Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Book 1 Chapter 104

"Are you done with warming up?" Han Minhyun questioned whilst staring at the female before him.

Lee Soohyun nodded, and standing up straight, she said, "Yes, Teacher!"

Not putting any attention to the way Soohyun was addressing him, Minhyun said, "Your routine for today is the same as yesterday. You need to build up your stamina and muscles more. Get started with the push-ups. After dinner, you will be doing the exercises to increase your reflexes."

Lee Jinhee nodded as if she was an obedient student.

"As your highest for yesterday was twenty five push-ups at a stretch, today, you'll be doing thirty five push-ups at a stretch and a total of a hundred push-ups."

Hearing that Lee Soohyun felt her legs go weak, and she stared at Han Minhyun with shock. Soon that was replaced with a pleading expression, and as Soohyun was about to open her mouth to say something, Minhyun interrupted her.

"No excuse of yours is going to work. So, get started— the faster you get done with them, the faster you get your dinner," Minhyun vocalised.

Lee Soohyun clapped both of her hands together and said, "Lee Soohyun, you can do it! Hwaiting!"


"Lee Soohyun, get started from the beginning again," Han Minhyun voiced out.

Lee Soohyun had fallen down on the hard surface dramatically from her exercise position, and raising her head, she stared Han Minhyun with pleading eyes. 

"Why?" Soohyun whined.

"Your positions were wrong," Minhyun vocalised, "Bend your elbows more, and if you position your wrist that way, you are bound to get hurt."

Rotating her wrist slightly and bending her elbows more, Soohyun said, "Like this then?"

Closing the laptop which sat upon the desk, Han Minhyun slid back the chair as he stood up, and walking towards Soohyun, he bent down to her height.

"I showed this to you five times yesterday, and this is the last time I am showing it you today. If you manage to get it wrong again, I will most definitely punish you."

The word of punishment brought chills to Lee Soohyun, and she immediately nodded. Soohyun had no whatsoever desire to know or experience the punishments Minhyun had in store for her.

Holding Soohyun's wrist, Han Minhyun rotated it to the correct position and bent her elbow to the needed angle. Then, Han Minhyun positioned Soohyun's shoulders before standing up. 

Han Minhyun's actions made a smile form on Soohyun's face. Regardless of what he says, Minhyun was really patient when teaching her— considering her lack of skills and constant excuses to not do the exercises.


"Thirty four," Soohyun managed to voice out.

Sweat dripped down her body, and her clothing was completely soaked. Her bangs were scattered all across her face, and Soohyun could feel that her muscles were really close to giving up.

Raising her body up gradually, Lee Soohyun lowered it and choked out, "Thirty five."

That is when her body collapsed against the hard cool surface, and Lee Soohyun closed her eyes tightly. The muscles in her body were aching, and Soohyun did not have a single ounce of energy to get up. She was finally done with the hundred push-ups and desperately wanted to rest at this moment.

Hearing the footsteps, which neared her, Soohyun had an inkling on who it could belong to. Soohyun did not bother opening her eyes or respond.

Han Minhyun had bent down to Soohyun's height and patted her sweaty back. His actions surprised Lee Soohyun. Nonetheless, she did not open her eyes.

"You did a good job this time around," Han Minhyun voiced out with emotions noticeable in his tone. 

The tone was not nonchalant. Having a feeling that Minhyun truly meant the words he said, Soohyun's lips curved to form a smile. Opening her eyes, Soohyun lifted her head and looked at Minhyun.

"Where is my reward then?" Soohyun questioned.

"You want a reward?" Minhyun asked.

"Of course. After all this work out I did, a reward would be the best," Soohyun voiced out.

"Then, if you manage to finish all of the exercises before dinner, you will get a reward— anything you would prefer," Minhyun said.

Licking her lips, Soohyun's face showed immediate disgust when she felt the salty taste. Nonetheless, Soohyun composed her expression and said, "Does that mean I can top you as well?"

"If you can defeat me, then sure," Minhyun answered, "Being topped by someone weaker than me would humiliate me."

Lee Soohyun groaned.

"Drink some water and take five minutes of rest before starting again," Minhyun voiced out.

"Only five minutes after that more than an hour of exercise?" Lee Soohyun gasped as her eyes widened.

Han Minhyun nodded and continued, "You'd have more energy if you joked and complained less."

Laying down on her back, Soohyun said, "I can't help it. Talking energizes me up. Too bad, you're not that fun to talk with."

Han Minhyun stared at Lee Soohyun with nonchalance as she supported herself up. Soohyun then leaned against the wall, and accepting the towel from Minhyun, she wiped her face. Lee Soohyun then picked up a bottle of water and drank it.

"Can you afford to watch over me like this though? Don't you have work to do?" Lee Soohyun questioned whilst raising one of her eyebrows.

"I do, but I know that even if I leave you with the strictest teacher, the learning process would be much slower," Minhyun voiced out.

Lee Soohyun chuckled and mumbled, "And I thought I looked like an obedient student."

Soohyun then said, "If it were not for your tongue, I would call you an awesome teacher."

"Because of this tongue of mine, you are able to exercise this efficiently or else you would have been snacking and goofing around," Minhyun voiced out.

"Wow! Han Minhyun-ssi, how irresponsible do you think I am? I swear I can get serious and motivated if the situation requires me to be," Soohyun assured, "It is just that I enjoy having fun like a normal person."

"Really? Your progress will show how much motivated and serious you are," Minhyun stated.

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