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  • Genres : Urban Life
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Feature Shows Extravaganza summary:

In the beginning, Meng Lang wanted to be a great director.In order to save the family business, he filmed “Boys of Fire” which is “Buy Yo-Yo and Get TV Series”!I wanted to sell some yo-yos to make money and shoot masterpieces, but my father suddenly told him: “I’m smashing! Our toy factory is going to be launched!”At this time, he discovered that it turned out to be so profitable to shoot special photos in a world without piracy!Therefore, he filmed “Balala Little Demon”, “Armor Warrior”, “Bakugan Kid”, “Skyfire Legend”, “The Magical Egg”, “Ultraman” series, “Kamen Rider” series …He is the king of the special photo series and the favorite man of children! ”Times Weekly”Film critic: “Meng Lang is a toy seller!”- Description from MTL

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Feature Shows Extravaganza Chapters

Time uploaded
: Take A Leavea month ago
: Say Somethinga month ago
: Take A Leavea month ago
: Power Cuta month ago
Chapter 393: Maa month ago
Chapter 389:a month ago
: Say Somethinga month ago
Chapter 242:a month ago
Chapter 240:a month ago
: Untitleda month ago
Chapter 24: Buda month ago
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