Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 1509

Chapter 1509 Checking Her Phone 4

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I was out the whole day. Its tiring, said Mu Xiaoxiao, as she deliberately stretched and pretended to look tired.

Yin Shaojie walked up to her and stared at her face as though he were examining her.

Who was it that insisted on drinking tong sui just now? The tong sui is done now. Are you sure you dont want it anymore?

Mu Xiaoxiao had forgotten about it. Upon hearing that there was something to eat, her jet-black eyes suddenly glittered.

Ill eat it! Of course Ill eat it! She nodded like a little chick pecking at rice.

Yin Shaojie chuckled, reached out, pulled her into his arms, and led her to the stairs.

Upon coming down the stairs, Mu Xiaoxiao caught a whiff of something very fragrant.

It smells so good! She was salivating.

The maid had served the tong sui. She put it on the dining table and smiled as she stood to one side.

This time, it was the little good-for-nothing chowhound that quickly pulled Yin Shaojie over to the food.

Mu Xiaoxiao sat down and was going to start eating, however, a hand took away the bowl.

What are you doing? She looked at him uncomprehendingly.

Its still hot. Let it cool down first, said Yin Shaojie.

Ill just give it a few blows. Mu Xiaoxiao could hardly wait any longer.

However, Yin Shaojie pulled her up and led her to the living room.

Unable to change his mind, she had no choice but to let him take her away.

Why? She didnt understand.

He took her to the sofa to sit. He smiled and said, Lets play a game.

What game? Mu Xiaoxiao felt something fishy as soon as she saw his smile.

Yin Shaojie said, If you beat me, you can drink the tong sui.

Then if I lose, you wont let me have it? How could he do that!

Yin Shaojie waggled his finger. If you lose, you can only watch as I eat.

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Must he be so cruel!

She said gloomily, Dont you hate sweet food?

When did I say I didnt like it? Yin Shaojies lips made a little smirk and he suddenly reached out and pinched her chin. He cast a deep, suggestive gaze upon her lips.

Of course, I like sweet food very much, but I have a particular fondness for one type of sweet food.

Mu Xiaoxiaos cheeks turned red:

His hint was a little too obvious.

She pulled down his hands embarrassed, feeling as though the helpers were watching them.

She waved to the helper in the living room. You dont have to be here. You can go back now.

The helpers nodded and left.

Yin Shaojie smiled with pursed lips, and he teased her. Why did you ask the helpers to leave us? What do you want to do?

As he said that, his sinister, handsome face leaned in closer.

Mu Xiaoxiao took a defensive stance and blocked him.

Didnt you say we were going to play a game?

Yin Shaojie raised his eyebrows as he looked at her. Since were playing, itll be more interesting if we made bets, right?

Bet on what? She knew there was something fishy!

Yin Shaojie folded his arms at his chest, looked at her, and said, Didnt you check my cell phone today? So I have to check your cell phone too. Thats only fair.

Check my cell phone? Mu Xiaoxiao was surprised.

Yin Shaojie nodded and said, Yeah, but I wont make things difficult for you. If I win the game, let me see it. If I lose, then forget it, how about that?

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Why did it feel like a trap?

However, just then, her cell phone in her pocket rang. It was the notification sound for an incoming message.

She froze. It couldnt be coming from Qiqing, could it?

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