Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 606

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Ye Sijue never felt a greater urge to look at a person’s face, so even when he knew it might alarm her, he still reached out and removed the book covering her little face.

Sure enough, Mo Xiaomeng was alarmed, and the long, curled eyelashes fanned like a butterfly.

Ye Sijue sat down and gazed at her, unblinking, as if waiting for the butterfly to flutter.

However, Mo Xiaomeng only stirred in her expression before continuing to sleep.

His palm on the floor, Ye Sijue noticed that the floor was a bit cold.

Looking again, this little thing was lying directly on the floor without any carpet whatsoever beneath.

He wrinkled his brows.

It’d be easy to catch a cold like this.

With hardly any hesitation, his arms reached out to lift her up in a manner so gentle that he didn’t even realize it.

Feeling slight discomfort from being moved, Mo Xiaomeng was like a kitten, shifting about in his arms. Then she turned over to face his chest, her hands curled up, and she dug her face into his chest.

As though she had finally found a comfortable position, her movements came to a rest.

Ye Sijue bent his head, gazing deeply at her fair cheeks. It was so soft and inviting for a kiss.

He suddenly remembered how her cherry lips felt—soft and more delicious than any desserts he had ever eaten.

When Ye Sijue walked out of the study room with Mo Xiaomeng, a girl came up to him from in front and called out warmly to him, “Brother Sijue!”

When Yang Zixuan saw the person in his arms, her face drooped.

“Why are you carrying her? Doesn’t she have legs to walk by herself?”

Ye Sijue shushed at her to be quiet.

Yang Zixuan pouted in dissatisfaction, but she didn’t dare to disobey his orders, so she could only keep silent sullenly.

Seeing him carry the person to the guest room, she followed him.

Ye Sijue carried Mo Xiaomeng into the room and gently placed her on the bed. When she had laid down, he covered her with a blanket.

But instead of leaving immediately, he bent at his waist, and stared deeply at Mo Xiaomeng’s face for quite a while.

Unhappy with the suggestive and affectionate atmosphere, she couldn’t help but disrupt it.

“Why are you…”

Ye Sijue turned back to shoot her a look.

Yang Zixuan bit her lower lip, sulking. She couldn’t refrain from looking at Mo Xiaomeng lying in bed, her eyes filled with resentment.

Ye Sijue then stood straightened and gestured to her with a look to leave the room with him.

The door closed.

Then he asked, “Why are you here again?”

Yang Zixuan pouted and said in a coquettishly angry manner, “Can’t I come? Brother Sijue, do you not welcome me?”

“No,” Ye Sijue replied mildly.

Yang Zixuan happily went up to hug his arm and said, “I tell you, I’ll be moving here to stay for a while starting today. Are you happy?”

Ye Sijue frowned. “Moving here? Why?”

“Because… my parents have left for distant places, so there is no one in the family to take care of me. So I told them to let me stay at Auntie Pei’s place for a while, and Auntie Pei agreed!”

Yang Zixuan was lying through her teeth.

Not to mention how her parents did not leave for distant places, but even if her parents were not at home, there were still many helpers at home that could take care of her.

Ye Sijue didn’t question further on this matter because it didn’t matter to him.

The Ye mansion was so big. With so many friends of the family in their rich and powerful circle, it was normal for a few people to stay here once in a while.

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