kept shaking as if it was about to be shattered anytime.

Lin Yun extended his hand and sent a ruthless slash towards that crazily attacking giant. In an instant, a jet-black crack appeared within the shattered space and the void.

A several-hundred-meter-wide Space Rending Blade appeared!

The Space Rending Blade cut everything in its way. Even the shattered space was forcibly sliced apart Nothing could resist it.

Everything here was part of Lin Yuns consciousness, so he could change everything about it with one thought as long as he had enough willpower.

That shattered void was only the part that the huge giant had managed to forcibly snatch. How could it stop Lin Yun, the true ruler of this place?

The pitch-black Space Rending Blade ruthlessly cut off the giants fingertip, and the moment it was severed, the fingertip fell apart, turning into a flood of runes with no time to reattach to the giant.

Enormous pitch-black hands appeared in the shattered space and ignored it as they ferociously grabbed at the flood of runes.

As the runes merged with Lin Yuns three-meter-wide space, knowledge and countless secrets flowed into Lin Yuns mind.

His isolated piece of space rapidly grew to take up several hundred meters, and the space originally tottering on the brink of destruction had become a lot steadier.

The giant angrily shouted as his fingertip was reforming, but his body was a meter smaller now.

This time, the giant gave up on using the shattered space to deal with Lin Yun. Boundless runes converged within his huge palm and transformed into a sun-like ball. Its blazing light turned into a beam that ruthlessly shot towards the space Lin Yun controlled.

In an instant, the space under Lin Yuns control shook, and small spatial cracks kept appearing as if that space was about to collapse.

Lin Yun frowned a bit and a sound came out of his mouth. This was a character from the Book of Death and was the one used to stabilize Planar Paths.

All the spatial cracks disappeared as that rune appeared above Lin Yuns head. That could be classified as Extraordinary Power!

Within Lin Yuns consciousness, as long as Lin Yun fully understood it, any power could be used.

With the appearance of that rune, his control over that space thoroughly stabilized, and the giants frantic bombardment was completely ineffective.

The giant controlled the endless space, but he couldnt control the last few hundred meters.

Now that he had enough defenses, Lin Yuns eyes turned cold.

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