Eternal Reverence Chapter 501

Eternal Reverence Chapter 501

Published at 21st of May 2020 08:45:49 AM
Chapter 501
ER Chapter 501: Cla.s.s 8Array
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Crackle, crackle

The walls of the array above the lookout island had multiple cracks .

The lookout island was constantly trembling . It felt as though a giant had sliced the island dozens of times and each slice would extend over dozens of miles to a hundred miles .

It wasnt just no . 5 lookout island, it was the same for the other lookout islands .

Not good .

On the iron tower, the imposing figures eyes contracted .

The lookout islands were enveloped with cla.s.s 7 arrays and it wouldnt possibly be broken unless it was attacked by a monarch or a demonic king .

Even if it was a monarch, it was impossible to break the array in just one or two attacks . Only high-level monarchs had the strength to destroy the array in a single strike .

It was obvious that it wasnt a demonic king destroying the array . It was the waves from a stronger array that was destroying the foundation of the lookout islands array .

If the array waves were able to gradually destroy cla.s.s 7 arrays, even a fool would know that it must be a cla.s.s 8 array .

Apart from cla.s.s 8 arrays, cla.s.s 7 arrays werent able to cover hundreds of thousands of miles of the sea region .

The limits of cla.s.s 7 arrays were at best around 10,000 miles .

Only cla.s.s 8 arrays could cover the range of hundreds of thousands of miles . It was said that the limit was a million miles .

He didnt believe that the Red Flood Dragon King could set up a cla.s.s 8 array . Only Law Phase Realm emperors or some Primary Sea Realm monarchs could set up cla.s.s 8 arrays . But the precondition was that they were proficient in arrays . They must have a very high proficiency in arrays, otherwise, not even Law Phase Realm emperors could set up cla.s.s 8 arrays .

If the Red Flood Dragon King could set up a cla.s.s 8 array, the Red Rainbow Sect would have already been destroyed .

In terms of arrays, demonic beasts and demons knew nothing . Instead of believing they could set up cla.s.s 8 arrays, it was more convincing if someone said that the Red Flood Dragon King had broken through to cla.s.s 8 and became a demonic emperor .


The imposing figure pressed down with his right hand . A ma.s.sive and magnificent power stabilized the entire no . 5 lookout island and the array .

Inner sect elders that could oversee the lookout islands were all monarchs that had cultivation beyond the 3rd level of Primary Sea Realm . Otherwise, it wouldnt be possible to deal with such emergencies . At the 4th level of Primary Sea Realm, it was possible for the imposing figure to oversee the lookout island that was a few hundred miles .

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It was unknown how long could he hold it for .

Everyone is to return to the lookout island . The imposing figure burst out with a yell that reached out to thousands of miles .

Hurry up and return . It seems like something huge is going to happen .

Go, I keep feeling ill at ease .

All the Red Rainbow Sects elders and disciples desperately rushed back .

It was a pity that with the obstructions from the sea beasts, less than half the people could rush back to the lookout island immediately .

The imposing figure was actually a robust middle-aged man with greyish hair . At this moment, his forehead was perspiring with sweat .

Stabilizing the cla.s.s 7 array that was about to collapse was much harder than he imagined .

It was the same feeling of someone trying to suppress the eruption of a volcano . The longer the suppression, the bigger the pressure .

The first batch will teleport back now . The robust middle-aged man spoke in a deep tone and it was obvious that his qi was lacking .

After a ma.s.sive number of spirit stones were thrown into the cavity at the center of the teleportation platform, a radiance lit up and the first batch of a few hundred individuals vanished from the teleportation platform .

Li Fuchen was also on the way back to the lookout island as he wasnt very lucky .

When the sea region appeared with the anomaly, he was the first to detect it .

But at that moment, he was surrounded by four cla.s.s 6 mid-tier sea beasts and one of them possessed formidable bloodline . For a moment, he was unable to break out of the encirclement .

When the inner sect elders voice echoed, Li Fuchen risked getting injured to break out .

But he was too far away from the lookout island . When the first batch of people teleported, he was only halfway back .

Soon enough, the second batch had also teleported .

The batch had more people than the first batch . Close to 900 people had teleported out, only dozens of people didnt make it back .

I can only do it until this point .

The robust middle-aged man vomited a mouthful of blood and suddenly rushed into the sky .

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The lookout island that was a few hundred miles in size had suddenly collapsed and the array broke along with it .


The elders and disciples that couldnt rush back in time were filled with despair . Without the protection of the lookout islands array in this vast sea, they couldnt possibly survive .

Haha, kill these humans . They have nowhere to escape .

From behind, a large number of sea beasts were in pursuit . Some of the cla.s.s 6 sea beasts were extremely fast and had caught up to them .

Board the battleship!

The rest of the people had gathered together without hesitation . One of the inner sect monarch-cla.s.s disciples took out a palm-sized battleship .

In the next moment, the battleship expanded and everyone boarded it .


This was a cla.s.s 6 small-sized battleship . Its speed was comparable to high-level Battle Spirit Realm masters . It flew like a stream of light and left the cla.s.s 6 sea beasts behind . Only a few of the cla.s.s 6 high-tier sea beasts were still following at the back .

Everyone, my name is Xu Heng . This cla.s.s 6 small-sized battleship is rented for 10,000 contribution coins a day . I have rented it for two days . There are forty of you here, it wouldnt be too much to ask for everyone to pay 200 contribution coins a day, right? The inner sect monarch-cla.s.s disciple called Xu Heng had stated .

It isnt too much . 200 contribution coins for each day is too little for you . I suggest that everyone should pay 300 contribution coins a day . As for the spirit stones to operate the battleship, we will provide it too . An outer sect elder said .

Without the battleship, they would certainly get scattered and quickly eliminated .

With the cla.s.s 6 battleship, as long as they supplied enough low-grade spirit stones, it would be able to burst out with the firepower of a mid-level Battle Spirit Realm master . If it was filled with mid-grade spirit stones, it could actually burst out with the firepower of a high-level Battle Spirit Realm master . Most importantly, the battleship was fast enough and when they rode the battleship, they didnt have to exhaust any qi .

This was extremely important . After all, the sea was vast and extensive, once the qi was depleted, it would be hard to constantly replenish ones qi with spirit stones and elixirs .

Elder Wan is right . We should give you 300 contribution coins a day . It is fortunate that you rented a cla.s.s 6 battleship, otherwise, we will all be dead .

The rest of the people nodded and didnt even try to negotiate .

At this moment, resources were important but not as important as their lives .

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Let alone 300 contribution coins, even if they had to pay 500 or 1000 contribution coins a day, they would also be willing .


The battleship shook as a winged giant fish shot out a bubble that smashed on the ship .

It is the cla.s.s 6 high-tier sea beast, Flying Shadow Fish . Dont waste your spirit stones, I will deal with it .

Elder Wan was at the 8th level of Battle Spirit Realm . He drew his battle saber and slashed through the battleships array to cleave the Flying Shadow Fish .

Tss Tss Tss

The saber light like a lightning flashing across the sky . It shuddered nine times along the way and with each shudder, the saber light would change its trajectory . The Flying Shadow Fish couldnt even react in time and when it was struck by the lightning saber light, it fell from the sky .

Such an incredible saber art!

Li Fuchen could see that Elder Wans saber art was an earth cla.s.s peak-tier martial art and it wasnt superior to the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration in terms of profundity .

But Elder Wan was at the 8th level of Battle Spirit Realm .

With a higher cultivation level, one would be able to exhibit more of the true profundity of the martial arts .

If a Primary Sea Realm monarch was here, a casual move would easily achieve the profundity of an earth cla.s.s high-tier martial art . Only earth cla.s.s peak-tier martial arts could enhance a Primary Sea Realms combat strength .

This was why martial artists would require a higher cla.s.s of martial arts as their cultivation increased .

With the increase in cultivation, martial arts of the lower cla.s.ses wouldnt be useful anymore . A casual attack would already contain all of the essence from the martial arts that were mastered .

When ones cultivation reached the later phase, many of the martial arts essence would be fused into your fundamentals . A casual move would contain countless martial arts essence .

Elder Wans saber art was also at the trance stage but his qi circulation method was extremely exquisite and very detailed . Li Fuchens sword art might be the same stage, but due to his cultivation, it was hard to be detailed .

As cla.s.s 6 high-tier sea beasts attacked, Elder Wan struck them down one after the other .

With Elder Wans strength, unless it was a cla.s.s 6 high-tier sea beast with formidable bloodline, no other sea beasts would be a match for him .

High above the sky, the robust middle-aged man didnt leave yet .

Looking down from above, he was finally able to see everything clearly .

Looking at the sea of blood, blood-colored patterns were appearing .

The blood-colored pattern was obviously an array pattern and it was emitting horrific waves . It caused the sea to boil and the weather to change . There were waterspouts that connected the sky to the sea, the dark clouds in the sky were slowly converging and emitting a world destructive qi presence .

Cla.s.s 8 array, this is definitely a cla.s.s 8 array! The robust middle-aged man took a deep breath .

He had never seen a cla.s.s 8 array, but only a cla.s.s 8 array could explain everything .

The array patterns that he could see was only a small portion of the entire cla.s.s 8 array . There were more array patterns that he couldnt see, as he was at the 4th level of Primary Sea Realm and could only release his awareness by a little more 10,000 miles .

Each level in the Primary Sea Realm had an extremely huge gap .

The gap was so huge that unless the monarchs cultivated heaven cla.s.s manuals, it was impossible to compensate for the gap .

In between each level of the Primary Sea Realm, the capability of the awareness was also extremely huge .

At the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm, the awareness could only reach a few thousand miles . It would increase by 50% at the 2nd level of Primary Sea Realm, it would increase by another 50% at the 3rd level of Primary Sea Realm .

As a 4th level of Primary Sea Realm monarch, it was already praiseworthy for his awareness to extend more than 10,000 miles .

Despite the case, a scouting range of 10,000 miles was only a tip of the iceberg of the cla.s.s 8 array . Only Law Phase Realm emperors were able to use their awareness to envelop the entire cla.s.s 8 array .

But was this cla.s.s 8 array activated intentionally or unintentionally?

If it was activated intentionally, what exactly was the Red Flood Dragon King planning?

The cla.s.s 8 array is going to activate soon . If I dont leave, it will be hard to predict if I will be able to survive .

The robust middle-aged mans eyes spotted the cla.s.s 6 small-sized battleship a few thousand miles away .


It was impossible to see the movement trajectory of the robust middle-aged man . In just a short moment, the robust middle-aged man caught up to the battleship .

Let me send you out . The rest will be up to yourselves .

A surge of boundless qi enveloped the battleship . The robust middle-aged man pushed forcefully and launched the battleship at a speed that was dozens of times faster than before . Had it not been for the robust middle-aged mans qi protection, the battleship would have crumbled at such speed .

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