Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 239

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Mu Xiaoxiao looked as though she didn’t know how to react and sat dazed for a while.

Even though her face wasn’t showing it, her brain was actually running on overdrive.

Her reputation wouldn’t have taken any hits had there been nothing to compare it against!

It had just been revealed that Yin Shaojie had dated over hundreds of girls. If she said that she hadn’t had a boyfriend before, wouldn’t he mock her lack of charm?

No, that must not happen!

This was too embarrassing!

Would it be better if she said two or three, or seven or eight?

Would seven or eight be a little too many? But would two or three be too few?

Or How about saying three to four then?

Mu Xiaoxiao’s thoughts were about to become muddled soon. She felt that whatever she answered would seem out of character.

Yin Shaojie looked as though he knew what she was thinking. Staring at her seriously, he said, “You have to tell the truth! No lying!”

Mu Xiaoxiao’s senses returned as she looked at him blankly. “O-Of course I’m going to tell the truth! I’m supposed to tell the truth since I picked truth anyway. I know that even without you telling me!”

“Hurry up with it then! Is this question that hard?” Yin Shaojie cupped his chin with a hand and glanced at her unhappily.

Did she need that long to answer this question?

Or had she really dated a few guys before and couldn’t remember how many and was thus racking her brains to count the number?

Yin Shaojie’s face darkened as he thought of this possibility.

Mu Xiaoxiao yelled at him, “Can’t you let me think for a while!”

Song Shijun picked up some food with his chopsticks and began to eat. “Xiaoxiao, don’t tell us that you’ve actually forgotten how many,” he teased.

Mu Xiaoxiao’s embarrassment caused her face to redden.

“Of course not!”

Han Qiqing was extremely curious as well and looked at her expectantly. “Xiaoxiao, you must have had a boyfriend while you were in America, right? There are so many hunks there; plus, you’re cute it’d be impossible for nobody to woo you.”

Upon hearing that last bit, Mu Xiaoxiao lifted her face up hastily and retorted, “Of course there were!”

Even though there were many people who had tried to woo her, she was not a person who got into relationships casually!

“Hurry up and tell us then! How many were there?” Yin Shaojie was getting impatient. His perfectly arched brows were creased in a frown as though it could catch a fly between them.

Mu Xiaoxiao pouted and said faintly, “One”

Even though she had wanted to say three or four, it would have gone against the game’s rules.

Thus, she could only come up with such an answer after extensive thinking.

It wasn’t exactly a lie if she said there was one.

The relationship she had with the boy she had dated wasn’t really an official one. It was their friends who had tried to force them together, and they had broken up soon after.

So That could be considered a boyfriend right?

Never mind that now!

That was certainly a boyfriend!

She didn’t want to be mocked and teased by that jerk Yin Shaojie!

However, her answer seemed to not appease Yin Shaojie. Instead, he looked even more displeased.

“One? Are you speaking the truth?” He had thought that she had never had a boyfriend. She unexpectedly had actually had one!

Also, her having had a single boyfriend was more concerning than her having had multiple, okay?!

This meant that this person had a special place in her heart.

Mu Xiaoxiao lowered her head and didn’t reply to him.

She thought that he must be mocking her. Yes, he was definitely mocking her!

So what if she had had only one boyfriend?

It just showed that she wasn’t flippant with her emotions and that she was dedicated!

She was unlike him, who got a different girlfriend every few days and could go through a few truckloads of girlfriends every term.

That ginormous flirt!

Song Shijun, who was sitting opposite them, smiled. “Only one? Who knew that our Xiaoxiao was such a devoted person~”

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