Feral Confessions Adrianna And The Alpha Book 3 Chapter 346

Volume 3: Volume 3 Chapter 346 Battle Between Wizards And Neotides 2

The battle hungry Neotides congregated outside the walls of the Wizard Kingdom. Their lust for blood and battle was palpable and they were waiting for Reese to signal the advance. 

Meanwhile inside the fortress, Adrianna had asked Mihr to inform inhabitants of the kingdom to stay in their houses and protect themselves with spells. 

As the night fell, the inhabitants were wary of the looming war. Fortified by layers of spells that no ordinary creature could get past through, they remained complacent that their stronghold was impenetrable. For ages, these spells kept them untouchable not even to their most powerful nemesis.

But with the outpouring of neotides in the offing, could their spells still offer refuge? So when they heard that there was a breach in the southeast wall, they became anxious. It was the first time that such a challenge had been brought right at their footsteps. Fear started creeping slowly in their minds. 

Isidorus was amused at the audacity of the neotides. He said, "These neotodes are no match to our spells. Have they lost their minds? Do they really think they can get past through?" 

Adrianna looked at Dmitri once again and urged, "Dmitri, leave this place. There will be too many spells in the next few moments floating around you. I don't want you to get injured!" 

"Adri, you do realize that I have a genetic advantage over the neotides. The way I can kill and beat them, no one because I am a skilled werewolf fighter," he replied determined that he wouldn't leave. "I am going to stay here in the last and fight any neotide that escapes you all!"

Adrianna shook her head, "Okay, but stay safe and call me whenever you are in danger."

Dmitri gritted his teeth. It is she who should call him when she is in danger. What was this reverse thing going on?

The army from the training ground had arrived. Adrianna made batches of the army and each batch included ten wizards. She stood there in the front, backed by Mihr, Isidorus and Ziu. Behind them stood the specialized army. Right behind them was the usual wizard army. 

Adrianna had instructed the wizards of the training ground to stay close to her. She knew that with them, she would easily take the neotides down. But what she feared was that they were large in numbers. Even if they would take them down, for how long would they be able to stop the hordes? Ziu had said that there were thousands of those. 

She was ready to strike them nonetheless. She looked at her husband one last time and swished her wand. He was covered in a protective spell. The cloak of invisibility was already there on all the wizards so none of the outsiders could even make out what was happening inside. So for the neotides it would look that the work they had was fruitful and they would take over the kingdom easily, when in fact there was an army of wizards inside. 

Outside the walls, Reese went and stood right in front of the neotides. She had to pep up her army. "Werewolves! If you want the grandeur of those castles, if you want to take down Adrianna, who is our nemesis, if you want to rule that kingdom, then be prepared. They, wizards, have no right to helm over any creature. They think that they are the most powerful creatures in the world. They think that they can suppress us. They have no right to show their supremacy. Kill them!" 

The neotides howled in concurrence. "Woooooooooo…" 

"On my command we will assault this kingdom. No one will look back. Fix your gaze towards the postern that will lead to our victory," Reese shouted with vigor. 

The neotides were charged up. Some started shape shifting as they howled. The dark night was filled with loud howls that traveled to the human realm, which was just a few miles away. Humans started closing their doors and windows fearing that a pack of wolves were on their way to the civilization. 

The wall breached and Reese looked at the Wizard Kingdom. There was no one. She growled. "Attack!" she shouted. Finally she commanded the countless neotides to flood the breached wall of the Wizard Kingdom. 

Neotides in hundreds, one over the other ran inside. However, even before they could run barely fifteen feet that Adrianna removed the invisibility cloak. They were shocked beyond words. What appeared a serene kingdom was now full of an army of wizards standing to take them down and if that wasn't sufficient, they found themselves surrounded by spells upon spells thrown everywhere by the wizards. There were lighting bolts falling on them. Rabid neotides ran across here and there and back towards outside, but they couldn't escape as more and neotides appeared. 

Adrianna took down a number of them in one blow. There were neotides flying and crashing down on the ground with split limbs, gashed stomach and often headless around her. 

Reese was shocked. She didn't expect the wizards to show up. Cy and his men had assured that there would be no one. She was expecting a fluid entry in the kingdom. But now was no time to procrastinate. The battle had begun and she spearheaded it. The wizard who was with them took Reese on his broomstick and went airborne. From there he started throwing spells on the wizards down. 

Adrianna was fighting with twenty neotides when she heard a wizard from the special group near her shout in pain. It seemed that from somewhere "Ponos" spell was thrown on him. She looked up and saw a faint light coming from somewhere up. She pointed her wand and threw the spell "Nuyyn". Immediately movements of the wizard and Reese were arrested and they fell on the ground over other neotides who were all running inside. The broom of the wizard ran beneath them and picked them to take them to a safe place. They waited for the spell to subside, which could be an hour. 

Adrianna's gaze fell on Dmitri, and she was stunned.

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