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  • Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

  • Author(s): Xiao Qiye
  • Genres : Romance -  Reincarnation -  Cultivation -  handsome male lead -  Female Protagonist -  special abilities -  slow romance -  Strong Love Interests -  politics -  Phoenixes -  Mysterious Family Background -  Time skip -  Summoning Magic -  Pets -  Spirits -  Sister complex -  Possessive Characters -  Mythical Beasts -  Loyal Subordinates -  dragons
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Views : 986.74 K
  • RATE:
    Evil Emperor's Wild Consort62 votes : 4.51 / 5

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort summary:

She has come a long way. Orphaned, born a weakling, and being the infamous good-for-nothing of Azure Dragon Country. Gu Ruoyun was the shame of the proud Gu household. Falsely accused of a crime she did not commit, she was betrayed by her family and beaten to death by her own grandfather. But life took a fateful twist on that very day — she was revived. Newly awakened, she is now the Master of an ancient treasure that resides within her body. Precious cultivation pills, treasures beyond her wildest imagination and spiritual beasts, all within her grasp... She is the apple of the eye of all under the heavens, including that of a mysterious, handsome man. Now she only has one goal — to conquer the world.

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Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapters

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Chapter 14494 months ago
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