Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Book 1 Chapter 245

Although Kim Junghyun was resolute to avoid this drinking party, he had no idea on how he was finally convinced to be a part of it. 

Kim Junghyun, Lee Soohyun, and Hwang Yejoon was seated on the ground, and in front of them was a table which had the glasses and beer bottles on top of it.

"Should we invite Minhyun Hyung? After all—"

Before Hwang Yejoon could continue, both Soohyun and Junghyun simultaneously exclaimed, "No!"

Someone Junghyun wanted to avoid more than Soohyun was Han Minhyun. After he had discovered him almost kissing Soohyun, things had been going awkward between the two, and they barely held a conversation.

"Such a strong rejection! Wow!" Yejoon mumbled.

"Are you actually trying to ruin the entire thing by inviting him? I am sure our drinks will be limited once he is here. He will basically put a curfew on us," Soohyun vocalised.

Junghyun nodded.

Lee Soohyun could find herself imagining Minhyun getting drunk. He seemed to the type who would control his alcohol intake, and the entire time— if he was present here— he will be staring at them with nonchalance. That would be enough to ruin the atmosphere.

Hwang Yejoon chuckled and vocalised, "I understand what you are trying to mean, so I guess Hyung is out of it. Sorry, Hyung, but I also don't want this to be ruined."

"Moreover, I am pretty sure that your Hyung is too busy to be bothered with such matters," Soohyun pointed out, "After all, he is not someone with free time."

With that, Soohyun extended her hand towards the first beer bottle, and holding the brown bottle, she opened the lid of the beer.

Taking in the scent of the beer, Soohyun poured the liquid into her, Junghyun's, and Yejoon's glass. Soohyun raised her eyebrows at how Junghyun was intensely staring at his glass of drink.

Then, thinking nothing of that, she looked at her glass, and picking it up, she drank down the content. A groan from Soohyun's mouth stopped Yejoon from drinking his glass.

The content in the glass did not at all taste like beer, and as the disgusting taste spread through her tongue, Soohyun considered herself to be luck to have not spat it. 

While the glass held some liquid, Soohyun slammed down the glass on top of the table, and before she could say anything, she heard laughs.

"Heol! Sister-in-law, I really did not expect for you to be the first one to fall for this."

Hearing a familiar voice, Soohyun turned her head towards the voice and saw Seo Jaesung leaning against the door. Surprise did not hit Soohyun at that moment.

Annoyed that he was there to ruin it, Soohyun gripped tightly on to the glass of beer, and wearing a smiling expression, she walked towards the man standing beside the door.

She had been enduring him for too long, and Soohyun knew that she had to get her revenge for the sake of her wounded pride.

Standing up, she walked towards Seo Jaesung with the glass of beer, and noticing what she was about to do, Jaesung's lips curved. His eyes showed amus.e.m.e.nt.

Nonetheless, he made no effort to run away from there. Placing her palm on top of the wall, Soohyun cornered Jaesung and smiled innocently at him.

"Are you going to—"

Before Seo Jaesung could continue, he felt the beer being splashed onto his face, and Jaesung's eyes widened before a chuckle left his mouth. He absolutely did not expect to get attacked like this.

While Junghyun's face had a bored expression on, Yejoon showed excitement at Soohyun's actions. A gasp left Soohyun's mouth as she looked at the man in front of her.

"Oops! Sorry, Jaesung-ah, my hand slipped. What were you about to say again?" Soohyun vocalised.

Now that she was somewhat stronger than before, Soohyun did not find herself being scared of anyone here much, and after splashing that liquid on Jaesung's face, she felt quite pleased.

At first, she had thought that he will be avoiding it, and therefore, it came off as a surprise to her when the beer completely touched his face.

"Wow! Sister-in-law, you never fail to amaze me, but don't you think that I will getting you back for this. You made a bad move," Jaesung vocalised.

Winking at Seo Jaesung, Soohyun said, "I don't mind that seeing how you're a handsome boy, and maybe I will also play along with you."

Soohyun then added, "Oh yeah! One more thing, regardless of how much attractive you are, it does not make me neglect the scent on your body. I would advise you to take a bath now."

Running his fingers through his hair, Jaesung said, "I will be back after a bath, Sister-in-law. Let's have an enjoyable time then, alright?"

With that, Jaesung disappeared into the thin air, and Soohyun shook her head at his actions. At least she managed to get rid of him for now or else this entire thing would have turned out into a mess.

Turning back, she smiled towards Yejoon and questioned, "Impressive, wasn't it?"

"Nothing special, Ugly Lady. That pest will be back again after a short shower," Junghyun mumbled before staring at his glass of beer.

Picking it up, Junghyun stood up, and walking over to the nearest trashcan, he poured the content into that.

"We will deal with him later then! Now, let's get dead drunk," Soohyun voiced out as she enthusiastically walked towards the direction of the table.

She opened another bottle of beer carefully, and after Junghyun had seated on his place, she poured the drink into his glass.

Then smiling at him, Soohyun said, "Be the guinea pig this time around, Junghyun-ah. I don't want to be the test subject twice."

"Why!? I am not doing it! Do it on your own, Fat Lady," Junghyun stated.

Soohyun scoffed and stated, "Geez! You are so unfriendly. Even if you don't do it, I know Yejoon will. He does not let down beautiful woman."

Looking towards Hwang Yejoon, Soohyun asked, "Right?"

Before Yejoon could respond, Junghyun shot a glare at Soohyun's direction, and picking up the glass, he drank down the content.

"There is nothing wrong with it," Junghyun voiced out as he wiped the corner of his mouth; His actions managed to surprise Soohyun and Yejoon again.

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