Finding Stardust Chapter 34

32 The Pyromancer

"No matter what, we will find your parents ..." Haoran said to soothe Emma. He patted the girl's shoulder and added with conviction. "We must not give up."

Emma looked at Haoran gratefully. For some reason, even though Emma had special powers, she still felt calmer when Haoran was beside her.

"Do you want to go up again to the Eiffel Tower?" Haoran asked her. "You said you wanted to look for clues?"

"That's right," said Emma. "But not now ... Let's wait until it's dark."
for visiting.

Haoran narrowed his eyes when he heard Emma's words. He could only guess that Emma was about to do something but didn't want people to see it.

"Are you hungry? Do you want to eat dinner first?" asked Haoran again.

Emma thought for a moment and then nodded. "Yes. Where do you want to eat?"

Haoran smiled and pointed toward the Iron Lady. "Up there?"

Emma gasped. "This is just a regular dinner. Why eat in such a luxurious place? I don't have the money for an expensive meal."

Haoran ignored her protest and immediately pulled her hand to walk back toward the feet of the Eiffel Tower. "My treat. It's just food."

Emma was finally forced to obey. She knew, for Haoran to eat in a fancy restaurant like the Eiffel Tower was nothing. She also liked the food there, and the atmosphere of the French restaurant was delightful.

They were received by a waiter who recognized the two from a few nights ago when Haoran invited Emma to dinner there to celebrate her birthday. He welcomed both of them happily and gave them the best table available. He still remembered how that night Haoran left a very big tip, and could guess that the young man came from a well off family.

Both of them sat, relaxed and watched the beautiful scenery below them. The angle where they sat was perfect for watching the sunset. For a few moments, they sat in awe, watching the horizon. The waiter who had arrived with the menu, understandingly let the two admire the view for a few minutes before he cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Good evening, Mademoiselle and Monsieur." The waiter said kindly as he handed them the menu. He did not offer the wine list as before because he remembered this young couple did not drink wine. "Let me know when you are ready to make your order."

Emma and Haoran nodded and examined the menu for a few moments. After finding the dishes they liked, the two then tell the waiter what they want for dinner in fluent French.

"Madame Delaval must be proud of us, being able to order food in French," Emma said with a smile. "Your accent is perfect, by the way. Where did you learn French?"

Haoran shrugged his shoulders. "My family used to live in France when I was little. My father is also fluent in French. He attended the Sorbonne and met my mother there."

"Oh .. I didn't know that."

"In the past, my father wasn't as annoying as he is now. He only changed in the last few years," Haoran said again.

Emma didn't continue to ask. She knew that the young man really did not like to talk about his family. Soon, their orders began to come one by one, and they both ate peacefully.

Slowly, the sun lowered in the west. The light was replaced with a tinge of beautiful colors on the horizon, and finally, the night arrived. The moon rose and moved higher in the sky. Then, one star after another began to appear. That evening, the sky looked gorgeous.

When they finished dinner, it was already 10 o'clock, and the sky was completely dark. Haoran paid for their food and, as usual, left a big tip and walked out of the restaurant with Emma. They came down from the restaurant floor by using the elevator and then walked back to Champ De Mars.

"Soon ... everything will be nice and quiet..." Emma said to Haoran as the two of them stood facing the Eiffel Tower and watched the magnificent iron lady flickering with lights.

Haoran just nodded. He did not know what Emma wanted to do, but for some reason, his chest was pounding. It was as if anticipating that something intense and at the same time exciting would happen.

At 11 pm, the atmosphere had become quiet, and there was no one around them. The lights of the Eiffel Tower were also off. Around them now was overcome by darkness.

"Haoran ..." Emma turned to Haoran and smiled faintly. "Do you want to know how it feels to fly?"

"Eh ... what?" Haoran widened his eyes and turned to Emma with a surprised expression. He did not know whether Emma was joking or not. The girl's face looked serious, though. But ... flying? This is impossible, right?

"I want to take you to the top of the Eiffel Tower ..." Emma said again.

"Uhm .. we have climbed to the top this afternoon," said Haoran.

Emma shook her head. "It's not that top. What I meant was the antenna tower. It's not open to the public."

Visitors can visit the top of the Eiffel Tower by stairs or elevator, but these floors were equipped with safety bars so no one jumped down or fell from there. What Emma meant was the top of the tower where there were so many radio antennas, inaccessible to the public - where she was, on the night of her birthday.

"Gosh .. are you serious?" Haoran asked in amazement. "You ... can fly?"

Emma smiled and reached out her right hand towards Haoran. With hesitation, the young man touched Emma's hand, and the girl immediately held it tightly.

"It feels amazing ..." Emma whispered. "Because you are very kind to me, I want you to feel it too."

She swung her left hand, and, in a split second, a powerful wind swept around them, knocking down anyone who was within a 500-meter radius of the two. There was no people around them, but she wanted to make sure no one noticed them as they dashed quickly into the sky. She did not want to take any risks of being seen.

As soon as she swung her left hand, Emma stomped firmly to the ground and they immediately shot toward the sky with her right hand still holding Haoran's. The young man was about to scream in shock, but Emma's left hand had covered his mouth and he immediately realized that he should not make a noise and cause a commotion.

They flew very high, far higher than the Eiffel Tower, and slowly the City of Paris below them began to look smaller. They could see all the important buildings in Paris, the River Seine, and hundreds of thousands of lights from various buildings below them. They looked so beautiful.

"Jeez ... Emma ..." Haoran finally spoke after being stunned for a while. "You ... can fly?"

Emma smiled and looked at Haoran with amusement.

"I can fly," she confirmed. "You forgot I can control the wind."

"Oh ..." Haoran nodded. "That's true."

Haoran felt a strong whirlwind beneath his feet and kept him comfortably floating. He was very amazed. For a moment, he felt like he was dreaming.

"I deliberately brought you here to test what powers do I have ... so that no one could see us," Emma said to him. She released her hand from Haoran's and casually drifted in front of the young man. "What should I try?"

Haoran, who was still amazed because he floated in the air easily, seemed to think for a few moments. He then turned his gaze around them and looked for inspiration.

"Hmm ... usually from the books I read, people with magical power could control earth's elements such as earth, fire, water, and such ... Maybe you can try one by one?" Finally, he shrugged. "You already know that you can control the wind. Try other elements ..."

Emma nodded in agreement. She closed her eyes and tried to think of how she could make fire. When she opened her eyes, Emma slowly raised her right hand and concentrated.


Suddenly, a light blue flame appeared from her palm. Haoran's eyes became so round, and a second later, he screamed in pain.

"Aaaaaahhh !!!" Haoran reflexively tried to move his body away from Emma because the fire in the girl's hand felt very hot on his skin.

Emma spontaneously put off the flame and approached Haoran, who was curled in pain. The young man's body felt very hot, and his skin was reddish with his sweat flowing profusely.

"I'm sorry ... Did you catch the heat? It was unintentional..." Emma did not feel the heat from the blue flame in her hand, but Haoran, who was not far from her, certainly felt it. Emma was very sorry to see Haoran in pain. She immediately hugged him and oozed comfortable cool air from her body. "Please forgive me..."

Haoran nodded while panting. Even though it was only for two seconds, the heat from the fire on Emma's hand hurt him greatly. He tried to close his eyes and focus on the cool air from Emma's body, and soon he became calm.

"Uhm ... I'm fine. Sorry, I was just shocked. The heat was unbearable," Haoran said. He looked up and saw Emma looking so worried. "You didn't feel the heat?"

Emma shook her head. "No."

"You created a blue flame. In the fire color spectrum ... it was a very hot fire," Haoran said. "Not only you can control fire... but you can also create such hot flame."

"The fire color spectrum?" Emma frowned in surprise. "What is that?"

"Ah ... aren't you the genius between us?" Haoran asked, smiling broadly. He was pleased to know something that Emma didn't know for once. "ROYGBIV. It stands for the fire color spectrum. Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Indigo - Violet. Red is the coolest fire, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo. The violet flame is the hottest one."

Emma remembered her mother had five types of power. Arreya Stardust could control the mind, control the wind, control the lightning, and control water ... Could she also control fire?

I'm sure she could... Emma thought. Who else did I inherit this power from?
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