Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 238

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Thus, they decided to play a game!

“Then let’s play Truth or Dare!” Song Shijun smiled devilishly as though he had an ulterior motive.

Even though this game was extremely common and overplayed, it was still really interesting to play!

The gears in Han Qiqing’s head turned, and she met Song Shijun’s gaze. They seemed to come to a mutual understanding, and she smiled to herself, nodding in agreement. “That’s a good game! I like to play this game!”

It looked interesting from the way they were talking about it. Unaware of any fishiness between the two, Mu Xiaoxiao beamed and raised her hand. “I agree! Let’s play this game!”

Yin Shaojie had already given his assent earlier.

Thus, they started to play Truth or Dare!

The villa they were in was a vacation villa, so it was stocked with plenty of games. A roulette wheel was swiftly brought up by an attendant.

“The game is simple. This is split into four regions. If the pointer lands on your region, you must choose either truth or dare. No passing is allowed.”

The first round began right after the explanation.

The atmosphere was tense. Mu Xiaoxiao’s dark eyes followed the pointer on the roulette closely.

It spun and spun.

Finally, it stopped!

Mu Xiaoxiao was dazed for a moment. Her eyes followed where the pointer was pointing, and her gaze landed on Yin Shaojie.

“It’s you!” she roared with laughter, gloating about his misfortune as she pointed at him.

This was an opening that no one had probably expected!

After all, Yin Shaojie was a person who had a strong presence, so his luck should be pretty good. Hence, no one had imagined that he would be the first one to lose.

A hint of laughter escaped Song Shijun, who then covered his mouth to suppress his laughter.

Han Qiqing was bent over at the waist from laughter but still restrained herself a little for fear of offending the Great Master Yin.

Mu Xiaoxiao was the only one who dared to laugh openly and loudly. Her dark eyes were sparkling as she beamed widely. “If you agree to gamble, then you must accept your loss! Hurry up and choose: truth or dare?”

Yin Shaojie smiled disapprovingly as he looked at her and asked, “What do you want me to choose?”

Song Shijun hurriedly mouthed to Mu Xiaoxiao: truth.

Mu Xiaoxiao immediately understood. “Truth it is!”

“Okay, ask away.” The Great Master Yin presented himself generously, looking natural and relaxed as he propped a hand on the back of the chair as he glanced at the three.

Mu Xiaoxiao was a little stumped. What should she ask about?

However, Han Qiqing was faster and snatched the opportunity away from her. “Great Master Yin, how many girlfriends have you had?”

Upon hearing this, Mu Xiaoxiao turned her head swiftly to look at Yin Shaojie, waiting expectantly for his answer.

Yin Shaojie frowned a little and answered straightforwardly, “I don’t remember anymore.”

Han Qiqing looked disappointed. “Cheh!”

Song Shijun smiled. “He’s dated so many, so how could he possibly remember this? I wouldn’t remember if I were him either!”

Mu Xiaoxiao asked curiously, “Even if it’s not in the hundreds, there should be at least 80, no?”

Song Shijun wagged his finger as he smiled suggestively. “It’s more than that, of course.”

Mu Xiaoxiao’s eyes widened to the size of saucers as she exclaimed, “It’s more than that? He’s had that many?”

Not wanting to continue the topic, Yin Shaojie took his losses and gulped down a glass of beer, indicating that he had lost.

The second round thus began!

Mu Xiaoxiao studied the roulette excitedly. Unexpectedly, the pointer pointed at her!

“Why is it me?” Mu Xiaoxiao made a crying face in disbelief.

She chose truth as well because she felt that truth was easier than dare.

“Hehe,” Song Shijun chuckled. Before he could ask his question, Yin Shaojie beat him to it.

Staring at Mu Xiaoxiao, Yin Shaojie asked, “How many boyfriends did you have in America?”

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