Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Book 1 Chapter 217

Han Minhyun's and Eunwoo's eyes scanned the barrier in front of them as Soohyun touched it. Their eyes then fell upon Soohyun, trying to check for any change in her expression.

However, there was none. 

A small smile sat on her face as she walked forward towards the glass casing as if she was unaffected by anything. No barrier was felt by her.

This elicited a surprised reaction from Han Minhyun; Nonetheless, seeing how Eunwoo was present, he quickly covered him. Could it be that the things were not as he thought of them to be?

Minhyun was aware that this was not enough to cover up everything, and this made him more eager to see the DNA results. That would confirm everything.

After Lee Soohyun had stepped in, the barrier immediately deactivated, and oblivious about the entire thing, Soohyun turned back to look towards them.

Joyful that she might have come to use to Minhyun, Soohyun questioned, "Did I do it correctly?"

"Perfect," Eunwoo said before he stepped forward.

Realizing where Ahn Eunwoo's attention was and regarding him as an enemy at that moment, Soohyun turned back towards the glass box.

Her eyes fell on the keypad on the box, and as Soohyun had no idea on what the password was, she was left with one choice.

As adrenaline rose within her, Soohyun watched as Eunwoo extended his hand towards the glass box, and barely having time to think on why Minhyun did not make a move, she held the box, which held in the book.

Pulling the box closer to her, she hugged it and moved back from Ahn Eunwoo. Her eyes glowered upon Eunwoo whilst she tightly held on it.

The glass box was not light, and Soohyun found herself loosing hold of it at times. However, her training helped her muscles to get stronger, and she could successfully hold it without dropping it— at least for now.

Creases appeared between both of her eyebrows, and she had no idea on how long she could keep it. Nonetheless, her determination to hold on to it did not fade.

Her eyes then gazed upon Han Minhyun, questioning what he was doing by standing at one place when his enemy was close to stealing such a treasure.

An amused look appeared in Han Minhyun's eyes as his lips curved to form a smirk, and he said, "Let him have it. After all, this is a fake."

Those words from Han Minhyun brought surprise to Soohyun, and her eyes widened. Thinking herself as a fool for holding on to it, she immediately put it down.

Embarrassment filled her for doing this. Nevertheless, she did not let that show upon her face as she smiled towards Ahn Eunwoo and vocalised, "Then, I will not fight with you for it. You can have it."

With that, she walked towards Han Minhyun and stood by him. Her eyes were upon his face, trying to read the current expression on it. 

Ahn Eunwoo's eyes held confusion as he looked at Minhyun, and he raised one of his eyebrows. He did not understand what Minhyun was trying to mean; Nonetheless, he knew that Minhyun was not tricking him.

"Then, where is it?" Eunwoo questioned.

Before Han Minhyun could say anything, Soohyun stuck her tongue out towards him and vocalised, "Why should he tell you about it? Find about it on your own!"

Although Eunwoo spared her life last time around, she still did not like him for pinning her or scaring her. Even though he knew how to charm females, it did not seem to her that he knew to treat most of them properly.

Ahn Eunwoo just scoffed at him.

"The book would not be kept somewhere as simple as here," Minhyun voiced out as he walked towards the direction of the stand.

His hand fell upon the wooden stand, and as his hand touched the surface, it pressed on to a switched. The bottom part of the wooden stand divided into two sections.

Lee Soohyun's eyes widened in awe when she saw that, and she wondered about how Minhyun knew about it.

The book was placed in the bottom section, and leaning down, Minhyun extended his hand to grab it. As Han Minhyun did so, Soohyun's eyes were upon Eunwoo, and they scanned each of his movement deeply— trying to see whether or not he will be making a move upon Han Minhyun.

As Minhyun took out the book, he stood up straight, and she could see the satisfaction in his eyes as he held it in his hand.

Soohyun was surprised to see that Eunwoo did not try to snatch the book away from Minhyun. Nonetheless, this was too soon to let her guard down for to Soohyun, Eunwoo looked to be a sneaky male.

"How did you know that the book was there?" Ahn Eunwoo questioned.

As that was the question was something Soohyun was curious about, she looked towards Minhyun and raised one of her eyebrows, waiting for his answer.

"I saw this stand at an auction," Minhyun replied.


Han Minhyun sat down on the couch, and Soohyun could see how tired he seemed. She made a note on how transporting took a lot of energy.

Held within his hand was the book— which held the power to destroy the Red Clan— and she plopped down on the couch beside him.

The entire day today seemed thrilling to her, and she wanted to do it again. This did not seem as bad as she had originally thought it to be.

"I am surprised that Eunwoo did not try to take the book away from you, and this just makes me more curious on the entire thing," Soohyun vocalised as she placed her head upon Minhyun's shoulder.

"I have told you before; Eunwoo is not our enemy," Minhyun vocalised.

Lifting her head off of Minhyun's shoulder, her eyes stared upon his eyes, trying to read the emotions displayed within them. She could sense the longing in his tone, and it seemed to be reflected within his eyes.

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