Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 607

Chapter 607 Why Are You Carrying Her 2

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It was just like how Yang Zixuan, who was the daughter of Mama Ye’s long time friend, would come to Ye residence from time to time because she liked being close to Ye Sijue.

It was only that Yang Zixuan had just come on Sunday, and two days later, she came again. Her visits were a bit too frequent.

What Ye Sijue didn’t know was that it was because she had seen him bring Mo Xiaomeng home on Sunday night that Yang Zixuan did not feel comfortable with it, so she had been begging her parents at home for two days before she could finally stay at the Ye residence. .

“Oh,” he responded indifferently, looking as though he was not interested in the details.

Yang Zixuan had initially prepared a lot of lies, but who knew that he wouldn’t continue questioning her, leaving her with no room to utilize them. Though it was a breeze for her, she felt quite dejected.

“Brother Sijue, is she your girlfriend? Why… are you treating her so nicely? Does she not have a family? Why is she staying at your house?”

Ye Sijue had no intention of replying as he simply walk toward his room.

Yang Zixuan stomped her feet and caught up to him coquettishly. “Brother Sijue… Why don’t you reply to me? I’m just curious about your relationship with her.”

From what she remembered, Ye Sijue seemed to have never taken a girl back home before, so the only explanation she could come up with was that Mo Xiaomeng was his girlfriend.

Ye Sijue stood at the door of his room, stared at her and said, “What you should be doing is to go and pick a room and unpack your luggage. Alright, I’m going to change clothes. See you at dinner.”


Before Yang Zixuan could finish calling out his name, the door closed in front of her.

Although she really wanted to wait at the door for him to come out, she was afraid that he might find her too annoying, so she could only leave resentfully to her guest room.

The guest room that Mo Xiaomeng was staying at just happened to be along the way to her guest room.

So Yang Zixuan stood at the door to Mo Xiaomeng’s room, glared at it, kicked the door angrily with a bang.

A helper, who happened to pass by, stared at her in shock. “Miss Zixuan”

Yang Zixuan shot a glare at her, “What are you looking at!”

The helper quickly bowed her head and said to her, “Miss Zixuan, your luggage has been put into the guest room. Should I unpack it for you into the wardrobe?”

“Of course! Do you even need me to tell you?”

The helper lowered her head without saying anything, and she followed behind Yang Zixuan into the room.

Meanwhile, in the other room.

Lying on the bed, Mo Xiaomeng’s eyelashes fluttered, her face wrinkled, and she opened her eyes.

She was awakened by the sound of someone kicking the door.

“Who is it? So loud…” she mumbled, her mouth pouting in displeasure. Her right leg turned over, and she hugged the blanket.

And in that position, she was facing the balcony, so she could see the weather outside.

The sun had set, and the sky was painted with vermilion, which was especially beautiful.

She stared outside for a while, her little face rubbing against the soft blanket, and she then spread open her arms to stretch herself, sighing.

Well, it was evening already—time to eat.

In the middle of that thought, a magnetic and alluring voice came suddenly came from behind her, “You’re awake?”

Mo Xiaomeng didn’t notice the sound of him opening the door, and she turned around in shock.

Upon seeing that it was Ye Sijue, she relaxed.

She said lazily, “You’re back?”

Ye Sijue narrowed his eyes. He had a strange feeling as though her tone was one of a little wife waiting for the return of her husband.

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