End Of The Magic Era Chapter 767

Chapter 767 Earthquake


With the combined abilities of the two races, he was difficult to deal with. After sensing that Suvals mana and death power could transform back and forth, Lin Yun knew that an ordinary fatal injury would have no effect on Suval.

Unless he was destroyed all at once, that monster couldnt be killed.

The previous spells looked as if they were driving Suval somewhere so that he could be surrounded and annihilated. Everyone thought so, and even Suval thought so.

But no one had expected that this was all preparation to prod Suval into fully using Ghost Incarnation to escape through the path Lin Yun had prepared.

Those piercing Frost Spikes had also been meticulously cast by Lin Yun in order to numb Suval and make him think that being chilled a bit wouldnt matter.

This was all in order to reduce Suvals speed, because that last spell was a bit slow.

No one had noticed that the runes surging from the wheel had greatly exceeded what was needed to cast the spells hed used

It was because the majority of Lin Yuns power was used to cast another spell!

Touch of Life!

It was the spell that had appeared previously in the Night Valley after the heart had been roused.

It had no offensive use, nor any defensive use.

Its greatest effect was to lower the defense of an Undead being by one to ten levels!

If cast by a Heaven Rank Mage, under the prerequisite that the spell was comprehended to its peak, it could make the defenses drop by the full ten levels!

When used on living people, it could somewhat increase their manas liveliness and sharpen their minds.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun suffered from the Language Curse and couldnt chant any incantations, so he had to spend a dozen seconds to gather runes from the wheel shadow to cast that spell.

And that spell was too slow. In a normal situation, it couldnt hit the terrifyingly fast Suval.

But a series of traps and encirclements made Suval jump into the trap.

Not only was his speed reduced, but to ensure that the Touch of Life would hit, Lin Yun even forced Suval to use Ghost Incarnation and increase the spells power by 50%.

Then, he had that terrifying death.

Originally, it would have made the defenses of Suvals skeletal body drop from level 39 to level 36, but with the extra effect, it made his skeletal body drop to level 34.

Even if his mana wasnt weakened, his body already couldnt end up the surging death power Especially since Suval was only half-undead. His body instantly turned into a mess, giving enough time for Lin Yun to release Starfire and burn his skeletal body.

With the skeletal body destroyed, the balance was thoroughly broken. And how could the human side withstand coming into contact with the Starfire?

What could be described as an undead monster ended up burnt to cinders.

All of this happened too quickly.

All the onlookers were stunned.

Elsa and the 2nd Elder had their mouths wide open. They couldnt understand what was going on and wondered how that monster could be burnt to death so fast.

Weiss stared foolishly, feeling stunned in front of that calm battlefield.

What the hell? Whats up with that spell? Heavens, Mafa Merlin is actually that powerful? Even a monster like Suval died at his hands?

Ugh, I forgot to escape

Weiss reacted after seeing the blazing white flames dissipate. Suval was killed, and the Firerock Dwarves I brought were all captured. If I stay, I wont be able to escape the fate of becoming a prisoner

Weiss turned, and just as a wisp of mana surged from his body, an unhurried voice echoed in front of him.

"Sir Weiss, are you planning on going somewhere?"

Weiss raised his head and saw Lin un floating in the air with the shadow of a huge wheel behind him. A light was also flickering at the tip of his Draconic Staff.

And in the surroundings, a large group of Dark Elves and Ash Beastmen with terrible expressions were moving to surround him. Mana fluctuations surged from everyone.

Let alone the Ash Beastmen and Lin Yuns subordinates, even just the Dark Elves had two 9th Rank Archmage powerhouses!

Damn, Im screwed this time Panic could be seen on Weiss face.

He promptly raised his head and said, "I surrender I surrender, Sir Merlin, dont attack. I truly wish to sincerely cooperate with you. You also saw how crazy that lunatic was, he already went insane"

The wheel behind Lin Yun slowly dissipated as he landed on the ground.

He glanced at Weiss and said, "What about Falton? Whats going on with the Firerock Dwarven Clan?"

Weiss knew that it would do him no good to hide the truth. He might even be torn to pieces by the Dark Elves if this didnt go well. Moreover, there was nothing to hide.

"Sir Merlin, I was sincere earlier. Sir Falton is unimaginably powerful right now. It is true that you are strong, strong beyond my expectations, but you are still far from being Sir Faltons opponent.

"After we reached the God Nation, we immediately made contact with the Firerock Dwarves, and Sir Falton helped them excavate some ruins. He obtained a stroke of fortune and got all the benefits.

"At that time, Suval also resurrected into that monster. As for me, I only gained a few rewards and advanced to the peak of the 8th Rank. All of you together wouldnt be able to face Sir Falton."

Hearing Weiss bragging about Falton so much, the gloomy Zeuss could no longer bear with it.

In the battle against the Oracchis, he had been tricked by Falton and almost died to the Oracchis. Later, in the Intrepid, his clansmen also died because the monster impersonated Falton, leaving Zeuss as the only survivor, and crippled, at that. The resentment he felt was enormous.

"Where is that trashy dogsh*t Falton? Where? Ill tear him apart! This matter isnt over, the Black Tower shall await the reprisal of the Watson Family!" Zeuss roared.

If not for Xiuban holding him back, Zeuss might have already attacked Weiss.

Weiss glanced at the emotional Zeuss and smiled bitterly, but he wasnt afraid.

"Sir Falton already controls the entire Firerock Dwarven Clan. I believe the Dark Elves know about Jasker? He was the Firerock Dwarves number two powerhouse, and he had already submitted to Sir Falton. The Firerock Dwarven Clan from top to bottom is completely under Sir Faltons control.

"Moreover, the most important part is that Sir Falton already obtained one of the inheritances from this worlds greatest ruler. He is already an existence that can only be looked up to. He is now in some ruins at the peak of the Wisdom Tree. As for the details, I dont really know. I only know one thing. He said with certainty that once he came out of the ruins, he would become a Heaven Rank powerhouse." Weiss sincerely told all he knew.

As he said those last words, Lin Yuns expression greatly changed, becoming much more severe.

Damnit, that wretched Falton is going to create a disaster!

As this thought passed through Lin Yuns mind, the earth started violently shaking.

"Earthquake?" Xiuban exclaimed in fear, before seeing Lin Yun flying up while looking extremely displeased.

It looked like the entire Wisdom Tree was shaking.

Lin Yun frowned after using Eagle Sight.

He could see the domed sky crumbling everywhere. The huge branches were continuously collapsing and breaking due to some huge power.

The continents made of leaves and branches kept collapsing and broke apart into huge fragments falling towards the ground.

The shaking spread over hundreds of kilometers, and with Eagle Sight, he could see all the areas that had been broken.

The originally complicated and tangled environment had become much more open due to continents falling down.

The Wisdom Trees several-kilometer-thick branches broke and fell, and the parts blocking their lines of sight disappeared.

Suddenly, in a distant place overhead, a large fragment that was dozens of kilometers wide started falling down.

A deafening rumble echoed, and after a while, they could see, through dust and debris, that the fragment had fallen ten kilometers, just to be supported by two thick branches of the Wisdom Tree. Moreover, the bottom of that fragment was also supported by smaller branches of the Wisdom Tree.

Thus, they had managed to avoid being crushed by the fragment.

"Hahahaha" A deafening, booming voice echoed.

But even though the savage laughter came from a dozen kilometers away, it could be heard clearly in the Dark Elven Clan.

There was a wisp of Heaven Rank aura coming from there, and it could clearly be sensed from such a great distance. That kind of wild and unconcealed aura absolutely couldnt be mistaken.

Lin Yun instantly took out of the Book of Mantras, and lights slowly shone from it.

"2nd Elder, Flame Dragon, immediately gather all the Dark Elves and Ash Beastmen. Everyone has to be there! Hurry up, go as fast as possible!"

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