Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Book 1 Chapter 222

The thought of pizza was enough to make Soohyun's mouth water.

Soohyun walked towards the direction of the room they planned to hold the party. Pizza coupled with soju was enough to make her feel energized. Along with that, they decided to watch a movie chosen by Yejoon.

Stopping in front of the door to the room, Soohyun extended her hand towards the knob and pulled it open. As she was about to walk into the room, Soohyun found something sticky upon her face.

Her eyes widened when she realized that there were a couple of strips of translucent adhesive tape from top to bottom of the door— attached from one side of the door to the other.

There was an adhesive tape upon her nose which also was stuck to her hair, and one was upon her hair. Rest of her was not touched by the adhesive tape, and Soohyun found relief spread through her because of that.

She was able to stop the rest of her body getting stuck due to her quick reflex, and hearing laughs, she continued to get irritated.

Her eyes fell upon Seo Jaesung and Hwang Yejoon who were watching her and laughing. Appearing to be all cool about this situation, she removed the adhesive tape from her face and head.

Although it hurt at times, Soohyun did not let that be shown upon her face, and after she had managed to get away from all that adhesive tape, she felt her nose and head burning. She takes used were really sticky.

"Although your entire body was not stuck, I guess this works, Sister-in-law; This makes more hyped to get you to fall entirely," Jaesung vocalised.

As she did not expect for Jaesung to be here, she fell into this prank of his somewhat. If she was aware of him being here, she would not have fallen for something as obvious as this.

Soohyun had an inkling that Jaesung was holding back on her seeing that she was Minhyun's wife and someone belonging to the yellow clan.

"That would not be that easy, Seo Jaesung-ssi," Soohyun vocalised, "Now, remove these adhesive tapes, so that I can enter in."


Rubbing her nose, Soohyun walked into the room. Jaesung and Yejoon removed the adhesive tapes from the door. Working with adhesive tapes were not easy, and seeing both of the struggle made a smile form on her face.

However, using their powers, both of the transported the adhesive tapes out of the room when they did not want to try getting rid of them physically.

After that, Soohyun walked into the room carefully, and scanning the room, she tried to see whether or not that could potentially humiliate her.

Seeing nothing like that, she sat down on the couch cautiously and making sure that there were no type of pins or anything was placed beneath her. 

Finding it completely normal, Soohyun sat down upon it. Her eyes fell upon the boxes of pizza and a bottles of soju on the table. There were couple of glasses on top of the table.

The smell of pizza wafted into the air, and she found herself being relieved that her stomach did not growl at this moment. That would be too embarrassing.

She then looked towards Seo Jaesung and raised one of her eyebrows. She questioned, "Is he not leaving?"

Soohyun realized that her words came out ruder than she has expected, and she bit her tongue at that. Due to how Jaesung has been annoying her the entire time, she had a hard time holding in her irritation. 

Seeing her lose her composure would only him satisfaction, and that was something she was not willing to give to him.

"Wow! You are so unwelcoming, Sister-in-law. Could it be that you are afraid of me?" Jaesung vocalized whilst raising one of his eyebrows.

If he was attempting to provoke Soohyun, this method would not work, and she questioned, "Will you leave if I said that?"

"No," Jaesung replied whilst wearing a grin upon his face.

"Well, then, you can stay, but there is no pizza or soju for you," Soohyun voiced out, "There were brought according to the number of people present here, and you just barged in later on. But you can have the leftovers, I guess, if there are any."

Hwang Yejoon laughed and said, "I don't know what made him be in your bad side, but I surely do not want to end up in the bad side of such a beautiful woman."

Hearing those words made a wide smile form on Soohyun's face, and winking at Yejoon, she stated, "You would not. People should learn how to treat beautiful woman from you."

Walking over to Soohyun, Jaesung plopped down on to the seat beside her, and he said, "Beautiful woman being humiliated is what I find more attractive."

Scoffing, Soohyun picked up one of the boxes of pizza from the table and decided to give it a try. She did not have this pizza restaurant in her previous life. 

So far, it smelled absolutely appetizing, and as Soohyun opened the upper cover of the box, she noticed something. Nevertheless, she did not let herself be affected by him.

Jaesung thought wrong; Few c.o.c.kroaches upon the pizza. Although the sight was quite disturbing, this was not enough to shake her up.

Closing the box, she turned her head to face Jaesung and flashed him a wide smile. She noticed how the anticipation in his eyes dimmed.

She then said, "Remember when I said that there is no pizza for you? I want to change my mind about that."

Placing the box of pizza upon his hand, she added, "You can enjoy this box of pizza. I am sure none of us want to have it."

'That is a point for me.'

"Yes, thank you about it; I will be enjoying it," Jaesung stated whilst hugging the box closer to him as he challengingly stared at Soohyun.

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