Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Book 1 Chapter 255

Turning her head back, Miyeon looked towards, and seeing the grim expression on his face, Miyeon flashed a smile towards him.

"Hwang Miyeon, I expect for no troubles to be created, and you will be responsible for her safety," Minhyun vocalised sternly.

Raising her thumb, Miyeon stated, "Deal, Oppa! I will not get into trouble and take perfect care of Sister-in-law."

Then, facing Soohyun, Miyeon said, "All the gossips in this place is unknown by me, so if you want to know anything, Sister-in-law, ask me. 

Things about Minhyun Oppa's past lovers, crushes, and embarrassing moments will be difficult for Oppa to talk about, but don't worry, Sister-in-law. I can reveal about all that to you easily and without any restriction."

Hearing her words made Soohyun chuckle, and after nodding her head, she vocalised, "I am looking forward to that then. Minhyun hides about everything from me, so learning about his secrets would actually help!"

Releasing Miyeon's collar, Minhyun voiced out, "I will be taking my leave now, and Miyeon, remember to filter your thoughts before letting them out."

With that, Minhyun walked out of the room, and Miyeon stuck out her tongue at his back before turning her attention back to Soohyun.

"Alright, Sister-in-law, let me give you a tour around the Palace first. The Palace is quite large, and you might need to have a tour around it couple of times before learning the entire way around the Palace. 

But if you are directionally challenged, then that would be almost impossible," Miyeon explained, loosening her grip on Soohyun's hand.

Soohyun nodded and said, "Call me by my name. Sister-in-law is too formal, and a tour sounds awesome! I was afraid that I will be coped up inside the room almost the entire time. That's why, it's great to have you here!"


As far as Soohyun had known Miyeon, she learned that Miyeon was an outgoing character, and talking was something Miyeon enjoyed. 

Her personality was something that went well with Soohyun, and although they have been together for barely an hour, she could be considered as one of Soohyun's place. Both of them clicked really well.

As they walked through one of the hallways in the palace, Miyeon pointed towards one of the intricately decorated pillars and voiced out, "Once, Yejoon Oppa tried to climb up his pillarto to prove his love towards a girl, but he actually fell for ten times! It was extremely funny! 

Everyone laughed at him at that time, but Yejoon Oppa was not slightly embarrassed at that. At the end, that girl left the scene at how mortified she felt on the behalf of Oppa."

Miyeon laughed loudly after saying that, and raising her hand, she wiped away the tears which formed at the corner of her eyes. Her words also elicited laughter from Soohyun.

"Yejoon must have been really dense then," Soohyun said.

"By the way, I have heard that you met with the King. Damn! That Old Man must have been extremely infuriating! There was this one time I was really close to punching him, and I swear that would have hit him violently if it was not for Yejoon holding me back.

Do you what that Asshole did in the end? He actually had the nerve to punish me for it while claiming that I might be a sign of possible suspect, but he is wrong to think that would make me submissive. That punishment was not tough though. 

That coward is afraid that people would start rebelling against him if he is too strict, and that's why, things here are f.u.c.k.i.e.d up in his era. I am just waiting for the Prince to show himself, but things will be difficult for him since this jerk of a king isn't that willing to leave his position," Miyeon ranted out.

"I don't know if I am allowed to say this, but seeing you are doing it, I am assuming it's alright. That King was incredibly infuriating, and he even tried to accuse Minhyun of being a suspect when he was about to walk away," Soohyun voiced out, "I almost lost it then."

"The King was always paranoid of Minhyun Oppa and even thought of Minhyun as a potential threat. Even he knows that Minhyun Oppa is loyal to the Red Clan, but he will be searching for chances to put him down," Miyeon explained.

Then, after cautiously looking around, she leaned closer to Soohyun's ear and whispered, "There is a rumour going on around how Minhyun Oppa is hiding the next heir to the throne, the Prince, and until he is of age to fight against the King, Minhyun Oppa is protecting him. 

That is why, the King is attempting to break Minhyun Oppa to want to learn about where this Prince is, but I don't see any signs of Minhyun Oppa giving in if that is the truth. I wish for the Prince to appear as soon as possible and save us from the unbearable King."

Seeing how casually Miyeon let out everything, Soohyun wondered whether it was because she trusted her or that Miyeon was foolish. At such a place, even Soohyun was aware of how Miyeon's words could be considered as a great offense.

Spotting some guards from the corner of her eyes, Soohyun flashed a smile towards Miyeon and said, "Miyeon, don't you think it will be a good idea for us to discuss about all this somewhere more secluded. This doesn't seem like a smart choice of place to discuss such topics in."

Understanding what Soohyun was trying to imply, Miyeon clapped both of her hands together and stated, "Oh! You are right! I can't believe I did such a mistake. Let me take you to somewhere, and let's have tea together. We can have a fun time while gossiping over tea."

"Tea sounds good, and I am curious to taste the tea of this World," Soohyun vocalised enthusiastically.

"Right! This is your first time here! I will make sure to include some special dessert from the Underworld as well," Miyeon said.

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