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Evil New Wife Seduces Hubby summary:

The story about a princess that transmigrated into the modern world after her strange death from The Ancient Domain Civilization. Xiu Yun, known by others as an Evil Princess because of her cruel and ruthless ways entered inside the body of Zhen Xiu, a neglected wife of a conglomerate, Lu Jian. A journey of discovering love, fulfilling promises and unveiling mysteries of life embarked by the evil princess Zhen Xiu. **** "I love you’’ whispered Lu Jian. I smiled but in my mind, I was blessing Zhen Xiu that her soul can now fully rest in peace. Her husband finally told these magical words for her. **** "I want a divorce." Zhen Xiu asked him annoyed. "But my wife, I want to remarry." Lu Jian shamelessly clung onto her. **** "Get out from my bed" Zhen Xiu sneered. "Wife but it’s our bed" smirked Lu Jian. **** "I will never give you a chance" Zhen Xiu gritted her teeth in anger. "But I will love you forever," vowed Lu Jian lovingly. **** The cover picture does not belong to me and is taken from google. The author is only responsible for the editing of the picture. Update Schedule: 1 chapter a day.

Disclaimer: Neither the picture nor the content belong to me. They are uploaded here, not for any bad purpose but for entertainment only.

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Evil New Wife Seduces Hubby Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 118: Love4 months ago
Chapter 87: Trust4 months ago
Chapter 47: I Do!4 months ago
Chapter 11: Deal4 months ago
Soul Swap.4 months ago
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