Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Book 1 Chapter 231

"Yes, that Lee Soohyun is truly pathetic. She takes herself to be someone cool, but it is funny to see how she embarrasses herself. The funniest thing js how she thinks that Hyung actually loves her."

Lee Soohyun recognized that to be Yejoon's voice, and she heard his chuckles following after that. Although she found herself being penetrated sharply with his words, she sucked in the cold air and did not let that affect her.

"I am letting her go through that transmutation in order to kill her," Minhyun said, "I know that someone like her would not be able to survive through the transmutation, and after she dies, I will find myself being more at peace. I might find myself being slightly weak after that, but that is better than bearing her."

That is when the door in front of her was pulled open, and Soohyun's eyes widened. She raised her head and realized that Minhyun was staring down at her.

Mock could be seen his eyes whilst he stared at her, and she could see that Yejoon was standing behind Yejoon. A patronizing look sat at Yejoon's eyes whilst a smirk was seated upon his face.

Han Minhyun extended his hand towards her, and before she could process what was going on, she found her neck being gripped by him. Her legs were raised, and Minhyun's eyes glowered upon her.

"Hwang Yejoon, I have an incredible idea. Why don't we kill her now? Transmutation is too far, and killing her now seems to be a better option. Moreover, now that she knows everything, there is more reason for us to kill her," Minhyun stated.


Han Minhyun's eyes held concern and anticipation whilst they stared on the Soohyun. Yejoon had nervousness brewing within him whilst he prayed for her to make out of it perfectly, as he recited the chants.

Kim Junghyun, on the other hand, found himself growing more and more anxious as time passed by, and he softly tapped his foot on top of the floor, hoping it could calm his nerves down. Nonetheless, he was well aware that would not be happening unless or until Soohyun makes out if well.

The motionless Soohyun raised her head up, and her eyes stared straight at her. Her eyes were blank of emotion and colours. They were coloured in white, and her iris was not visible.

Minhyun did not find himself being perplexed when he saw Soohyun in that state, and she opened her mouth. Her canines began to grow, and bloodthirst showed in her eyes.

Lee Soohyun raised her hand, and her nails was gradually extending to form long claws. Minhyun's hold on her shoulder loosened, and Soohyun gripped on to Minhyun's shoulder.

She was not in her right in her right senses. Her claws dug into Minhyun's shoulder. Blood began to seep out of the wound Soohyun had made into his shoulder, and his white shirt was starting to become stained in red.

Nonetheless, Minhyun's face showed no change in emotions, and his palm touched Soohyun's back. Regardless of whether or not it was working, Minhyun wanted to provide Soohyun some warmth, so that she would be able to fight that battle within her.

Lee Soohyun pushed him upon the floor, and as Minhyun's back touched the floor, she whiffed in his scent. Soohyun was not in her right senses, and her claws went further into his shoulder.

She brought her face closer to his neck, and he showed no type of resistance towards her actions. Opening her mouth wide, she grazed upon her sharp fangs on Minhyun's neck.


A chuckle left Soohyun's mouth.

Staring at Minhyun's and Yejoon's face, that was all she could do. Loud laughs began to leave her mouth, and Minhyun tightened his grip around her neck.

He then asked, "Stop laughing, Bitch! Have you finally lost it? Do you actually want me to finish you?"

Tears formed on the corner of her eyes as she stopped her laughing, and she said, "I am sorry for laughing. I could not hold them in. I actually thought this was a comedy show or a joke."

"After I will be killing you, then you will see what a joke actually means. None of those words of mine were a bluff. Having you killed by my hands would certainly give me a type of pleasure," Minhyun threatened.

Lee Soohyun found herself having a hard time breathing. Nevertheless, the joyful expression on her face did not seem.

"Even after you have erased my memory, you still could not fool me with this. You are really bad at impersonating Han Minhyun, and although I am not the brightest star out there, I can easily see the difference between you and Minhyun," Soohyun vocalised.

The Han Minhyun in front of her scoffed and said, "Are you really sure of that? It is really hilarious to see how you believe in that fake self of mine that I have showed you."

"Now, you are sounding foolish. The transmutation process— I know I am going through that at this moment, and if you thought of me as a burden, you would not have taken me in. This thing is entirely flawed," Soohyun pointed out.

Her words caused for Minhyun's eyes to turn dark. Unable to find any hesitancy within her, he let out a loud growl, and his face contorted. Bloodthirst showed in his eyes as he opened his mouth wide.

Saliva dripped down those fangs of his, and he sniffed into the air before he said, "It does not matter to me whether or not you have found out about this because I am going to kill you for real."

"You are not real," Soohyun vocalised.

Recalling about all those fighting techniques she was taugh, she raised one of her legs up and kicked the creature in front of her with her utmost strength.

This caused the creature to loosen its grip on Soohyun's neck for a second, and she instantly moved away from him.

The creature recovered from the kick Soohyun had delivered on to him and stared at her challengingly.

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