Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 1507

Chapter 1507 Checking Her Phone 2

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Knowing that Mu Xiaoxiao would really hang up. Feng Shengyang called out in the end, unable to control himself.

Its me.

His voice was light and low.

On the other side of the phone, Mu Xiaoxiao paused.

The two sides stayed silent.

Feng Shengyang didnt know if she had guessed it was him or not. He thought that she would have immediately hung up if she knew it were him. Should he be a little happy?

At least this meant that the anger in her heart towards him was not that intense.

In the next second, Mu Xiaoxiao sneered, Feng Shengyang? Is that you? Why did you call me? Arent you drunk? You dont sound drunk. Did you get Tianqi to lie to me?

Feng Shengyang paused, not expecting her to respond that way.

Was he that bad according to her?

Feng Shengyangs gaze turned downcast.

I didnt.

You didnt what? Never mind, I dont want to know. If you dont have anything to say to me, Im going to hang up now. Bye. Mu Xiaoxiaos voice sounded a little cold.

Wait. He stopped her hastily.

What do you want to say? Can you say it all at once?

Feng Shengyang fell silent. He did not actually have anything he wanted to say to her.

After a few seconds silence, he said, Do you know where I am?

I dont know and I dont want to know. Mu Xiaoxiao said.

Feng Shengyang listened to the wind around the mountain. It felt like there was something weighing heavily on his heart. He did not know what it was, just that it made him feel frustrated.

Are you still angry? Even if I didnt do it deliberately, are you going to talk to me like that forever?

He was a little displeased. He thought of how she had talked to him in the past and even though she did not talk to him as pleasantly as she did Yin Shaojie, it had been very cute.

However, her tone sounded like she was irritated with him right now.

This made him unhappy, but there was nothing he could do.

Mu Xiaoxiao paused for a moment. She had heard a fleeting something in his tone It sounded like he was aggrieved, but she thought she must have heard wrongly.

Why did you call me if you knew that I was still angry? I dont want to talk to you right now, she said bluntly.

Feng Shengyang exhaled. Alright, if you dont want to talk to me, I wont call to disturb you, okay?

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Why did he sound like an aggrieved little animal?

Im hanging up, she said.

Okay, goodnight, he said, as though this were just a normal conversation.

Mu Xiaoxiao paused before hanging up.

Feng Shengyang gripped the phone and stared at it for a few seconds before deleting the call from the phones records. He then passed it back to Sun Huiwen.

Sun Huiwen did not look happy. In a sour voice, she asked him, Brother Shengyang who did you call? Why

Why did you use such a tone with that person?

It sounded to her like he cared about the person on the other end.

She looked through her phone. He had even deleted the phone call from her records. Did he not want her to know who he had called?

Feng Shengyang did not answer her. He lit another cigarette and the smoke wafted around him.

After finishing the cigarette, he extinguished the stub and walked towards the sports car.

Sun Huiwen hurried after him as though she were afraid that he would leave her here.

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