End Of The Magic Era Chapter 768

Chapter 768 Extraordinary Magic Tool


Lin Yun gave his order with a grave expression. This made the 2nd Elder and the Flame Dragon Warlord immediately feel the seriousness of the matter, especially when they felt the aura of the Heaven Rank in the distance. Even from such a distance, they couldnt help feeling somewhat powerless.

Lin Yun ground his teeth and used Flight to rapidly fly in that direction. Because he could already see that this huge fragment was actually the Firerock Dwarven Clan. There was a statue of a huge, square-shaped hammer over a hundred meters tall. And on top of the hammer was the sign of the Firerock Dwarven Clan.

Besides this, he could still some signs of activity within the clan.

After flying halfway, Lin Yun could see that the Firerock Dwarven Clan seemed to have suffered from a calamity. Although their clan hadnt been completely shattered, there were many cracks over the ground.

The buildings were continuously collapsing, and wails and shouts echoed throughout the entire clan.

Moreover, there was a figure floating above the Firerock Dwarven Clan, and it was none other than Falton.

But this time, Falton didnt have his patient and calmly enduring attitude. He was like a crazy villain as he laughed heartily while facing upward.

One after another, ripples spread from his body in all directions like tides. Elements were converging in his surroundings, transforming into small fairies of all kinds of colors, dancing around and cheering. The elements activity had reached the extremes, and above his head, circles of elements converged into a rainbow.

Heaven Rank!

Falton had actually advanced to the Heaven Rank, making Lin Yuns expression become even more unsightly. The Book of Mantras in his right hand suddenly shone.

There were no leaves or branches blocking the way above the Firerock Dwarven Clan. There was only an enormous hole piercing through to the sky.

Falton kept crazily laughing, and his aura only stabilized at the Heaven Rank after the multi-colored fairies dissipated.

Then, Falton did something horrible.

He waved his hand towards the Firerock Dwarven Clan, and he gathered all the magic elements above them in an instant.

The powerful magic elements frantically converged and formed a huge, four-colored sphere of light that bursting with chaotic elements.

Then, this elemental sphere fell into the center of the Firerock Dwarven Clan.

Lin Yuns expression turned grim as the Dwarves all started trying to flee outside the clan in alarm.

Heaven Rank, that was the power of the Heaven Rank.

The sphere of light irresistibly fell to the center of the Firerock Dwarven Clan.


The entire world seemed to turn silent at this moment, before a huge mushroom cloud rose in the middle of the clan.

The fierce elemental power formed an elemental storm, and with the Firerock Dwarven Clan as the center, it spread into the surroundings.

Countless buildings were shattered in mere seconds, many Firerock Dwarves and livestock were blown like dead leaves, sent flying in all directions after that shockwave. Most of the Firerock Dwarves were torn to pieces in midair.

The fragment spanning several dozen kilometers also started shattering, and a piece over twenty kilometers in length broke off and fell towards the ground.

Fortunately, the rest of the fragment didnt fall, but the ground was being overturned as if there was a huge Earthworm below.

A disaster had truly befallen the Firerock Dwarves

The flames were burning, and the entire clan had turned into a sea of fire. There was a constant flow of Dwarves rushing out of the clan, but even more of them were unable to make it out of the clan.

Cracks over ten meters in width instantly swallowed everything above them as they gaped open before suddenly closing up and crushing everything.

Countless fragments fell down onto a flat area and formed a several-hundred-meter-tall hill.

The Firerock Dwarves that successfully escaped the clan only dared to turn their heads when the calamity began to subside somewhat.

The large hammer statue that symbolized the glory of the Firerock Dwarves had already disappeared, and over half of the clan had been turned to ashes. Only a part of the ruins could still be faintly recognized.

One hit!

The Firerock Dwarven Clan had been destroyed!

The remaining Firerock Dwarves bitterly wept and knelt on the ground in despair, and they could still see Falton hovering above the ruins.

"Falton! You b*stard, you fiend, how could you do this!?"

"Our Clan Head trusted you and treated you as if you were his own brother! How could you do this?"

"Demon! You are a Demon! Youll suffer the punishment of our God Nation for destroying our clan!"

"B*stard, you forgot who saved you! Our Clan Head trusted you so much, you cant even be compared to a Demon!"

"Kill! Kill him! That Demon destroyed our clan, we should kill him even if we die!"

The disaster had come so suddenly, causing the surroundings of the clan to start disintegrating and collapsing. Fortunately, their clan was situated on one of the biggest branches of the Wisdom Tree, and it was exempt from the danger of shattering.

But no one had actually expected that Falton would destroy the Firerock Dwarven Clan.

The Firerock Dwarves were going crazy. Regardless of their power, they all took out their mallets or grabbed whatever they could and threw them at Falton with terrifying power.

Wisps of lightning could be seen on the mallets, but the lightning from all the attacks converged together, combining their power.

It looked as if a kilometer-wide river of lightning had appeared, tearing through the sky as it charged towards Falton.

Falton kept laughing as he casually waved his hand, condensing a hand that easily covered over a kilometer of area.

The large hand swatted the lightning like it was a fly and made it scatter in an instant. Those countless lightning mallets were shattered into small pieces that fell powerlessly.

The giant hand didnt look damaged in the slightest.

"Silly midgets. Destroying your clan? Haha, you are overestimating yourselves, you are unworthy. Let me tell you, your clan is just that fragile.

"I only want the thing below your clan and your clan happens to be in the way. You fools dared to attack me, it looks like you want to be exterminated!"

Although Falton said that, he didnt look angry. Instead, he was smiling leisurely.

Falton controlled the large hand to go to the ruins of the Firerock Dwarven Clan, and the solid ground was parted like sand.

The hand firmly grasped the ground, and the earth started fiercely shivering. Then, the hand fiercely thrust into the ground and took out a several-hundred-meter-wide sphere.

That sphere seemed weightless in that huge hand. Suddenly the hand ruthlessly tightened its grip.

That sphere loudly exploded in an instant, and countless fragments flew in all directions. A small light appeared out of nowhere from the center of the sphere.

All the fragments dissipated, and only a small sphere of light emitting a glaring radiance remained in the hand.

Falton laughed heartily, a mix of excitement and self-satisfaction on his face.

"It was really here!"

The large hand brought the light back to Falton, and as Falton grabbed the light, a horrifying mana fluctuation wreaked havoc in the surroundings like a storm.

It was as if an elemental storm had appeared in the several kilometers around Falton, growing as time passed. The storm was connecting heaven and earth, and everything within it was torn to shreds.

Lin Yun, who hadnt arrived yet, let out a deep breath.

An Extraordinary Magic Tool! Damn, its actually an Extraordinary Magic Tool!

Seeing this terrifying power, cold sweat trickled down Lin Yuns back.

Faltons laughter could faintly be heard within that terrifying storm. Lin Yun knew that this was the Extraordinary Magic Tool Falton wanted to control.

This is the last opportunity! Once Falton has his hands free, no one will be able to contend against a Heaven Rank powerhouse with an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

He would be able to destroy the Dark Elven Race and the Ash Beastman Race by himself, and even Lin Yuns group wouldnt be able to resist for more than ten seconds!

Flee This is the only method, we have to flee this God Nation.

Lin Yun grabbed the Book of Mantras, and the light it emitted became glaring.

Lin Yun looked once more at the raging storm before steeling himself and focusing on the Book of Mantras.

The Firerock Dwarven Clan had already been completely destroyed, and the remaining Firerock Dwarves were frantically running towards this side. That terrifying storm was just like a natural disaster wreaking havoc. If they were just a bit too slow, they would be torn apart by the storm.

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