Finding Stardust Chapter 33

29 You Have Really Thought That Far?

Emma was surprised to see Haoran went silent for a long time. She did not know what the young man was thinking. Ahh ... if only she could read Haoran's mind, things would be so easy.

"What are you thinking about?" Emma finally asked him.

"Uhm ... did you create the lightning when we were walking back from Mr. Neville's shop?" Haoran asked back. "And also ... did you cause the blackout in Paris?"

Emma nodded. She did not want to lie to Haoran about it. "Yes, I did."

"Oh ..." Haoran was stunned. "What else can you do?"

"I can control the wind and plants. The others, I don't know yet ..." Emma decided not to tell Haoran that she could also read minds. She didn't want Haoran to think that Emma would read his mind when she actually couldn't. That would make the situation awkward. As long as Emma couldn't figure out why she could read other people's thoughts and not Haoran's mind, she decided to keep the information to herself.

"If you can remember more about the planet your parents came from, maybe we would also be able to find information from NASA and various other space agencies," Haoran said later. "I hope your parents are still on earth, and they are just hiding, so we can find them. But if ..."

His words suddenly stopped. Emma knew why Haoran did not continue his words. The young man was afraid of making her sad by voicing the possibility that Emma's parents might have returned to their home planet. Because if that really happened, then they could not possibly go and find them.

Space technology on earth was still limited to the exploration around the solar system and nearby planets. They had not been able to explore farther than Neptune.

"My parents ... came with a space capsule from their home planet. They landed it on the moon and then came to earth in a small ship," Emma explained. "If I can find a way to get to the capsule, then I might be able to find a way back to Akkadia."

"Emma ..." Haoran stared intently at Emma. He seemed to weigh something and frowned with a serious expression. "I ... might be able to help you."

"Really?" the girl asked enthusiastically.

Haoran nodded. "You know that Goose can control satellites secretly. If Goose can confirm using the satellite that your parents' capsule is still on the moon, then we should try to go there."

"How?" asked Emma. "We are not astronauts and we don't have the authority to go to the moon."

"My father's company group invested in the SpaceLab. It's the biggest private space program in the world at the moment. It is a collaboration of several prominent global businesses. They are doing exploration and research program to build a colony on Mars. If I go into my family's business, I can get access to it. Once we ensure your parent capsule is still there, we can divulge this information to SpaceLab. They will definitely send a fleet there to conduct further investigations. We can sneak in with that fleet."

"Gosh ... Haoran, that sounds really dangerous ..." Emma said. "Are you sure?"

"That's one alternative. The next option is to find the ship that your parents used to go to earth. We don't know whether they left it on earth or not, but there is no harm in checking all the possibilities." Haoran continued with his words.

Emma was stunned by Haoran's statement. Infiltrate a fleet of researchers from SpaceLab to the moon to find clues of Emma's parents there? It sounds crazy!

"Do ... do you think we can do it?" Emma asked Haoran enthusiastically. She began to feel that there was a glimmer of hope for her.

Haoran nodded. "Both of these things can be done. But we must not attract anyone's attention ... The first thing to do is to trace the whereabouts of your parents. Next, we have to track their capsule on the moon. Thirdly, we must look for clues if they left their ship on earth, if any. We must also find anything we can get about Akkadia. I can't promise that everything will be fast. We may need years to infiltrate SpaceLab and not arouse suspicion ... Can you be patient?"

Emma was silent. Even if it was true that they could find her parents' capsule on the moon, they need to be careful in leaking the information to SpaceLab. If SpaceLab decided to immediately send a research team there while Emma and Haoran haven't had access to the program, the impact would be dangerous.

The company could take the capsule and all the technology in it, brought it to earth for research. Then, governments will know that there were some humans from another planet around them, coming with a space shuttle.

If the government or corporation took the capsule for themselves, it would be very difficult for Emma and Haoran to get to it. So, now they must play their cards well.

"All right ... I'll be patient," Emma finally nodded. "I've waited for 13 years. I can certainly wait again."

"That's good." Haoran gently touched Emma's shoulder and nodded back. "As soon as Goose replies to my message, I'll make an appointment with her and discuss the assignment. I will assign her to look for your parents' capsule on the moon."

"All right," Emma replied.
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"In the meantime, we must live as usual. I will study hard and show my father that I have ambitions to take over his business. I will ask him to take me with him so I could learn from him every day. Next year, when we graduate from high school, I want to slowly enter SpaceLab."

"Next year ..." Emma muttered. She raised her face and looked at Haoran seriously. "You have really thought that far? Now I feel bad about bothering you."

Haoran shrugged. "Actually, I have been thinking about this since a few months ago when I hired Goose. I thought I should inherit my father's wealth when I was 25 years old. I was determined to slowly plan revenge on my father. I would be good in front of him and show my ambition, to inherit his business. As soon as everything falls into my hands ... I will get rid of my father and his young wife. Whether or not you are here ... I will continue on this path. Your presence is just an additional motivation for me."

Emma stared intently at Haoran, trying to assess the young man's seriousness. She then concluded that Haoran was indeed serious. "All right, then. Thank you."

"We will talk about this once we hear from Goose. Hopefully, tomorrow she will answer me," Haoran said later. "You'd better sleep now. It's almost midnight already."

"Yes. Good night, Haoran." Emma nodded and rose from the sofa carrying her parents' paintings.

"Good night, Stardust." Haoran escorted Emma to the door and then closed it after making sure the girl entered the elevator.


Haoran was surprised to hear the sound of an incoming message from his laptop. Was Goose still awake? He hurried back to the sofa and checked his laptop. His face was adorned with a smile when he saw the contents of the message he was waiting for.

[I will look for information about your friend's parents. No need to pay me.]

"Ah ... Goose, you're really kind," Haoran murmured to himself.
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