Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 1508

Chapter 1508 Checking Her Phone 3

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Brother Shengyang can you drive slower? she asked timidly.

Feng Shengyang said expressionlessly, If you dont want to be in my car, you can get out.

He seemed to not understand the concept of having compassion for women and he drove even faster than before.

Sun Huiwen had no choice but to hang on to the handle tightly.

Throwing a tantrum, she blurted out her complaint, If it was the girl who just answered the phone sitting here, would you treat her like this?

Feng Shengyangs hand froze as he held the steering wheel for a moment and the car quickly slowed down.

No, he answered suddenly.

Sun Huiwen didnt think that he would answer with such seriousness.

She was going mad as jealousy bubbled within her.

Who is she? Do you like her? Do you like her that much? she said resentfully.

Feng Shengyang was silent.

Did he like Xiaoxiao?

In the bedroom.

After Mu Xiaoxiao hung up the call, she suddenly forgot what she wanted to do when she came to get her phone. She scolded Feng Shengyang inwardly.

What the heck did I want to do just now

She was gloomy. Why couldnt she remember?

It felt very important.

She kept mulling over it, walking around on the carpet, scratching her hair, her frowning face wrinkled into a bun.

After a while, she finally remembered it.

Oh yeah!

She was going to call Qiqing!

She quickly searched for Qiqings phone number and dialed it.

Mu Xiaoxiao seemed very anxious, but the more anxious she felt, the slower time seemed to pass.

The call came through.

As though she were afraid of being heard, she lowered her voice and said, Qiqing! Is it convenient to talk now?

Ah? Yeah. Im alone in the room. Whats the matter? Han Qiqing heard the cautiousness in her tone and lowered her voice to go along with her.

Mu Xiaoxiao glanced at the door and went to the balcony before saying, Its about the clothes. I want to know if theyre ready. Did the shop owner send you a message?

She was afraid that Yin Shaojie would see it when she received the text message, so only Qiqings cell phone number was given to the shop owner.

Han Qiqing said, No. Hmm. Should I call and ask her? It should probably be done soon.

Yeah, help me make the call. Remember, dont let anyone hear you. Mu Xiaoxiao did not forget to remind her.

Han Qiqing joked, Relax, Ill keep it a secret!

Okay, its not too late yet. You can go and make the call now. After youre done, let me know how it goes.

So urgent? Okay then, Ill hang up.

Alright, bye.

Mu Xiaoxiao hung up the call. She held the phone as she waited for her news.


Xiaoxiao? Where are you? Yin Shaojies voice came from outside.

Mu Xiaoxiao froze. She hastily hid the cell phone in her pocket and adjusted her expression before walking out of the room.

What? She leaned against the door frame, her small head poking out as she looked at Yin Shaojie.

Eyes narrowed slightly, Yin Shaojie looked up and down at her suspiciously, and he asked, What are you doing in the room?

Its nothing. Mu Xiaoxiao shook her head, looking innocent. She thought for a moment and added, I just went to sleep.

Sleep? So early? Yin Shaojie apparently did not believe her as this wretch hadnt slept so early before.

She looked at the time, Its nine oclock. Who said that you cant go to sleep at nine?

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