Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 608

Chapter 608 What Was Their Relationship?

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Knowing that it was him, Mo Xiaomeng turned her head back, continued to admire the sunset outside, and she even reached out to the nightstand to get her phone to take a picture.

But she couldn’t find it on the nightstand. Her little hand felt around the pillow and still couldn’t find it.

“Eh, where’s my phone?”

Ye Sijue walked over, sat on the bed and stared at her. “Do you remember where you were sleeping earlier?”

Hearing that, Mo Xiaomeng suddenly remembered.”Aiyah! The phone is in the study! Eh? Who carried me back to this room?”

Her slender finger pointed at his handsome face, “You?”

Ye Sijue wrapped her finger with his big hand and said, “Who else could it be?”

Did she want someone else to carry her?

Besides, in this household, no one could do such a thing for her without his permission.

In a smooth motion, Ye Sijue pulled her toward him, and his tall body pinned her onto the bed.

“Hey, why are you… ngh!”

Before Mo Xiaomeng could finish speaking, he stoppered her mouth with a kiss.

She closed her eyes immediately, her eyelashes twitched slightly, and the little hand instinctively grasped the shirt on his chest.

This again…

Ever since the time together at the hotel and he brought her home, he would just kiss her from time to time.

Mo Xiaomeng’s little face was suffused with an alluring red tinge.

She was a little dazed.

What… was their relationship?

They had clearly only just met a few days ago, but why was he kissing her so naturally as if she were his girlfriend?

Mo Xiaomeng couldn’t stop the fevering on her face, and neither could she stop the wild beating of her heart.

Ye Sijue’s thin lips rubbed against hers for a while. Seeming like he was still unsatisfied, he tried to deepen the kiss.

His fiery tongue attempted to pry open her teeth and charge in.

Mo Xiaomeng’s body trembled, and her little hand pushed him, suggesting for him to not go overboard.

Ye Sijue was quite acquiescent today, and he actually retreated some.

“Get u…” Mo Xiaomeng wanted to ask him to get up, but in the next second, his devilishly beautiful face magnified before her again.

This time, it was too much as he directly drove it in.

“Ungh…” Mo Xiaomeng was licked at a sensitive spot, and she moaned unconsciously.

Just when Ye Sijue was in the middle of the fiery kiss, knocks on the door were heard.

Mo Xiaomeng instantly froze.

Ye Sijue frowned irritatedly and stopped the kissing.

“Miss Mo?” the helper’s voice came from outside.

Embarrassed, Mo Xiaomeng slapped Ye Sijue’s shoulder forcefully, motioning him to release her.

She didn’t even know if he had closed the door when he came in. If the door wasn’t closed, then what would happen if the helper came in and saw them like this?

What made Mo Xiaomeng feel at ease was that the helpers here were very polite and wouldn’t barge in without first obtaining permission.

Ye Sijue’s eyes flashed with evil as his warm big hand suddenly touched her waist.

Mo Xiaomeng felt herself going weak and nearly let out a moan.

Just when she loosened her mouth, he took the chance and drilled in deeper.

Mo Xiaomeng felt that he was really too evil, and she glared at him as she pounded against his back bashfully.

Someone was calling her, and yet he was still playing!

The helper’s voice was heard again, “Miss Mo? Are you awake?”

Hearing the sound of the door handle turning, Mo Xiaomeng froze again.

Then, Ye Sijue released her little mouth and said, “Don’t come in. Is anything the matter?”

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