Fate’s Little Feral Consort Chapter 206

Chapter 206 Encountering The Crown Prince

The group walked two streets over and found the store that rented out carriages.

After they rented a carriage they went straight to Xuantian Auction House.

Xuantian Auction House was located in the prosperous area of the city. With darkness falling upon the city, night lights began to light up the streets. Many vendors and stores were selling things on the street and the whole street was lively and merry.

Yun Qianyu leaned back in the carriage and ignored the lively scene outside. Instead, she was looking through her stockpile of elixir pills. After going through the elixir pills in the Phoenix Ring, she finally decided what was useful and what wasnt.

The elixir pills that were useless to her, she would sell to Xuantian Auction House.

Yun Qianyu was not interested in the bustle outside, but Rainbow who was in the ring was very interested. From time to time she would call out, "Master, I want to come out, I want to come out."

Hearing the complaining parrot, Yun Qianyu felt a little annoyed so she opened the ring and let her out.

Since Rainbow had been in the ring for a long time, she had forgotten what busy streets looked like.

Even Little Bell and Lord Marten were looking out of the carriage window.

Looking at these three, Yun Qianyus face darkened and she felt speechless.Why do I feel like Im bringing a group of preschoolers out

Without any trouble, the group arrived at the front gate of Xuantian Auction House.

Yun Qianyu had been here before, so she was very familiar with the place. After she and Little Bell got off the carriage, Yun Qianyu instructed Lord Marten and Rainbow to stay in the carriage.

This was so that no one from Xuantian Auction House would recognize her. Since some of the people there had seen Lord Marten, if they saw him again, they would naturally think that Yun Qianyu was around.

Since she didnt want to reveal her identity, Yun Qianyu went into Xuantian Auction House with Little Bell in disguise.

There were very few people in the auction house.

Generally, no one would come here outside of the auction days. Most of the people that came here now were people that were going to consign items to the auction house.

When the person in the hall saw Yun Qianyu coming in, he went over and greeted her.

"Welcome, what can I do for you?"

Yun Qianyu lowered her voice and said calmly, "Do you guys buy elixir pills?"

"Buy?" The clerk was stunned since most of the people consigned their items to Xuantian Auction House. After all, this was an auction house, not a pawn shop. Not able to make a decision, the clerk said to Yun Qianyu, "Please wait a moment, sir. Ill get the manager."

"Thank you."

Yun Qianyu nodded and motioned for the clerk to get the manager. She looked around in the hall and saw that no one was around. Moreover, since the hall was used for auction, there were only chairs and tables around.

Just as she was looking around, Yun Qianyu suddenly heard footsteps behind her. She thought it was the clerk, so she quickly turned around and looked behind her. Unexpectedly, she saw a group of people in striking clothes. The leader was dressed in bright yellow robes, and his movements were elegant and gentle.

This man was actually the current crown prince Xiao Tianyu. Following the crown prince were a few bodyguards. The group seemed to be in a hurry. When passing by Yun Qianyu, the crown prince Xiao Tianyu stopped for a moment and then passed her.

Xiao Tianyu and his group of entourage were by now almost at the exit of the auction house. Yun Qianyu couldnt help but wonder why Xiao Tianyu, the crown prince, would come here at this hour.

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